"Still Better Than Losing To PD"

Jai 714

2-1 and 2nd at APAC Startup GNK

Inspired by this deck by Bridgeman, I swear that man is my Netrunner idol

Rime is worse than Pop-up Window pre-decoder, but better after, and occasionally pushes other ice past normal breaker pump breakpoints. Not a big deal honestly.

Engram Flush because if the card is good enough to be banned in Standard, it's probably good enough to play here.

Did somewhat feel like the deck is maybe 1 piece of ice too light, maybe cut a Spindoc(!!) for it. Would then turn Ansel 1.0 into Drafter and the third Engram.

Deck is nutty, just don't get single access sniped and you're all good!

27 Jun 2021 Bridgeman

Thanks dude :D

Cool to see versions of the deck out there :)