A-aron Waltz (3rd place @ Petrie's Family Games)

jase2224 320

Got 3rd place in the Store Championship at Colorado Springs today. The cut to top 4 was all Leela runners with 3 variations of her. She served me well on the day, but my PU (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/40537/spicy-chicago-meatball-1st-undefeated-at-two-store-champs-) deck that I used did not fare well due to agenda floods and being poor. I also decided to go with that corp deck the night before and requires some practice to pilot that I didn't have time for before the tournament. Anyway, lots of great games all day!

5 Feb 2017 qvm

Awesome to hear that Leela was so popular and that it was fun all day. Congrats on third place!