Midnight SNACs

easterncalculus 283

Based off Sokka’s incredible SNACS (1st @ Worlds 2022) but dropping an audacity for some Ganked! nonsense and with some minor shuffling of agendas.

Cool Tricks:

Loki is great on our "remote", where it counts as any one piece of ice elsewhere, and there's a trick we can pull by rezzing a Mavirus behind it for the kill when they are on 0 cards. It also doesn't allow the runner to install the conspiracy breakers as it has no subtypes during the runner's "on encounter" phase

Fairchild 3.0, Ansel 1.0, or Endurance + NEXT Activation Command is our main way to jam agendas, and finally...

Ganked! behind Ansel 1.0, Drafter, or even Loki or Fairchild 3.0 (once) is great. Especially strong behind Ravana 1.0 if we somehow have everything else rezzed... but I think we're already winning in that case.

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