Bio Roid Rage

Sedatedfork 211

Bio Roid Rage

After looking at all of the amazing Midnight Sun cards, I was intrigued by Trieste and of course saw Loki and Ganked! and started to dream the dream. In addition, with Asa being able to compress the installs of ice and Ganked! and setting up Fully Operational with installables in new remotes behind ice, the concept of this deck came to fruition.

Let me first talk about some of the card choices in the deck and the style at which I have piloted it.

Kind of a Big Deal. I wasn't really sure on this card, but the fact is that it gives the potential of closing out games and can FA all of the agendas made me add it. I would only play this card with this deck if either (a) it won the game either scoring out a GFI or the winning 2 pointer or (b) it was to score out an Offworld office and the tempo made sense. In a vacuum, if you FA Offworld with Big Deal, it essentially costs you only 2 more credits than biotic + vitruvius. Also if with your second click after installing Offworld and you can play an econ card, you are not losing that much tempo. I have not yet tried this approach but there may be situations where it makes sense.

Trieste/Loki/Ganked!. So the idea here is either to target Loki, Ansel, or FC3. One of the craziest moments I had was where Esa had milled 6 points of agendas in archives. They then ran the remote that was threatening an agenda score. I rezzed Loki and then in the same window rezzed Trieste. I selected gatekeeper and because of Trieste the runner could not break. I was able to shuffle the points from archives that would have lost the game into R&D. There are ample options to trash the runner rig with Ganked!, ansel, Trieste combo. You could consider actually rezzing Trieste at the point of access targeting ansel on the remote if you have ganked! to infinitely trash the runner's rig. It honestly feels filthy at times, but we are an evil corporation, so embrace it!

Weaknesses: Susceptible to Deep Dive, Apoc, Bypass with Nexus/Logic Bomb, potentially sabotage. I haven't really tested it enough to sort this out, but this is what comes to mind. It also can be susceptible to econ denial, but fully op certainly helps.

Piloting: So, I essentially have played wide to create fully op windows. This typically means that centrals are often unprotected or softly protected. The downside is you may have a Ganked! not fire that is accessed from centrals. I rush out to get to 4 or 5 points and then the trap is set. They have to run the remote and Ganked!/Trieste trap will make them sad. I tend to oscillate from tempo to scoring and with seamless launch sometimes the scoring does not make us lose that much tempo.

Alternative Card Choices: I am not sure on the ice. Only two barriers, could swap drafter for some more barriers. Also, border control is a helpful ice, but the deck is not built around it. There are times where I am flooded with ops or ice and you can't trigger Asa.

I have played this deck 7 times, with 6 wins. So, still not sure if it is the beast that I feel it might be. The lone loss at this point was a bit unlucky. I had set up the winning agenda behind the Ganked! remote with Trieste unrezzed in another remote. The runner correctly determined they needed to hammer R&D. They got some money with click 1 and ran for single access on R&D three times and stole 6 points in three clicks.

27 Jul 2022 maninthemoon

You're totally right Loki + Trieste Is amazing!! Love it <3

27 Jul 2022 Cliquil

I've been working on something with similar "vibes" Our points of diversion are: MCA - Have you tried it? I've been liking it but am also keen on the money assets such as you have Vitruvius vs Remote Enforcement - I've been a big fan of Remote Enforcement in the deck as it has allowed me to stay tempo positive on score with Seamless, as well as go get Loki (or Tyr) and keep my remote threats going Did you try and discard that? Just looking to compare notes really

27 Jul 2022 Sedatedfork

@CliquilSo I did try Tyr, but i felt that I just didn't have the econ to keep tempo and then I sort of dumped Tyr to put in FC3 as lower cost ice that was also very punishing. Remote enforcement might work well here. I suppose you could slot it vs. offworld instead of vitruvius. I have not tested that. I have not tried MCA in the deck, because I was more focused on the ganked line and speed. In the limited games I have played, I found it not difficult to get to 4 points fairly quickly and then you play towards your win con. Also one other card that is very good right now and could derail the deck some is pinhole threading to snipe the trieste.

27 Jul 2022 Maëlig

Loki seems insanely good with trieste, why not include a 2nd or even a 3rd copy ? I get that it's unique but it still seems worth it.

27 Jul 2022 ccxkrish1921

Will it be a good idea to add 2 or 3 Hakarl in your deck? A server protected by Hákarl 1.0 with Trieste installed is quiet safe.

16 Aug 2022 postis

I don't understand. What does Loki do in particular here? Can't the runner just let the subroutine end the run after the first ganked cycle? Is the point just that you get one unbreakable encounter with non-bioroid subs?