Bloo Moose in a Blue Deck (2nd Place @ Malaysian Nationals)

str4atman 153

Went 4 - 2 against a field of 19 players, winning against Cybernetics Division, Jinteki: RP, and SYNC (+1 Intentional Draw) in the Swiss, and Jinteki: RP again in the Top 8 Cut. The 2 losses were both in the Top 8 Cut, once to the exact same RP deck, and once in the final round against Tennin FA.

Bloo Moose in this deck greatly helps Glacier matchups, and I attribute both my losses to not seeing it early enough in the game.

Na'Not'K is strictly better than Mongoose in almost all cases, not only because of being able to break multiple ICE in a single run, but also because it breaks for 1 or 2 creds cheaper, with the exception of a lone Turnpike (which I never saw), or a Komainu (which I saw in the final match).

If I manage to ever play Andy after Nationals, I'd want to have -1 Security Testing +1 Bloo Moose. Exploit also didn't get to do anything this time round so I might cut it for a Same Old Thing. Or just more Legwork.

Au Revoir, Andy. It's been fun while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end...