Boop to Saisentan - 2-1 at Montreal CO 2024-04-07

Diogene 4029

6th at Montreal Circuit Opener (of 10 players), 2024-04-07.

Both flatline wins were due to the runner forgetting the AgInfusion ability. Otherwise, the game would have been quite different. I also find that in person, it is easy to forget the ability of an ID like AgInfusion.

Game plan : scoring out behind ices.

Mulligan plan : you need ices.

This is inspired by Sokka NANPC deck. Here is what I changed and why.

Otherwise, the deck is fairly fast. La Costa Grid does a lot of the heavy lifting. You ice up everything. Ideally you can rez a nasty ice (Anansi and Saisentan or archive, or move it there with Thimblerig. But don't be afraid to stop big runs by trashing you ice on the empty archive. Moreover, the deck is quite resilient to Botulus and Physarum Entangler, since you can use your ability to trash the ice with the virus, thus making the run more complicated for the runner and getting rid of the virus.

In casual, the success rate is high (above 75%), but I changed cards slot a bit over the testing period, so the result is not entirely accurate. It is a fun deck and fairly easy to grasp. In retrospect, I would probably swap the Anoetic Void for an extra Saisentan.

Thanks to all the participants of the tournament and a big thanks to Odonuvo for organizing the event.


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