The Perfect Edge of World Deck for 2022

Sanjay 3561

This is the Edge of World deck we all could be enjoying right now if the Standard Banlist Committee would get around to making some real, radical change and unrotate the best Jinteki ambush of all time, Edge of World.

The card pool has never been more perfect for Edge of World to shine. It has tools it never could have dreamed of when Cyber Exodus dropped...

  1. Reasons to take an unadvanced card seriously: Never have there been so many reasons to fear an unadvanced card. Between La Costa Grid, Seamless Launch, Jeeves Model Bioroids, and Shipment from Tennin, just because a card is unadvanced doesn't mean it can't be a terrifying Jinteki 4/2. Meanwhile, Rashida Jaheem threatens to drown the runner in value.

  2. Unadvanced card? What unadvanced card?: It can be hard to bait a run with Edge of World since you can't advance it, but now it is super easy to. PAD Factory, Jumon, Kakurenbo, Otoroshi, Shipment from Tennin, Akhet, and even Saraswati Mnemonics: Endless Exploration, a legal ID, allow you to advance a card no questions asked.

  3. Multiple ways to bluff being a defensive upgrade: Bio Vault and Defense Construct flawlessly masquerade as an agenda while your Edge of World harmlessly does some kind of upgrade impression.

  4. The means and motive to stack way too much ice on a single server: Jinja City Grid, Drafter, and Bloom let you put cards wherever you want. Seidr Adaptive Barrier gives you plausible deniability that you have some reason to put 6 ice on your remote. Surveyor would work for this too but I ran out of influence.

  5. Thing for the runner to be scared of: Neurospike as well as some nasty agendas tell the runner "hey, you really need to be worried about this". Celebrity Gift supports this plan because maybe they didn't know you were on Neurospike. You can show them.

I added in some Mind Game to the deck because the card is perfect, and some Replanting in case you aren't perfect and need to do a lil reset. Chiyashi is so the runner is less suspicious when you don't rez your ice and just let them into the remote.

This only scratches the surface of Edge of World enablers. The sky is the limit.


The sky is A limit. The other limit, of course, is the edge of the world.

1 Jan 2022 nbkelly

Spicy, and throwback legal too.

1 Jan 2022 Sanjay

@nbkelly Especially relevant because of this!

Though truthfully, I made this less as a viable Throwback deck, and more as a garnish to a pizza.

Throwback is a really rad format so I'm glad that tournament is happening!

1 Jan 2022 ShinMuteki

Nice deck! And I agree with you... Edge of World was the best! Rarely played Jinteki since that card got rotated.

1 Jan 2022 CelestialSpark

THREE copies of Bloom? Actually putting Defense Construct and PAD Factory in just to be able to mention them, instead of, say a second Jinja? I see you really like your jank extra deep-fried.

1 Jan 2022 Sanjay

@CelestialSpark I'm not really into onions but I hear deep-fried blooms are very popular.

3 Jan 2022 tzeentchling

No joke, Edge of World was one of my favorite upgrades. The other one was, of course, Valley Grid. The combined potential is enormous.

3 Jan 2022 tzeentchling

Also, this deck absolutely needs Timely Public Release, so you can add a piece of ice to the Edge of World remote once they've committed to access.

5 Jan 2022 Zerothmaxima

Mindblastingly beautiful.

5 Jan 2022 Sanjay

@Zerothmaxima Sincere apologies to Andrej who has to navigate DotW this week. I had different Canadian content wizards in mind this time.