Bhaget me not (2nd place @ Lockdown #5)

Baa Ram Wu 964

Firstly a Massive thanks to Vesper for organising a great tournament!!! It was a blast.

This is the Runner deck that took me to second place at the Lockdown tournmament, it went undeafeated till the final final where it fell to Longi's Jammy Architets deck! Congrats to Longi for the deserved win!

It is Based on My deck from Iberian Lockdown #3 with the main change being I moved away from the Stargate plan as I found the gameplan of just Stargate run every turn A) a bit dull to play and B) is an issue if the corp draws all they need to win before your stargate lock is set up.

Instead I moved towards an Imp based rig using Find the Truth and Baghat making it much easier to put pressure on every server whilst always gaining value.

Shoutout to Tolaasin for the inital inspiration for including Find the Truth!

The rest is money and draw - Gachapon and Street Peddler always hit, Earthrise and second Dreamnet are there as I've had worse was banned from this format.

Basic Gameplan and Card choices

Pelangi - Is the most important part of you rig - ideally hosted on a Progenitor. with it down you can run though most ice just using your ability Later in the game you want to get a second down to allow multiple runs when needed.

Surfer will allow you to get into servers with more than 1 ice and Yusuf will allow you to break ice with more than 1 relevant sub for virus counters.

Knobkerie is important to keep your Pelangi topped up but you can also use a VBG if you cant find a Knob.

Imp is pretty vital especially for trashing agendas if you feel the corp is on punitive.

Getting the Virus Breeding grounds down early is great - virus counters are more important than money in most cases. VBG & Progenitor also keep you mostly safe from Purges.

Mad dash was a meta call and won me a game (see below) Could be paperclip for saftey but you usually wont have enough money to install and break with clip.

Gravedigger is jank but allows a real disgusting interaction with FTT (see below for 'the ulitmate run')

Find the truth is your pseudo multi access giving you valuable information and pressuring the corp. Bhagat is extra HQ pressure.

The Ultimate Run:

its pretty rare to get your whole rig up but the deck has the ability to make a run with a stupid amount of value such as:

  1. Run Hq, Surfing the outside ice in and breaking with yusef
  2. On access:
  3. Draw a Card with DreamNet
  4. Trash the top of R&D with Bhagat
  5. Look at the New top of R&D with FTT
  6. Knobkerie puts a counter on Pelangi or Imp (depending on what FTT saw)
  7. Access a card from HQ
  8. Trash it with Imp
  9. Place a counter on Friday chip
  10. If the top card of R&D was an agenda or a card you don't like the look of - trash it with Gravedigger.

Note the ordering above - you should always Bhagat before FTT on your HQ run so you always know what is on the top of R&D and finally Knobkerie once you have information.

To play this in standard: -1 Dreamnet, -1 Earthrise, -1 Mad Dash +3 I've had worse Also playing 2x Hactivist to deal with Scarcity is not wrong but tricky to work out what to drop - luckily no currents in this format.

2 Jun 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Couple of Highlights from my games:

Round 4 Vs Testrunning on Harmony Medtech - This one is on stream on Vesper_DBS's Twitch - The highlight of this match for me was thinking for a while before mad dashing through an Anansi i couldn't break to steal a GFI. That was a blast!

Round 3 Vs TheoneakaNeo on Cybernetics Division - The most insane first 5 turns in any game i came remember. Turn one I make a dumb ass play installing FTT and a daily cast and deciding to run last click hitting a snare :( 'Neo Trashes my casts and instals a traq home grid (I have 2 credits and a tag) I draw 2ce to give me 3 cards, run HQ and steal a vacheron, See a hyperloop on R&D with FTT clear the tag. Neo Value punitives my whole hand and instals on to the Traq Home Grid I run and steal the Hyperloop from The traq home grid Neo Scapenets my Find the Truth! This was just the first 4 turns or so - and it was insane. I was on no credits, no cards and no rig but did have 4 points (well currently 1 point due to vacheron!) The most insane start to a game i can remember!

The Final vs Longi on Architects So this was a 'highlight' even though it lost me the game because it was a great play from Longi 2 NGO's in the bin, plenty of credits and I know Longi has a biotic in hand and i know he has just drawn a GFI He instal, advances in the server having already scored 2 points - i know that once he scores the GFI the game becomes almost impossible as i need to run everything he jams. knowing this i Mad dash into the server being pretty sure its the gfi he drew. ... its the final NGO (hes only about a 1/3 through his deck) My deck runs out of steam around this point (i lost 2 liberated accounts on a street peddler first click so money was an issue here)

2 Jun 2020 Longi

Hey, thanks for the shout-out. I enjoyed all our games. And please, do not ban NGO from next tournament :D

2 Jun 2020 theoneakaneo

great build crazy game :)

2 Jun 2020 Cpt_nice

You are honestly the main reason I will happily ban Pelangi again, and I mean that as a compliment

2 Jun 2020 Baa Ram Wu

@Cpt_nice G’damn it! Back to the drawing board for #6 then!

@Longi Only time will tell if I am salty enough to stick with idea!