Mirror in your Face (2 - 1, 7 people GNK, 2nd)

5N00P1 797

This deck went 2 - 1 together with my Investigative Anime Girl deck at a 7 people GNK in Berlin.
I wanted to play a Punitive Counterstrike deck for the first time on a tournament, I have seen good Azmari EdTech: Shaping the Future versions, but they are a bit weak against the ICE destruction Anarchs and a lot of them running around in Berlin.

Deck Design

After playing Mirror on KoS in Berlin 2 weeks ago and losing all games I wanted to give this idea another try after playing it at Crown of Lasers.
I decided to go the Jinja City Grid & MCA Austerity Policy route, it's oppressive and runners with less clicks are easier to kill. I went for DRM as it allows me when I'm on match point to IAA Project Vacheron with Punitive in hand, even if they are on match point.
For the ICE I went the low cost but expensive to break and included Slot Machine, Vanilla & wanted to try Rime and hoped they would help with the kill plan.
Let's face it, this all mainly works because the people are not expecting this out of your ID. Intially I was playing Violet Level Clearance but as you want to keep a lot of cards in hand, I decided to go for Lateral Growth instead as it should help you to trigger your ID. The good thing with Mirror is that you can IA a NGO Front and if they don't run it, next turn it helps you to trigger your ID again, which makes NGO kind of +1 credit (or even +2)


Game 1: against Watzlav on MaxX (DotW)

OK, Apoc Maxx (what to expect it's his deck), that is bad, could not find an MCA Austerity Policy which would have helped as he need to fight first before he can apoc me. Did not happen, was apoced sooner or later, while not finding enough ICE (could I anyhow?). Stole an SSL Endorsement from Hand, got Cyberdex Sandbox in the bin while apocing me. But I had nothing in hand to kill him. Hacktivist killed 1x Archives. He Wanton Destruction my hand and put Vacheron in the Archives. I was able to get MCA ticking, Archived Memories for the Vacheron and almost score the Project Vacheron but with Stargate he found another one for the win.
Lost (0 - 1)

Game 2: against Blanket on Khumalo

The game against his Azmari took like forever so we were left with 10 min for the game. Not a lot happened, I was able to keep him under MCA and when it was loaded I was able to score an SSL and there was no other Agenda in play. Won (1 - 1)

Game 3: against Saan on Az

Criminal is not that good, when they are able to DoF me I might not be able to punitive him. I had 2 Jinja City Grid running (one on HQ, one on the remote) and started a MCA Austerity Policy behind a Vanilla. Was able to use it to score an SSL and then use Digital Rights Management to get a 2nd one, while he was not able to find anything to break Vanilla. When I was on 6 point I took the Project Vacheron in my hand IAA the Server consisted of Rime Slot Machine Fairchild 2.0 and Vanilla nothing to keep someone really out, so he got the agenda, ending his turn on 1 credit & 2 cards, while I had > 15 credits & 2 Punitive Counterstrike in hand. Won (2 - 1)


Not sure I'm a Punitive Counterstrike player, it feels a bit unfair when they don't expect it. Would try the following changes: