G6 GameNet (2-0 GNK Winner)

bigfleet 47

Fly like a GG6

“This is just a meh Azmari” - Cpt. Nice

Hurtful but not untrue!

GameNET is about swinging the economy as runs happen. That makes a SEA Source / EoI plan easier to implement, but you know, trashing all their resources might be a good idea as well. The deck’s namesake came from the fun I had playing Fly on the Wall. A mid-game IAA to present your first score doesn’t register as a big threat to a lot of runners, and two tagged clicks against this deck can leave a real mark. Posted Bounty, we remember you! The other agendas are about creating that economic advantage on the runner. It’s not the worst if they steal one so that you can exchange it later.

Archived Memories is one of the more important cards in the deck, as you are gonna have some problem that you need to solve in the mid-game. There’s gonna be a Rashida Jaheem, a Game Over, or a Roughneck Repair Squad in there to help with whatever you need. Between Consulting Visit and Archived, you are trying to stay as ready as possible with your high impact events around scores or steals (or ill-advised runs).

The deck’s assets are tuned to the Tech Startup plan. The deck could probably use more ICE, and Calvin B4L3Y certainly does help draw it in a lot of games. Sometimes he lives in an empty remote, as you might not mind them either making a successful run, or helping you draw two cards.

The deck’s natural enemies are PAD Tap and Film Critic. One you trash, and the other you just have to play around.

Other Stuff I Tried

The Ash 2X3ZB9CY could probably be Red Herrings and use the influence elsewhere.

If you are imagining the giant swing from an Endless EULA, it's gonna die to Chisel 10x someone paying the swing through it as opposed to bouncing. Might as well play Wraparound. IP Block is an improvement, since they will pay the trace on the facecheck, for a net 1 rez.

While on the day I slotted (and played) Closed, my JNet experiments with Rime really worked, so I'd recommend finding a spot for one.

17 Feb 2020 Cpt_nice

Thanks for the shout-out and congrats on the wins!