Force of Will v11.47 20th Place

Ulkrond 2011

7 Rounds. 6 Flatlines. Had to make sure I had the correct deck for the occasion. Runner helped pick up the losses once in a while.

Veritas is for R&D and the scoring remote, Mausolus is for HQ/Remote. Both are good for archives. Throw agendas away if you do the math right and you'll see some good results. Six credit swings on Mausolus if the Runner doesn't want to lose cards or just hits a Veritas without looking. 3 Credit tax minimum on your full set ICE. Thank you for designing ICE with must break subroutines, the more the better.

Gonna miss these decks.

25 Aug 2017 rubyvr00m

I still think you're crazy for not playing Oversight AI/Curtain Wall, but you can't argue with the results. Always crossing names off the list for the big W and making Chicago proud.

25 Aug 2017 zmb

I like it, but could you be a bit more specific about the moving parts and different wincons of this deck? Different play against different runners, that kind of stuff :)

29 Aug 2017 aero

I don't mean to speak for William, but I believe the wincon is kill the runner until they are dead. Anything less than dead runner means play a different deck.

RIP Force of Will

30 Aug 2017 Ulkrond

And I am gonna miss Punitive Counterstrike the most. Best play of the game, scoring a Graft and pulling a Punitive a Jackson and a Government Takeover.

30 Aug 2017 Ulkrond

CORRECTION: It wasn't a Jackson, it was a Cerebral.

2 Oct 2017 zmb

Punitive Counterstrike was saved, so I guess this could be converted to post rotation by adding more money (Bryan Stinson?) and upping the Preemptive Action to 3 and maybe add a Hunter Seeker?