Obvious pairings include Builder of Nations, Argus itself, and the agenda City Works Project out of any ID (though it'd obviously be strongest in BoN, Argus, or SSO). It also works well with any Jinteki deck that's trying to whittle the runner down--mixed damage is good, and even a single fire from this thing could hurt a good deal. More than one on a turn is just asking to get killed by a Snare! or Neural EMP, unless you're a badass. Oh right, did I mention Obokata Protocol? Last but not least, it makes for fantastic protection against Apocalypse, provided you know it's coming next turn.

Not a bad showing for this new card type. Who knows if it'll actually get slotted into any decks, but a lot of the cards I mentioned above are used frequently enough, so we'll see...

I hadn't considered this out of Jinteki, actually. Saraswati using it to make Obo even more secure might be a thing! —
Janktown of An Offer You Can't Refuse is happy town ! —

Is this card too good? I'm not so sure about that just yet. Is it going to be an autoinclude in every single blue deck that runs? You better believe it.

What if Dirty Laundry got you ~minimum~ 3 credits, and didn't require a successful run? What if you could combine this with that thing Crim is really good at, derezzing and hardcore credit denial, to make servers you can waltz through and get paid a bonkers amount of money for the pleasure? What if it got you as many credits as Dirty Laundry and didn't require a successful run???

Well, here ya go. Yes, it costs 1 more cred than the card I keep comparing it to, but 3 credits really isn't that much, especially for a card that will net you 3 credits when it resolves No Matter What. Every non Crim is going to be super jealous of this... as they should be. The more I look at this thing, the more I fear it might be a problem! Here's hoping I'm wrong, because dang is it cool.

It is more situational than Dirty Laundry, which is its only strike against it. All in all, definitely an auto-include in most blue decks. —
^ What cpt_nice said. You could use DL on any server for quick cash. Bravado cant be used on an empty Archives or naked asset. Doesnt make it bad ofc, just more situational. —

I have high hopes for this card. At the time of writing this review, we're living in a world where ice is trivialized by a ridiculous assortment of cards, be they icebreaker or otherwise. It's harder than ever to be a glacier deck; decks that used to epitomize the vegan corp lifestyle are having to explore other methods, and I think that's a shame. Which is, once again, why I have such high hopes for this card.

D4v1d? Done for. Gbahali? Bah-eaten. Deus X? Dead on arri--wait, that's an icebreaker? Boo.

Well even if this card doesn't stop every single tool, it does stop the most egregious one, D4vid, and a few others too. It also reinforces every single ice by +2 strength for the very affordable cost of 0 credits, a value that only gets better the more ice you've got on the playing field. It does have a weakness, which is the fact that it can be trashed, but that's more than easily dealt with. It's not a small trash cost by any stretch, and unless the runner's running HQ every turn, they're not gonna snipe all of them, right? Here's hoping.

All in all, what I hope will be one more fun little tool, useful for ice heavy corps to shore up defenses with.


Jeeeeez, talk about a punishing facecheck...

Tyr is the newest addition to ice based on the Norse pantheon, with others being Wotan, Loki and Heimdall. Like its siblings, Tyr is big and expensive, with scary subroutines but also the ability to click through them.

Not that you would want that in this case. Unlike other bioroids, any click you spend on Tyr will go to the corp, which is a very raw deal for the runner. Even just giving the corp 1 extra click could mean they could be fast advancing a Vitruvius on their next turn. Giving the corp 3 clicks is potentially game ending, as 6 clicks allows them to score a 5/3 from hand, or do other shenanigans.

Letting the subroutines fire isn't really option either though. Two brain damage is nothing to sneeze at, as a permanent handsize of 3 is a big hinderance. Having the corp gain 3 credits AND trash any card they want is extremely powerful and especially in the mid or late game could cause a huge swing. The final sub is a good ol' ETR, always welcome on a big ice, and the only one you can afford to let fire in most circumstances.

I think this bioroid is definitely worth its cash, and a great new tool for purple glacier. 5 influence means it is difficult to slot in other factions but I think that's a good thing. This ice has HB written all over it.

Also, take a moment to appreciate the art on this one. It is gorgeous.

I'm excited beyond belief that NISEI was able to commission Liiga for another piece. Her cyberspace illustrations are a key part of the texture and flavor of the Android world. —
Agreed! —
Same. My favorite A:N artist without a doubt. <3 —

Why are you running Archives? This doesn't trigger on a Sneakdoor Beta or Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist run, as those are treated as a successful run on HQ / R&D, so no combos there. Maybe you can make it work with Alice Merchant: Clan Agitator, if there's a virus program you're cool with waiting 3 turns for (or blowing an extra click or two on). Otherwise this is a tutor that costs 5 clicks (install, 3 runs, pop), instead of eg. 1 click -> 2 credits (Self-modifying Code), and 4 clicks are worth a lot more than 2 credits. You'll save influence if you're an Anarch, but there are better things to use the slot for.

I always knew that there was something wrong with this card to use it as tutor but I haven't done the maths. Thank you! =D —
Not great, but niche usage for freedom might be 1 = farming counters, 2 = tutor in case of emergency for freedom imho —
This card is only worth it if you're playing profit-runs, like the Andysuckers of old —