You see a problem. You take it upon yourself to do something about it (or maybe you never really had a choice). You go to battle. You go back and forth with your opponent, gaining and loosing advantage, taking steps forward and being forced back. You are both more prepared and yet more worn down than you were to being with. You get a major win. Then you look up any realise that for all your progress, you are effectively back at the start. You continue, because you still have much to do.

If this card put the runner through that journey instead of the corp, I would say it would be a flavour home run.

A vicious early game ICE, it is extremely flexible but needs tech like Vovô to keep paying for it economical. Sentry subroutine is extremely useful against every killer except Afterimage. Synergises well with Working Prototype and Thunderbolt, especially against Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga, and against Slap Vandal by itself. NEXT Activation Command can make it a strong mid game ICE, and even a viable end game ICE against poorly set-up Arissanas. Mostly useful as a surprise (and nothing else) outside HB, but the current Shaper meta and the loss of Formicary mean that those HB rez-derez decks containing Stegodon and this ICE were basically killed in their cradle.

Useful against what? Don't leave us hanging mid-sentence xD btw an interesting reprint of Chimera

Ah damn. Forgot the review was incomplete...

Writing a very niche review here due to something that came up in my game. Was up against a Knifing steve and my deck doesn't run deep ice so I was in a little bit of trouble. Knife doesn't want to score or care about scoring it puts pressure on the corp to beat their timeline.

Started installing remotes as a mix of Behold!, Project Beale Oracle Thinktank and Stoke the Embers. I looked like an asset spam deck in his mind so why wate time. I start slow advancing a few things, score out a Tomorrowʼs Headline to land 1 tag and slow him down.

Then the moment happened. I was able to chain 2x Stoke the Embers to get me to 6 points. He runs my other advanced agenda (Oracle Thinktank) which was behind Funhouse and alongside AMAZE Amusements. He couldn't ditch enough tags and I Psychographics out and scored a final agenda.

Older version of my deck had 2x Offworld Office but as a little Knife protection and to pop advancement tokens onto Behold! this makes the cut.

what format?