Solidarity Badge is like a Chop Bot 3000 crossed with Friday Chip.

If you can trash a Corp card each turn, then you'll draw a card each turn (cf. creds for cards).

Note: While clearing tags at the start of your turn is worse than at the end of your turn, such as after encountering an observer, it will still clear any terminal tags (or tags you've floated); and it still saves the [click], [$2] basic-detag. For example, if you've trashed their card, they can Oppo Research, but you've also “charged” a Badge, which then can remove one of the four tags (before they can punish it).

This card is certified fun (and nuts!). Essentially, you nest 1click+2credits to clear a future tag, and get a free click for your ROI. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: Meanwhile, you get more free clicks every* turn to run remotes (which is super cool because we build decks that like running! It flips Hoshiko's ID, we have Fueno credits to spend which also charges Twinning, and all while giving you more clicks to do other important things like Liberating some Accounts!)

Three clicks of value if you use the top ability only a single time before using the bottom. This card is nuts. It's obviously great versus asset decks, but even against single-remote taggy decks it's worth throwing down.


NBN: Reality Plus can use this card's second ablity with only 5 credits(Give the runner 2 tags triggers R+, then a window to pay 5credit to give the runner another two tags open). Useful to know when you're running Bladderwort asset spam.

Vovô Ozetti is a “nomadic sysop” (like Adrian is) who double-cheapens ice (like Akitaro Watanabe did), and can cheapen upgrades/assets too.

Note that he saves multiple credits per rez and can save multiple times per turn, and that he starts profitting from the second rez (unless the cost was already trivial), or if trashed by the Runner (for -$2) after the first rez. For example, if they run into two unrezzed ice on his server and you rez both, he saves $4.

Flavor: “vovô” means “grandpa” (in Portuguese), and Vovô Ozetti seems to be pronounced like “vo-VO oh-ZEH-chee” ([voˈvo oˈzɛ ʈi]).

Does his 'Threat 4' ability reduce his own rez cost? He is a card in the root of this server, so it should work. In general, abilities that reduce rez costs are active during the rez. This should be added to the Rulings of the card.