A lot of runner will die to tag and bag, with the help of this card. The power is enough to be worth splashed out of faction, even at 4 influences.

First, I really like the mechanic that tag punishment remove the tag use to dish the punishment, I think it is a good balancing mechanism, especially to powerful cards. This also means that you cannot use two copy of this card to do 8 damages to a runner with a single tag. If you were to plan to do more than 4 damages, when there is 2 tags and more, you should use BOOM!.

To use this card is all about timing, since you need the runner to have 3 cards in hand or less AND a way to put a tag on the runner. The funny part is that in faction, you will have to rely on putting a tag on the runner on their turn, using Forced Connection, Overseer Matrix, Colossus, Mausolus, Pharos, Surveyor or Veritas.

Most probably, you'll rely on either Public Trail or Drago Ivanov. The latter, if left unattended on the board, can put a tag with 2 before using End of the Line on the last click.

There are tricks you can do with Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel. to get Drago Ivanov quickly on the board, as soon as you see the runner have 3 or less cards in hand.

If this is popular in the meta, it will encourage the runner to slow down their gameplay to make sure to have 4+ cards in hand.

If you rely on putting multiple tags, with tools like Mutually Assured Destruction and Hard-Hitting News, then I think it would be better to use BOOM!.

The art and quote explain well the effect of the card and its name. For my part, I like art that look like comics and mangas. Great card!


This looks fairly good if you only need one click for tag punishment. In HB, one click is frequently all you need. End of the Line is generally lethal on two brain damage and Hypoxia helps you get there. This can only be played if they stole an agenda last turn, which is unreliable, but this might still be better in HB than importing (say) Public Trail. Many HB brain damage decks have small agendas and Nightmare Archives, which makes it more likely there will be an agenda steal late enough that you've got your 2 kill cards in hand but not so late that the steal ends the game.

In HB, if your main tag punishment is Hypoxia, I'd probably prefer Public Trail over Distributed Tracing. (Influence is less tight if you're passing on EOTL and also Public Trail only takes one click so sometimes a Public Trail will allow 2 Hypoxias in a single turn, or possibly 1 Hypoxia and some other punishment card like Riot Suppression). A Distributed Tracing -> Hypoxia turn takes a lot of work (2 cards and 3 clicks and $4 for a single brain damage) and puts two cards in your deck that are almost entirely useless without the other. I suspect that probably isn't enough value for the corp. Nanisivik Grid seems like a much more reliable and cost-effective source of brain damage than that, and more versatile if brain damage is not immediately helpful (e.g. if they have Caldera in play, using Nanisivik to fire Tyr's "trash a Runner card and gain $3" subroutine is so much more lucrative than playing Distributed Tracing so you can manually trash Caldera).

Outside of HB, the usual suspects will probably prefer the condition-free Drago when they want a 2-click tag on the corp's turn. Drago's also reusable, so he is less bothered by disposable counterplay like No Free Lunch or Stoneship Chart Room.

Also, this art has a stellar concept, easy to miss at first glance.

<p>Good review! I hope there will be a playmat with this art, it is amazing!</p> —

The idea and lore of this asset is amazing, but you will lose most of the time if you use it, even in The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated. After 3 turns, most runs becomes quite inexpensive, which will let the runner hammer your centrals like no tomorrow. At the end of the count down, the runner can run and run again to pass all the ices, because bad pub reset at every runs.

To protect this, you'll need every trick possible. Border Control and ZATO City Grid. You'll probably need Anoetic Void or Bio Vault.

If you do not win at the end of the count down, you'll have to struggle with 4+ bad pub. Of course, by then you can score Regulatory Capture from hand, if the runner does not find it first.

Your best bet is probably use it as early as possible, before the runner can setup countermeasure. Also, you'll be quite vulnerable to Pinhole Threading, forcing you to spread your ices. Winning with this asset will feel amazing, if you accept the challenge.

The art is amazing, colorful and inspiring, just as the name and quote. Fun card!

<p>This card is unbeliavably cool and twice as weak.</p> —

This revive an older card, Hostile Infrastructure. The big difference is that it cost 1 less to trash (but 4 is still a lot), trigger only once a turn (instead of whenever) and do one more damage.

It is.a good card for asset spam decks. It actually synergize well with decks looking to do additional damage to kill the runner. At minimum, it will slow the runner by making them lose 2 cards and 4. But 5 is a lot to spend to do 2 meat damages. Usually, you will be able to trigger that damage twice. The first time to "protect" an asset that is about to get trashed, and a second time when the runner will trash this asset.

Hostile Architecture will go well with Jinteki traps and assets decks. At 3 influences, it is worthwhile and not too expensive, if you can ensure paying the cost. A good grinder card.

I enjoyed the art quite a bit, showing the idea that dark and hostile buildings, with enhanced security, becomes a great deterrent, as the quote indicate. Good design!


Now, Weyland has three rig shooting agenda. Kimberlite Field is the most versatile because it can trash anything. SDS Drone Deployment protect itself and trashes a program while Above the Law trashes a ressource.

Of course, there is a big price to pay. Trashing a REZZED card, for which you paid, will hurt, unless you are Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel.. Which is why I doubt this agenda will see play outside that identity.

Some thing will be hard to trash. Like Endurance or Security Nexus. At a cost of 8, there is not many card (only ices in fact) that have such a rez cost. So usually, you will trash programs or hardwares. Good targets are Begemot, Hyperbaric, Bukhgalter, Marrow, Prognostic Q-Loop and Keiko, for example.

All in all, this agenda will help enforce a seldom played archetype : rig shooter, but will be useful for only one identity (Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel.).

The art does a good job of representing the name of the card while giving some lore about ecological damage which, along with the quote, gives a very Weyland feel to this agenda (of course). Well done!