Rule #1 of gambling: The House always wins.

Slot Machine is the custom card designed by 2017 champion Wilfry Horig, and boy is it interesting!

With a rez/str ratio of 3/5, its already worth a look, and with 3 subs and priced at a single influence, its almost TGTBT. When looked at a little closer, however, it gets a little worse.

Encounter effect: Bottoming a card is useful but will rarely be game threatening. If its a critical icebreaker then the runner may have to dig for a tutor but most of the time they won't care about losing something random. However, this does get significantlu better with any sort of draw seal or a Kala Ghoda Real TV on the board. Furthermore, the information for knowing the next 3 cards is useful but not critical as well.

-> The runner loses 3

This sub is always useful, as making the runner lose money is important for any economic war, especially out of Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach. This sub also immediately evens out the cost.

If two of the cards..

This is where the ICE gets weird. Ensuring 2 of 3 random cards from the runner's deck isnt impossible: Many runners pack more Resources and Events than other types.

If 3 of the cards... This one will amost never happen, and if it does, what are you going to use those counters on? Importing into Weyland could work, or using a False Flag, but realistically you can't count on this sub.

One final note

Chief Slee.

1 influence, 3 rez, 3 subs. 5 strength. Nobody actually wants to break this ICE. Yup.

The encounter effect can mess with decks using Brahman. —

Hired Help (HH), isn't just the new OTG it can mess up click math, can make HQ unrunable, and even bait them into an excalibur on HQ for max rudeness, or make them put obokata in the bin when needing to check the ngo rouse isn't the winning agenda!!

Also note the agenda is TRASHED not forfeited, a clever runner will trash some 2 pointer then mad dash it back.

Also note, you have to trash an agenda each run on the server if HQ wasn't hit this turn, not just the first one.

The limit 1/deck and 1 inf hurts it a lot though, it's hard to justify the opportunity cost of the inf for a card you won't even see half of your games.


I played this once against Blue sun, breaking several missingos with grappling hook + Kongomata, expecting to burn a illegal arms factory and slammed head first into a standoff, which I instead stole.

10/10 would burn the world again.

"Some men just want to watch the world burn".

Watch The World Burn is the runner variant of the two community created cards for the Magnum Opus event. For the cost of 3 credits and a run on a remote, you get to remove an upgrade or asset from the game, as well as any other copies of that card you access later on. This is a card where even at first glance, one can see why it is powerful. Not only do you get to get rid of an asset/upgrade for good and nullify the corp's recursion, you don't have to pay its trash cost. And on top of that, it also dodges nasty trash effects, which means that Controlling the Message's trace or AR-Enhanced Security will never fire. Industrial Genomics and Gagarin also hate this event.

Ultimately the power of WTWB lies in its versatility. It is great against pretty much every corp, unless they play no assets or upgrades, which is highly unlikely. Removing an Ash or Rashida Jaheem in the glacier match up is highly relevant. Get rid of Prisec against Argus. Arella Salvatore against Sportsmetal. The possibilities are endless.

One of few downsides is its limited-to-1 status, meaning your are likely to not have it in hand when you need it. Just like Rebirth though, this card can be incredibly swingy once drawn. Also, it costs 1 influence for every runner and it ends the action phase.

The main issue is in its lingering effect. There is no precedent for this kind of thing in Netrunner, except for arguably Azmari. The players will have to remember which card was "hit" by this, so that future copies of it get removed. Will this lead to game losses? I hope not

Still,I expect this card to become a staple in most runner decks, especially if CTM remains the deck to beat for the time to come.

The lingering effect is no different than Targeted Marketing. Shouldn't be that difficult to remember one card - especially when you can just use the copy of the card that you RFG' —
![The World Burns]("title") I made a reminder card for the effect, feel free to print it out. —
Question : is WtWB works like By Any Means ? I mean you rfg before corp effect, rfg before a Project Junebug take effect, or better than that, against Mumbad Virtual Tour. —
That is correct as just like By Any Means, there is no option (like there is for Imp) to remove from game, therefore it takes priority over Ambushes / MVT / etc. Of course the exception still is corp-turn runs. —

This card is insane out of Mti (and with thimblerig), an end the run ice that can double as a nesei counter is strong anyway but with the positional power of Mti (and thimblerig) you can just make servers that look quite weak require 3-4 or even 5 clicks to get through.

The fact it ends the run also means it needs to be broken to even threaten it's trash ability usually. - There are a few niché cases where you trash it as soon as you rez it, to stop stimhack money being spent for example.

Outside of Mti or thimble, the card is still strong, but you need to think more carefully where to put it.

Easily the best of the Mopus cards.

MTI was already considerably OP and this will just make it worse. The ID probably needs to go the route of Skorp and PU. —
I don't think MTI is "op" as such just very punishing. —
But I agree it should be restricted over restricting Border control (which is what others have suggested), all restricting border does it let MTI wait for the next good ice to arrive to abuse. —