I love money cards because they let us re-evaluate the value of s and s. The worst a is worth is a , so we'll use that as a baseline (it's worth more in reality). Also remember, that installing a card takes a . Format [x/c], where x = clicks spent and c = profit compared to using x clicks to click for . At the end is a capita-per-click percentage score.

Smartware Distributor: Turn 1 [2/-2], Turn 4 [3/0], Turn 7 [4/+2], Turn 10 [4/+5]* --125%--

Data Folding: Turn 1 [1/-4], Turn 4 [1/-1], Turn 7 [1/+2], Turn 10 [1/+5] --500%--

Armitage Codebusting: Turn 1 [4/+1], Turn 2 [7/+4] --57%--

Sure Gamble: Turn 1 [1/+3] --300%--

Day Job: Turn 1 [4/+6] --150%--

Liberated Account Turn 1 [4/+2], Turn 2 [5/+5] --100%--

Kati Jones (3-turn cycle): Turn 1 [2/-4], Turn 3 [4/0], Turn 6 [7/+3], Turn 9 [10/+6] --60%--

Kati Jones (5-turn cycle): Turn 1 [2/-4], Turn 5 [6/+4], Turn 10 [11/+11] --100%--

*Assumes that Smartware isn't being used a fourth time

This data shows us that as far as capita-per-click efficiency, Smartware is actually on the higher end of things, so if you want to drop a couple early and dedicatedly click them up each turn, it's not the worst plan ever. Their biggest issue is flexibility and acceleration. If you only have 1 to spare before the end of the game, then a simple Sure Gamble or a Stimhack is going to be better for you. If you have a couple turns left, the flexibility of Armitage or Lib Account are better suited for your needs. In the case of one full turn of downtime, Day Job's the winner. Kati has a little of both, giving you a bit of flexibility as well as long-term investment. If long-term investment is the only thing you need, then you can look into cards like Smartware, Data Folding, or even Rezeki. At this point, I don't think it's a matter of "is Smartware good?" so much as it's "does Smartware fit into the economic tempo your deck needs?" Obviously, Data Folding saves you 3 by turn 10 and nets you the same amount of money, but can you deal with the drought created by the first 5 turns? Smartware offsets that drought period by giving you a much easier point of entry--0 and 2.

That all being said, I think this card can be pushed even further by including it in an Aesop's Pawnshop deck, allowing you to sell it off for a sweet 3 advance without the use of a click when you no longer want it.

<p>The best thing is that the investment is really cheap.</p> —
<p>It's interesting to see the numbers laid out like this. I never realised just how inefficient Kati is/was. That said, given that: Data Folding is conditional, Day Job and Lib cost inf out of faction, Gamble is single use, and Kati is rotating, I think the best comparison for long-ish term neutral econ is Armitage. Which Smartware evidently compares to pretty favourably, though that's not saying much. With the new in-faction econ options in Gateway, I doubt this will see much play. It'd be nice to have some decent neutral econ options to go along with Gamble and Casts but I suppose you need to be careful not to warp the 'econ war' that's at the heart of Netrunner.</p> —

Going to start my first card review off with an obligatory "awesome Liiga art" comment.

More seriously I think anarchs may splash this over Mimic in Leech builds as at least a single copy. It's only 1 inf and you won't get blown out by a Cyberdex Virus Suite into an Anansi or Surveyor as it can still get pumped up, and matches mimic strength once the runner is set up.

On the shaper end, I don't think this will be slotted while Na'Not'K is still legal, and Adam still prefers Odore.


Best MU you can get in faction. So good in fact that we will see this splashed out of faction, even with 2 influences to pay.

If you install 2 programs, you pay for it. More and you make a profit. If you get it before you install 6 programs (3 breakers and 3 Rezeki, for a typical shaper), it will pay for itself and pay in advance for other DZMZ Optimizer you would have in the deck. This replace Akamatsu Mem Chip for shapers, in my opinion. If you are lucky and get the 3 DZMZ Optimizer on the board, most of you program will be nearly free. Shapers want to install lots of programs and DZMZ Optimizer will help them do just that. This has a great synergy with most shaper strategies (big rig and the like), it is a wonder why it is only 2 influences.

Also, this will fit perfectly in deck using Khusyuk. There is plenty of cards with a cost of 2 credits in shapers and neutral. Making it easy to use Khusyuk without really having to build a specific deck around it.

Good art, nice flavor text, amazing shaper hardware.


In faction, for shapers, this card will become almost as common as Sure Gamble. While it is true that you will usually play in on the last click, it can be used in a pinch for immediate burst economy when needed. At 1 credit, it is nearly always playable.

Of course, click are precious, so using it at the beginning of the turn and losing a extra click to use it is really not optimal. But in those circonstance, you are probably already in dire circonstances.

And the art, oh the art! Soooo good. Along with the quote, it is awesome. Beautiful.


Now that I've seen it play and played it myself, I like this ID. Full disclosure here : I've always liked Inversificator. That icebreaker is so much fun.

Tāo Salonga: Telepresence Magician is a little bit like Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist, in the sense it will trigger for all agendas. But contrary to Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist, unless you facechecked lots of ice, it will take time for you to know which ice to swap. So the gains are later in the game, unless the corp is using easily passable ices like Pop-up Window. Forged Activation Orders is very useful here, allowing you to know more ices without running them.

For corp that base their strategy on super ices like Border Control, Archer, Tollbooth, Hydra, Anansi or DNA Tracker and other expensive ices, it might get frustrating. But Thimblerig could be very useful to put the ices back in places.

The ID is not exceptionally powerful, but is a tremendous amount of fun to play. Also, the 40 cards deck size and 15 influences is perfect to make a compact deck that will be very reliable.

Nice art, excellent quote, good design. My new favorite shaper.