What a great card!

Normally, you get 3 and possibly 6 if you trash something.

So, is there something you could trash that combo with this? YES!

The best would be Marilyn Campaign, when it is on its last 2. This is like Aesop's Pawnshop trashing Daily Casts to gain a extra credit. Same principle apply here. Alternatively, you could do the same with Launch Campaign. Of course, in a pinch, you can do that to an unwanted or unrezzed ice or asset.

But it gets better.

If you are Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel., this card allow you to trigger you ID ability AND get 6. This card in nearly mandatory in every Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel. decks.

Or if you are Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World, you get either 4 or 7, at no cost of influence! What a bargain.

The art and quote exactly give the vibe of the Weyland faction : exploit and be rich.


Weyland now has 7 agendas that are 2/3. That is 14 points out of 18 or 20. Considering there is also Hostile Takeover, this makes Weyland a viable candidate, after Haas-Bioroid, for creating a fast advance deck.

On top of that, there are lots of shenanigans you can do to flatline the runner using this agenda. Urban Renewal or Clearinghouse can be used to lower the runners cards to 1 card in hand. Them you somehow score Azef Protocol to flat line the runner.

It could also be used with tools like Vladisibirsk City Grid, alongside Malapert Data Vault, to do double Neurospike (or single, if the runner is at 3 cards in hand) to flatline the runner. Not the most efficient combo, but it is there.

Or just go for a fast advance deck, using Audacity and tools like Biotic Labor and score out very fast.

If you do not care for the counter on Project Atlas, then the damage done by Azef Protocol will have more value (especially in Weyland Consortium: Builder of Nations.

Its art is just as good as its quote. Is that Endurance that I see in ruin there?


Fun and powerful card in NBN. Basically, it allow you to bait a run. If the runner take the bait, and after passing throught whatever ices you've put in place, the runner must then pay a whopping 4 to trash it (barring the use of Imp or other trash support). And if the runner does not run it, you can score a 2/3 or 2/4 next turn, from hand. That is a good value.

This upgrade is worth to have in multiple archetype. It can be used to fast advance anything. This can be an agenda, or Clearinghouse or Ronin to flatline the runner. But at 4 influences, it will be seldom splashed outside of faction.

Because this card exist alonside Drago Ivanov, any advanced card in NBN should be checked, unless the runner takes the risk of a nasty surprise.

Finally, the card has a great art and a nice tourist quote. Well made!


Here is the 7th point for NBN. If you are cheeky, it could be the 6th and 7th point of your game. In the past meta, the easiest way to score this was to combo it with Public Trail, to put that single tag on the runner. But now, NBN has Drago Ivanov. Outside NBN: Reality Plus, it is one point for 4. In NBN: Reality Plus, it is a 1/2 scored from hand.

But 15 Minutes is still legal, why not just play that instead. If your cards slots are tight, you are correct. But here, you can make sure you get it early enough by putting more than one of this in your deck.

Outside of NBN: Controlling the Message and NBN: Reality Plus, it is probably not very good. With those ID, Backroom Machinations becomes desirable, if you go for the lowest amount of agendas possible.

Of note, I think it is the second "tag punishment" that remove the tag after its effect, after Observe and Destroy. I personnaly think it is a good balance mechanic around tag punishment cards.

This operation is quite fitting for the NBN faction. The nice art and good quote are perfectly aligned with the name and effect of the card. I wonder who those people are, anyone knows?


An ice that help to advance cards out of turn. Tell me more!

The encounter effect of this card can combo well with Weyland advanceable ices like Akhet and traps like Cerebral Overwriter and Urtica Cipher.

If used to protect assets, it incentize run, making it a kind of fast advance tools, for any agenda located in your super protected scoring remote.

In faction, it pairs well with Chekist Scion, even better if your ID is Pravdivost Consulting: Political Solutions.

At 2 and 2 influence, it can be splashed in any faction. Jinteki and Weyland are the one that would benefit the most from it.

The subroutine is not great, but a tag is a tag.

On top of being a fun ice, the art is well drawn and the quote goes well with the art. Now, if I could understand what Vasilia as to do with advancing stuff and giving a tag, it would be nice.