In a meta where ice is of questionable value, dominated by Endurance and Boomerang and Botulus and other ways to sidestep costs to the runner, the corp is incentivized to pivot to a different way to tax the runner.

A clear alternative to consider is defense through upgrades. One can try to tax credits (Giordano Memorial Field) or cards (Hokusai Grid, Prisec) or both (Manegarm Skunkworks), but the new HB agenda Ontological Dependence really makes taxing the runner through inflicting core damage an effective strategy, with this card (Mr. Hendrik) and even a mostly meh card like Tempus synergizing together to compound its effects.

As Diogene mentions in the above review, Mr. Hendrik is most effective paired with itself, since the runner can only lose all their clicks once. But it also synergizes well with other cards and effects that sap the runner’s clicks like Manegarm Skunkworks and Tempus, and even Bioroid ice. Having multiple upgrades like this can create secure servers without any ice at all, or strengthen a server protected by Manegarm Skunkworks and Formicary. Multiple cards of this kind reduce the effectiveness of targeted interventions like Pinhole Threading, and an escalated response like Light the Fire! just feeds into your strategy to attack the runner.

I’ve found this works great as a support package for Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home, for punishing runners who aggressively check new servers and for creating fast advance opportunities with Ontological Dependence instead of Project Vitruvius.

Just remember that Mr. Hendrik and many cards that synergize with it like Tempus and (less effectively) Prisec require the corp to spend extra credits to land, so you have to keep your money at a sufficient level, sort of like making sure you have the credits to fire your Snare!.


Nowadays, runners, like instantly lose against some matchup if you don't have 2-3 pinholes in their deck.

So It's kind of interesting that NSG suggested a new meta, from 'ice STR doesn't matter at ALL' to 'yeah but anyway I'll fire their subs'.


Besides maybe Fairchild 3, this is probably the most effective brain-damage ice yet printed. It’s a 5-strength sentry with 3 high-impact subroutines and an effective rez cost of around $5. It does require you to commit deck slots to weaker harmonic ice though. Contrast to Anansi: $8 and you have to commit deck slots to being Jinteki.

Unlike most pre-Nisei brain damage ice, Bloop works well even if you're not building around brain damage. Program destruction is taxing even if the runner has recursion on hand, and sometimes they don't.

Bloop's biggest drawback is that you have to slot a few other harmonic ice, but it's not as bad as it sounds. Bloop only needs 1 other harmonic ice rezzed, which can reasonably be delivered with maybe ~3 other harmonic slots. In contrast, back in the day NEXT ice required a ton of other NEXT ice slotted and rezzed, so going NEXT jammed your deck with like 10+ slow, inefficient ice. Bloop is semi-terrifying on a single harmonic rez, it gets started much more quickly and allows you much more flexibility in which ices your deck uses and how many.

<p>I don't really understand your complete insistence on using old terms.</p> —
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My new favorite corp because of the sheer jank you can do with it.

If you want fast advance, you can get :

If you want damage, you can get :

If you want money, you can get :

One defining advantage of Ampère: Cybernetics For Anyone is that the runner cannot know what type of corp it will be. It is always a surprise.

The potential for janky deck is extremely large.

While the art is beautiful and peaceful, it does not reflect the name of the card or the quote, a missed oportunity. The quote does pair with the name of the identity, which is a saving grace. Still good enough altogether for this really fun corp.


An executive custom made for Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel., who will get the greatest advantage. Better yet, you get to make a profit when the runner will trash cards in the root of the server with Yakov Erikovich Avdakov, because of the "whenever" clause.

Even in another Weyland identity, it could be used to get extra credits from cards like Urban Renewal.

The asset synergize well with asset that will trash themselve like :

Out of faction, it is probably NBN: Controlling the Message (CtM) that would benefit the most, followed by any asset using Haas-Bioroid decks, since CtM they get to possibly gain 2 or more while triggering their ability. At 2 influences, it is easy to splash one Yakov Erikovich Avdakov out of faction.

Note that if you do the Ansel 1.0 + Ganked! trick and the runner does NOT trash Yakov Erikovich Avdakov, you get to destroy the runner board while making a pile of credits.

Any asset spam deck will benefit from this upgrade. Most Weyland deck should have one copy of this executive, it is just good money. Also, it provide a way to create a credit differential between the corp and the runner, which is always to the corp benefit. It also provide a way to make extra credit from asset that you would trash anyway.

Please note how awesome the art is, featuring Superdeep Borehole on the desk. The quote is grim and give the effect of the card in a sideway inuendo. Amazing design all around.

<p>Spin Doctor unfortunately doesn't trash itself &gt;_&lt;</p> —