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This ice is a really nice early turtle buster. It ends the run and it's cheap enough to rez early, meaning you can protect HQ or R&D for a few turns. The look on the runner's face when I blew up his 3 strength turtle was priceless. The fact that it's not a bioroid also means runners can't just click through, like they would for a Viktor or Ichi. It's a perfect replacement for Rototurret as well, which is pretty much redundant after this in HB. 3 influence means we won't see it everywhere, which is nice for HB players like me.

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Weird idea: Could you use Panchatantra to give a Bioroid the subtype Icebreaker, and thus use the Bioroid to break itself through Next Activation Command? It doesn't say "Icebreaker Program".

'Cause that would be awesome. I ship it.

<p>No unfortunately.</p> —
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This card might be worth another look now that NEXT Activation Command exists. A temporarily 5-strength sentry that trashes a program and costs a net of two sounds good to me, almost like a miniature Archer.

Is this a Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist, Apex: Invasive Predator or Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist card? I would say it's for all of them.
So let's have a look. If you fulfill all the requirements it is giving you 1 credit & 1 card which basically means instead of drawing or taking a credit you make a run. So it will give you forward tempo and you want to run at least once a turn.
You can compare it to Symmetrical Visage / Baby, which is 1 cheaper & gives you the same, besides a run. So to make more use out of it (or you use Baby on top) you need to have something that make your runs more valuable, like Security Testing, Dirty Laundry or any other run event, such as Bravado, Diversion of Funds, Khusyuk and so on. Or cards like Datasucker & Aumakua. So often against these decks icing archives is a good call as it will deny them the benefit they are looking for, even a Pop-up Window will be enough.
On the other hand running can be dangerous against decks that want to tag you, in this case you should sit back a bit, until you can effort to run and avoid being Hard-Hitting Newsed. The card also has similarities with John Masanori and besides being 1 more to install you wont get a tag from this card. So I would call it often straight up better. For 1 link runners it's also possible to add one link to make this card better. The Archivist or Cybertrooper Talut might be a solution.
So whats it with Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist this card is kind of made for her. Her better side will lose her a credit & gives a card per turn. But it enables also the credit gain from this card. So when you can run for cheap it's often a good way to get the credit from Dream Net and keep you good side drawing you more cards.
In general don't forget Symmetrical Visage! It's not that bad when you compare it to DreamNet!