This ice seems ok on a standard value curve in NBN: Reality+. A smart player might end the run when facechecking early game so it can work like a 3 credit soft-gear check to sneak out an agenda or make trashing regolith annoying. This ice however is so much more than that.

While trying to figure out how to mluti-tag and in general make a Psychographics deck that can work in startup I stumbled upon how well this ice works. In my Psychographics deck I run 1 iced scoring remote and it has 1 or 2 of these on it. Even if they pay to avoid the second tag you're getting a nice credit drain.

Set this up in front of AMAZE Amusements install an agenda and advance it 1x. Bonus points for using Tomorrowʼs Headline or Oracle Thinktank. This becomes 4-5 tags to steal. I've even used it with Send a Message in the early game to get 4-5 tags AND scale straight to threat 3 so I can follow up with a 4 tag Oppo Research. Land 9 tags over 2 turns and some will stick.

In a pinch this can also work very well as R&D protection.

Final mention on this is with B-1001. Protect B-1001 with something nasty like The Toolboxor Seraph then start scoring agendas in the above mentioned scoring remote and your opponent is gonna have a bad time. Bonus points for using the send the message steal to turn on your threat and rez the Seraph protecting B-1001.

I love this ice in Reality+ but i'm not sure if it fits as well elsewhere.

Compare: Engolo × Curupira

  • Like Engolo or Mass-Driver, Lobisomem is a [2mu] Decoder that can also break/‘melt’ Barriers.
  • Like Curupira or Nfr, Lobisomem charges up by fully break-ing (which makes further breaking of Barriers easier/cheaper).
  • Like Penrose, Lobisomem is a Decoder that can immediately break a Barrier.


  • Orca: both complements it (by breaking Sentries) and charges it up (to break Barriers); also, you can Spark of Inspiration out either (as @CallForJudgement mentions in their review).

  • Rigging Up: you ramp it out for [$5] and 2 power counters (it's immediately ‘chargeable’ because it reads When you install this program and …, place 1 power counter on this program.).

Flavor: “lobisomem” is pronounced [lobizˈõmẽj] in Brazilian-Portuguese (like “lo-bee-zO-meng” in English), and means “werewolf” (from Latin “lupus” (“wolf”) +‎ “hominem” (“man”)).

Juli reimburses four clicks.

For example, given a resource with [CLICK]: Run… (like Red Team or her sister Debbie "Downtown" Moreira), she gives you four free runs (across four turns), cf.:

When your turn begins, you may run any server.

In particular, she exactly fully-reimburses the [CLICK][CLICK][CLICK][CLICK] of using up that Red Team; or of using up a Liberated Account, cf. an “eight-credit double–Daily Casts”:

When you install this resource, load [$16] onto it. When it is empty, trash it.

When your turn begins, take [$4] from this resource.


blue/white ‘clickers’:

green ‘clickers’:

red ‘clickers’:

See t:Resource x:"CLICK:"|"CLICK," f:Criminal|neutral-runner z:standard b:active

“Juli Moreira” is pronounced [ˈʒuli muˈɾejɾa] in Brazilian-Portuguese (like “JHOO-lee mu-REY-ra” in English).


  • It's a “Double-Multiaccess-matters” effect: thus, it needs repeatable double-multiaccess (e.g. WAKE Implant v2A-JRJ after two HQ successes, The Twinning after two turns of “Companion’ing”, etc), or multiple stackable continuous single-multiaccess (e.g Docklands Pass during a Jailbreak run, Nyashia during a Trick Shot run, etc).
  • It's an “Any-Accesses-matter” effect: thus (IIUC), breaching a nonempty HQ with two upgrades installed in HQ's root still counts.
  • It’s a power counter-based count-up (not a countdown): thus, it can be charge’d twice, but only first “self-charging” once.
  • Being unique, you can't charge up two copies off of the same breach.
  • Being a resource with a BoT-trigger, it's vulnerable to tagging.
  • “3 Legworks worth” of breaches can be hard to pull off, but zapping “2.5 Hedge Funds worth” of credits can be hard to come back from! (The Corp does have a turn to spend as much as they can, once it has reached three power counters, but you don't have to sacrifice it if they do ‘invest’ all their credits into rezzes, under the Bird’s “threat of activation”; so “mass–Forged Activation Orders’ing” them seems good.)
  • Being a virtual, it's “Gachapon'able” (and tutorable off Meeting of Minds, FWIW).



Compare: Overclock × The Maker’s Eye × Marathon

Trick Shot pairs a Subsidized Run with both an R&D Multiaccess and a (Clickless) Remote Run.

And it really feels like a trick shot: you're bouncing around all over the place, knocking several billiard balls into different pockets.