Regardless of the functionality of this card, it's nice to see a reference to the 1995 movie "Hackers", where Cyberdelia was a cool rollerblade-friendly hangout of the crew. Maybe not the most inspiring art on the card, but still neat. If the install cost and influence was lower I think this would have been a staple in many decks, both Shaper and Crim.


This is a cool, thematic card. And also not very good.

In theory this is better than Diesel. You get 2 more cards for 2 extra credits and you get an access on R&D to boot, plus any other value you get off your board state. However, the kicker is of course that you need a succesful run on R&D. In the early game, when you need the card draw most for your set-up, R&D is unlikely to be unprotected (you're shaper after all). And playing this against an iced server is very risky. If the run is unsuccessful, you get nothing. In the late game you can probably get into R&D just fine. But then the cost for this event gets increased by what it costs to break the R&D ice.

Perhaps controversially, I think this card might actually be somewhat ok in Ken. He can play this for 1 credits and the corp is more likely to ice HQ against you turn 1. But even then, 3 influence is a lot. I think most runners are better off playing Diesel or [Dr. Nuka(/en/card/33092).


Recently found this agenda in playing with the Reality+ meta, and love it as a 1/3 in place of what is typically an Oracle Thinktank.

This is so much better against the current Anarch playstyle and really hurts the Runner if you can score this out in the first few hands.


Bankhar is the dog. Apparently I need to write 180 further characters to justify this "review", but I shall not be doing that when it is clearly self-evident. Bankhar is the dog. No further questions.


This is a fun addition as an installed card in an NBN Pravdivost Consulting: Political Solutions list, which features a classic netrunner guessing game of 'is it an Urtica Cipher?'. Add this on top to make it look even more agenda-like and the damage can be irreversible.

Could also work nicely if you were running Jinteki Snare! games, as an add to the root of R&D or HQ.

As the flavour text suggests, Shoot!