This card has mostly flown under the radar. As of this review, the full set hasn’t been revealed yet, and we’re still in the midst Jnet spoiler games.

PSA: This card is very, very good.

At worst its Beanstalk Royalties or Anonymous Tip. Usually, you’ll just take 3 creds, but the flexibility is valuable, ignoring the tag bonus. Would this be playable as just a flexible BR/AT? Probably not, but when the runner is tagged, it turns out operation speed Rashida, especially with our new filtering tools, is kinda busted.

There are so many ways to tag the runner now, and runners are highly incentivized to float at least one tag. If they aren’t floating any tags, chances are they’re playing too slowly to beat you anyway. Play Reality Plus with some of the new ice, maybe ARES and some Prisecs/AMAZE Amusements. Use Predictive Planograms and go lightning fast through your deck while gaining money. Find PsychoBeale or Boom for the victory. And, if for whatever reason you can’t force the runner to float a tag, using Public Trail for value is still nice. If you’re worried about agenda flood, don’t be. Spin Doctor will fix your agendas the moment it gets bad. Seriously, play this card in your R+ deck.

The design of this card is so egregious that it made me log into an account I haven't accessed in years. I was fairly intrigued looking at some of the reworked Core Set cards in the System Gateway set, as they often seemed to grok the ways in which the original cards were either too efficient or overbalanced. This card, on the other hand, abuses a disruptive technique that ANR made prohibitively expensive with good reason. It's almost difficult to describe the magnitude of how game breaking this ID is, because designing it requires a fundamental lack of knowledge of how Corp functions in regards to ICE. This attacks multiple pieces of ICE, often times in multiple servers, at the control of the runner, and is triggered by either player directly interacting with their win condition. The amount of time and resources it will take the Corp to mitigate the damage done by this ability text is potentially insurmountable. I'm in genuine awe that any amount of play-testing would allow this ID to survive with the text it currently has. At best, this card is an abberation of design philosophy that somehow escaped correction in testing. At worst it is a warning against once again getting emotionally invested in a game that remains dead.

<p>Me, as a Jinteki PE player: "Ice? Do you want to swap that Pop-up with that other pop-up window or with that vanilla ice that you can already break? That's fine for me! Now let's get back to the net damage"</p> —
<p>My point is that as a Corp player the real challenge for me has been playing against Leela, where I really need an extra clic for scoring stuff unless is the endgame and everything is rezzed.</p> —
<p>Am I wrong? No, it's the playtesters who are out of touch. Really though, why not play with the card or watch some games with the card and see how it plays? From what I have seen it is a totally reasonable ability. I think just assuming that it is broken and that you're the only one who has caught it is silly.</p> —
<p>lol</p> —
<p>Oops.</p> —
<p>Who eshered you?</p> —
<p>The original playtest version was 'whenever an agenda is scored or stolen, do an Apocalypse', so just be thankful you still have all your ice!</p> —
<p>"log into an account I haven't accessed in years"</p> —
<p>"log into an account I haven't <strong>accessed</strong> in years" It's called breaching now btw.</p> —
<p>The second iteration of this was - whenever the corporation scores an agenda, add Tao to your score area as an agenda worth 7 points. It was ready to ship until someone picked up it might be egregious thank goodness; playtesters completely missed it could be a problem.</p> —
<p>They targeted ice.</p> —
<p>The targeted ice. Ice. A group of cards that are willing to sit in the same position for clicks, even turns on end, performing some of the hardest, most mentally demanding tasks. Over, and over, and over all for nothing more than their rez cost...</p> —
<p>First Tāo moved my ice, then...they moved my heart</p> —
<p>This id is evidence that NISEI is in the pocket of Big (Rig) Shaper.</p> —
<p>Thanks for all the replies, but please be careful as I'm not sure that the server can handle all 5 active Netrunner players commenting in the same day!</p> —
<p>As to who eshered me, the truth is that it was a man named Damon Stone. He broke down the defenses to my heart, and I never recovered. This has given me a lot to think about. Maybe I'm being too harsh on old Damon, after all he never designed Tao.</p> —
<p>“All 5 active players” especially true given that 2019 worlds was larger than any except FFG’s last worlds</p> —
<p>Thanks for this review; I needed salt for the barbecue sauce I’m making, and this more than covered me.</p> —
<p>First they came for my deluxe boxes and I did not speak up as I was sick of them. Then they came for my NPE ID's and I did not speak up because I did not play them. Then they came for the traces and I did not speak up because I did not care for the tracers. Then they came for my positional ice and there were no one to speak up for me.</p> —
<p>lol, hyperbole much, sasha</p> —
<p>someone got salty in their <em>ice</em>cream</p> —
<p>Delicious</p> —
<p>How do I unlike this.</p> —
<p>You cannot, Conduit23. No one can.</p> —

This Nisei-updated version of Hortum is beautiful--the language is clearer and the illustration is both arresting and in harmony with the card's theme (as an earlier reviewer pointed out, "hortum" is Latin for "garden." Nicely done! Thank you!

Biotic Labor, Install Advance Advance Advance, Score Project Vitruvius or Megaprix Qualifier, add Biotic back to HQ.

On paper, this is the scariest identity ever printed. You can always guarentee that you will have the fast advance solution. It's up to the Runner to go into HQ and try and Imp the solution or lock R&D down. There's of course the issue of money, but you're in HB. You've got a lot of money options in both Marilyn Campaign & the list of Clearances still in standard. Even if you're not going for fast-advance and prefer a more glacier style, you can simply bring back Border Control or other high-value cards that you want copies 4-6 of.

Be very afraid. There's a new train being built by HB, and it has no brakes.

This is crazy, but hard to use. Turning any agenda into Ronin is amazing. However, Mushin no Shin is leaving us, so unless, and possibly even if we get a replacement, the difficulty of setting up advance-Neurospike-Neurospike is significant. We require the credits to fire two Neurospikes and defend an advanced agenda. That's no small task.

So there are two ways to play this card. The more intuitive is to slowroll a 5/3, like Obokata Protocol, then cook it on 4 advancements. Then, murder the runner with both Neurospikes. You can defend Obo with the new Anoetic Void. A potential deck is 6x 3-pointer Restoring Humanity. You don't even require a 7th point: Just set up the combo and kill as the primary wincon.

The other possibility is to play PE. Since you get 1 damage off the score, double Neurospike off a 2-pointer is a total of 5 damage, which is a still a lot and should kill most of the time anyway.

Overall, even with the few reveals we've had so far at the time of writing this, Neurospike is looking to be pretty strong. The fact that even a deck that looks like its trying to score has a kill threat, that doesn't require a run, is a big deal.

<p>Saraswati can sort of work as a Mushin substitute here, though it requires you to use Show of Force or 4/3 agendas</p> —