Ok, I found a fun way to "break" this card. It works well with Bacterial Programming. You just draw all 7 cards and then fire Your Digital Life. Haven't found a good way to transition that into a win condition yet.


Punitive Counterstrike. They steal a 3-pointer, you use it to dig for your missing pieces. Click 1, gain a bunch of cash. Clicks 2-3, shoot them!

Nisei: okay, so we're banning Obokata Project, but we have an exciting new card which is bad at everything.

Deep down, you knew Jinteki wasn't coming back.

How bad is it?

FAR is vastly inferior to Obokata on defense. 2-3 net damage is not remotely enough value to justify losing a 3 point agenda, and unlike Obokata it doesn't charge ANY net damage on the game-winning steal. (Obokata's net damage come as an additional cost to steal, so if the runner doesn't have 4 cards available, a steal is not possible. With FAR, the runner steals FAR and wins the game before the net damage are assessed, so you don't need 4 cards to steal the game winner).

One plus, I guess, is that the 2 net damage is not optional, so it might be useful for creating more lethal scenarios. For example, an early/mid game Fujii access is more likely to open up a lethal Punitive Countermeasures window than an Obokata access would. Or some combination of mid-run damage like Anemone or Hokusai Grid could bring down a runner's hand size low enough that the runner has to choose between jacking out now or accessing an agenda which can cause 2-3 damage involuntarily. These are very small benefits in exchange for "if they access this card when they have 4+ agenda points, they instantly win regardless of how many cards they have in hand", though.

FAR is not much better on offense. 2 net damage is not remotely enough value to consider attempting to score a 5/3 offensively, and Jinteki doesn't have the ice, economy, or other support to reliably build around scoring a 5/3 which doesn't actually defend itself. It probably doesn't have the leeway to start adding in Neurospikes on 5/3s which can't actually defend themselves and which generally don't want to be scored outside of game-winning damage maneuvers. Even if an offensive 5/3 WERE viable, which AFAIK might be a first (or a second) in Netrunner history, I think this would be a net loss on interesting gameplay. Would you actually want to play a Netrunner where something like Reeducation/Neurospike is widely viable?

If you're into Jinteki as something which actually exists in reality, losing the best agenda your faction's ever had to make room for Fujii is a huge step down. For everyone else, you'll love Fujii.

"Even if an offensive 5/3 WERE viable, which AFAIK might be a first in Netrunner history..." Or the second after SDS Drone Deployment, which hits much harder when scored than when stolen.

Once again, the org is called Null Signal

Also Nisei: why are you not on track of the exciting changes we've made to our organizational branding over the last year?


I would just like to add that this card is known to be a good mid to late game option (shoutout to Andrej). Especially when paired with DJ Fenris

You start with something like Hoshiko or Adam and when you need your Inside Job or any other run event you can get it back for the win. Just slap DJ Fenris on the table and go down to recursion town.

Edit: easterncalculus noticed I mentioned another criminal ID when using Fenris. I somehow skipped that.

Just as a heads up, you can't use DJ Fenris for Steve's ability if you're playing Sable - it has to be a different faction.


Big thanks to the NSG team for updating this page with clear Judge rulings. Apologies for any confusion that I might have caused.

(NRDB feature request to be able to delete reviews that are no longer relevant)


This is incorrect.

You must rez it if it has no additional costs and you can afford to. Otherwise you may decline additional costs, and won't rez if you cannot afford to. You must reveal if you don't rez.

Also more importantly it's ice, not ICE.

This travelling grand-dad is an excellent economy card. This upgrade is particularly excellent in glacier deck, since you can more easily trigger it multiple time in a turn. But it is just as good in other decks, because it can travel to a different server once the ice there as been rezzed.

Two cards synergize especially well with Vovô Ozetti :

  • Jinja City Grid, which allow the corp to build a huge remote. Getting a 2 rebate on each ice in a 4 ices deep remote (or central) is plain amazing.
  • Tatu-Bola, because you can rez it for free and exchange it with another ice to gain 4 in total. Rinse and repeat for profit.

Because it is an unique card, I should be slotted as 1x or 2x in a deck. At the minimum, you will save 1, usually 3 and often 5 over the course of the game. If you get more than that, this would make it one of the best economy card in your deck.

But once you are at Threat 4 (very late in the game), Vovô Ozetti becomes even better, by saving money on asset. At which point, it would pair well with Bass CH1R180G4 or Regolith Mining License, which is a nice added bonus.

The art is well made and gives the correct impression of the name and effect of the card (someone taking card of things). It is sad that the excellent quote indicated by Anzekay did not have the space needed for it, it would have made the card perfect. Nonetheless, it is well done.