This card can get more mileage if you use Rebranding Team in your agenda suite. But paying 1 per advertisement that you bring back makes this kind of expensive.

Of course, it would be even more expensive for the runner to trash all those assets (and ices). See this review for the list of cards (in Q2 2023) that could be brought back by Ad Blitz. Of those cards, here are the one that would actually help you get back credits pretty fast while costing more for the runner than for the corp : Tiered Subscription, Launch Campaign, Marilyn Campaign (which then get shuffled back), Special Offer. Those will ensure that you are ahead of the runner in term of credits.

But this will usually just prolong the game. It can still be a nice panic button, but if you can pay 5 to 8, you were probably not in such a panic.

But there is a twist! We now have Extract and Svyatogor Excavator in the meta. Those pairs really well with bringing back lots of small assets that you can trash. At one influence, Svyatogor Excavator can be imported in NBN to get more credits faster, or just to feed it assets like Launch Campaign and Marilyn Campaign when they are on their last credits, thus gaining a credit more than what it would have brought.

Finally, at one influence, Ad Blitz could be imported anywhere (except Jinteki, which has few advertisement). It could be used by Ob Superheavy Logistics to bring back assets that it can trash and trigger its ability. It is a janky possibility, if you are into making funky decks.

While the art portray a future city with flying cars, it fail to makes feel like the effect of the card (or its name). Only the name of the card clue us on its effect. A quote would have been easy to fit. A little more efforts would have been better.


Ages ago, this card was banned.

Nowaday (in Q2 2023 meta), here are the cards agenda that could do something that could make a difference (considering you are forfeiting an agenda).

Truly, this card need to stay banned.

Fine art, fine quote, powerful card.


This is the most played sentry in the NBN card pool. Cheap to rez and it always tax the runner, even if the runner goes tag me. You never go wrong when taking this ice.

If the corp play for tag or economy denial, this ice is great. For a lot of runner, it is cheaper to take the tag than to install a breaker and pay to break this ice.

Good graphic, good quote, good ice, good job.


As of Q2 2023, nobody use this ice anymore (or has used this ice for the past 2 years at least). Is it as it should be?

TL;DR aim to tax the runner. At 1 to rez, you always rez it. But ice placement matter. So, if you plan to have this ice in your deck, then you should try to get ices with 2 or more subs for the other ices that you have. There are many ices like this in NBN (and out of NBN), Two ices stands out in NBN to complement this ice : Unsmiling Tsarevna and Endless EULA. When placed in front of those ices, the runner will always break TL;DR because the next ice will cost too much otherwise.

Sadly, TL;DR does nothing by itself. So unless you are going for 15+ ices, you should not use this ice. Also, TL;DR lend itself better for the glacier strategy, where having taxing ices with a low rez cost makes a difference. Finally, since this ice is related to its placement on the board, it is weak to effect such as Inversificator and Tāo Salonga: Telepresence Magician. Once placed as an innermost ice, it does litterally nothing. Maybe Thimblerig can help here.

While the art is nice, it does not gives the feeling of "too long, didn't read". Which is a missed opportunity, because the quote is one of the best in the game. I give it a passing grade.


When Ob Superheavy Logistics came to the meta, Special Offer started to see play again. Before, it is exactly like @Hayati said in the review, it was mainly used in Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach and sometime elsewhere (by janky players).

In faction, it is a Hedge Fund that hide as an ice. Making it a deterrent in the early game. Because of its function, it is a good way to create an unexpected credit differential, but that seldom change the maths, except when placed in front of an ice and the runner expect you to NOT be able to rez the next ice. Still, bluffing is part of the game and this ice helps with that.

But in Ob Superheavy Logistics, it shine. With or without tutoring, it will trash itself, give 5 AND fetch a 0 cost card (like Spin Doctor or Prisec). This makes this ice very valuable for Ob Superheavy Logistics.

Fun art and fun quote for this fun ice.