The new Architect? Yes or No?


  • 1 credit cheaper so you can rez it for 3
  • You can get back any card from Archives, Hedge Fund anyone?
  • You can get 2 cards out of Archives
  • It's not that good in Assett spam decks


  • Trashable! This is a huge thing! Against Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist I loved to have 2 ICE with the outermost being Architect so both ICE where protected against Hippo.
  • You can't install 2 cards
  • You can't peek into R&D
  • The art is worse ;-) especially compared to the full bleed Architect but I like it!

I think this is a Sentry to go for HB, the face check is punishing from the early game, sometimes from Turn 1. It's cheap for a Sentry and usually gives you forward tempo, by installing a Rashida Jaheem again, a trashed ICE or defensive Upgrade like Ash 2X3ZB9CY.
I have mixed feelings about it compared to Architect. The fact that it costs 1 less is something, that it let's you get back a card to hand is huge, especially in these Fully Operational HB lists, but it's also nice to use it again for even a Hedge Fund as it pays back itself this way.
It's worse in asset decks, as it only gives you 1 install

<p>Very much agree with the con of it being trashable. The replacement architect we needed was not another recursion piece for HB, but another untrashable ICE (which there are NONE now in the game to my knowledge). Still good ICE for the price, though.</p> —
<p>I think it's not part of the review, but I think with <a href="/en/card/26123">Akhet</a> and <a href="/en/card/26058">Afshar</a> are at least more ICE that you can't <a href="/en/card/21103">Hippo</a> (Akhet with Advancements). But it still don't help you against apoc , which was one of the strong aspects of <a href="/en/card/06061">Architect</a>.</p> —

Chisel just got a whole lot better with the addition of Devil Charm in Uprising. No more waiting around for counters to built up! -6 strength deals with most ICE and with Simulchip you can recur your Chisel as well. Thankfully Devil Charm can't be recurred. The question of the corp purging virus counters as a counterplay comes up very rarely in my experience, as you want to get the ICE destroyed as soon as you lay down the chisel (using multiple runs, if necessary).

This card also confirms that much of the design space NISEI explores in Ashes is driven by a form of nostalgia. We know that Parasite was broken, but what if it wasn't? Only time will tell. For my part i was happy with Hippo and thought the archetype got enough support already.

Oh, mighty Oduduwa your time may have finally come! From a card that you maybe think of once in a while and how cool it would be to put one in your decks and surprise your friends when you rezz it to a serious threat. What do i mean by this?

With the release of Uprising the prospects of advancable ICE are looking really good. With the combination of Wall-to-wall and Cayambe grid there is finally an effective way to charge up this ICE before the runner encounters it. Because lets face it: If the runner knows where Oduduwa is located they will be very selective with their runs and avoid this ICE whenever possible. This made sure that there were never enough advancement tokens on it to justify its inclusion. Now you cand effectively load it up with tokens, all with infaction cards.

Gone are the days of jank players trying to import this ICE in Tennin. I think Oduduwa deserves a second look.

Project Vacheron provides an interesting perspective on the topic of risk managment with scoring windows. Not only do you have to consider now if the runner can steal this agenda but also how far ahead you are so that you might still win even if the runner has theoretically scored all points.

In Sportsmetal this Agenda might be worth the risk to install and feed the runner (drag them through an expensive server first, of course!) while secretly planning your next score from hand already. If they don't take the bait, even better, you just scored 3 points.

This puts an interesting timer on the corp and while it might not be the strongest agenda currently it is certainly fun to play! I think it will see play in agressive corp decks looking to score as fast as possible.

<p>Question, if the runner steals vacheron straight up, are they still vunerable to a puntive? or is the agenda being added to the score area similar to film critic which also says "add" the agenda to the score area.</p> —
<p>F.A.Q 1.3.22 "When an effect adds a card to a score area, this is distinct from scoring or stealing an agenda. "</p> —
<p>(I believe) the runner is still vulnerable to punitive if they steal this agenda straight up. Adding to the score area is distinct from stealing, but it is also a consequence of stealing. The runner is considered to have stolen the agenda, and during the steal, the add-to-score-area step of stealing the agenda is modified.</p> —

This is an exeptional powerful card, that will define Weyland meta for some time.

BlackCherries Review mentions some of the key points already, so i will add three additional synergies:

1) Wall-to-wall combined with this card can create a very powerful server. Getting two advancement tokens per turn is no joke and at the time of the Uprising release there are many excellent targets in Masvingo, Ice wall, Colossus, Hortum, etc. Combine this with the added cost of the newly released Earth Station ID for running your external server and you will make the runner think very hard about that run.

2) Building on the first point: Charge up your Oduduwa before the runner encounters it for the first time and watch the runners brain explode as you put a boatload of advancement tokens on another ICE. And it even ends the run! If you are running an advancable ICE package anyway you will have no trouble finding targets. I have encountered a colossus with double digit advancement tokens in our meta already.

3) Border Control. This one just hurts my soul... From my understanding you can end the run with Border Control even after the Runner has paid the Cayambe Grid Fee, making them run the server again, MAKING THEM PAY FOR CAYAMBE GRID AGAIN! (Bonus points for another Oduduwa encounter)

So all in all i think this grid supports the new Weyland ID really well and will strangely probably lead to more advancable ICE being played, something FFG has tried very hard to accomplish in the past. See you on the MWL!