TL;DR: A card for the combo decks.

For its effect, you paid 1 credit and the opportunity cost of 1 card. This is not good if your goal is just to shuffle agendas back into the deck. For that you have Attitude Adjustment or Drudge Work which both is at least not a net negative.

Decks that want this card specifically wants:

  1. To assemble combo pieces that are 2x or 3x in the deck, but only really needs one of them. The other copies in hand, in addition with agendas and other unused cards can be shuffled in exchange for a new draw.
  2. To ditch situational cards that does not fit the situation for more draw (where it would be discarded otherwise). (additional Subliminal Messaging, tag punishments)

Works well with cards that give handsize bursts. Rashida Jaheem, Subliminal Messaging, Lily Lockwell

<p>It would go well with most combo deck, like fast advance decks (<a href="/en/card/21020">Reconstruction Contract</a>, <a href="/en/card/25080">Biotic Labor</a>, <a href="/en/card/12058">Audacity</a>) and kill decks (<a href="/en/card/25138">Punitive Counterstrike</a>, <a href="/en/card/11058">BOOM!</a>) or tag punishment decks, to name a few. It is like a better version of Moshing.</p> —
<p>Or Jinja, since you can get your ICE back into RnD where you can draw them and install for free and at the same time trigger maybe 3-5 extra draws.</p> —

By now, Ankusa now has support in terms of:

  1. Money-fight: Data Folding, Rezeki, Dedicated Processor.
  2. Pelangi as a Paintbrush that doesn't need facechecking.
  3. Derez-support that further strains the corp: Hernando Cortez, Xanadu, DJ Fenris (Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter), Network Exchange.

Which means that Ankusa will start a money-fight that the runner will eventually win 99% of the time.

<p>The runner will most of the times win the long game. Ankusa's main problem is the tempo hit that let's the corp win before you're getting there. Comboing it with Dedicated Processor and Pelangi doesn't exactly make it faster. But yes, in the long run, this is the ultimate denying tool that completely devalues ICE as a card type. In the very, very long run.</p> —

If you can swing the Influence, this is one of the best direct replacement cards in Netrunner, as it's so drastically superior to Pop-up Window. The number of early scores I could get out in an HB or NBN deck from having a hard ETR gear check is crazy. Really cool card, not overpowered, not crazy, but just good enough to get excited about if you were running Pop-up before.

<p>Usually I prefer vainila or ice wall for gearcheck, but this, as you say has the advantage of being profitable in the long run.</p> —
<p>This fills a different role than Pop-up and is not a replacement. Both are fine, but each their own way.</p> —

I was trying to build a deck with her and just looking at the programs list and I came across some cards that seem interesting with her that I think nobody has mentioned so far.

Kyuban might be fine to search and let get RFGd if you are about to do multiple runs on R&D in the same turn (Indexing + going back in for the agendas, perhaps). That could reimburse a fair bit of money for the one turn you need it. Can potentially get two of them, then Indexing, then run and get 1 agenda out of the top 5. That would be worth $8 for two clicks, or $4 per click.

Somebody commented on a Kabonesa Wu deck that they have done a 3x Nyashia drop and then ran at R&D for a +9 dig for $3. Can potentially combine this with previously mentioned Indexing and Kyuban profitably.

I mentioned in the Flame-out card that using Kabonesa to drop Misdirection on it is a good play. Misdirection is still a good card for her even if she is just pulling it out for one turn to clear HHN tags and then letting it get RFGd.

Hyperdriver is a good search early game for sure. Honestly, this seems totally busted to me. I could totally see myself searching it on turns 1, 2, and 3 every game, using free clicks to search for yet more hyperdrivers. Now that I figured out this is legal, I feel like I have to find a way to take out 3 cards and put in 3 of these in my Kabonesa Wu deck. For some reason, I thought this was banned until I just tried to add it to a deck on JNet. It's not.

<p>Any programs used on <a href="/en/card/21109">Flame-out</a> can be trashed before getting RFGd. It's the idea behind the deck by @Xandorius - <a href="/en/decklist/62740/fire-sale-wu-2-0-a-flaming-star">Fire Sale Wu 2.0 : A Flaming Star</a></p> —
<p><a href="/en/card/08070">Hyperdriver</a> will have to stay on board for another turn, which you cannot do with <a href="/en/card/21025">Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker</a> without additional support like <a href="/en/card/03046">Self-modifying Code</a>, <a href="/en/card/26029">Rejig</a>, <a href="/en/card/26085">Simulchip</a>.</p> —
<p>3x Nyashia is not +9 accesses since you can't use more than 1 token per run.</p> —

I think time has been very favorable to this card and it deserves another look in 2021.

The same old benefits still apply. It's 5 for 2 MUs, which isn't great but it also comes with recurring credits which help make up for that expensive cost.

The old review compared this to Desperado, which is probably the better console. Desperado has rotated out, however. Now a fair comparison would be against Paragon, Desperado's replacement.

Paragon is a fair bit nerfed compared to Desperado, IMHO, so I would say this comparison only gets more favorable for Maui.

Recurring credits are worth a lot if you can maximize them and seeing how this is a Criminal console there is a lot of in faction synergy with it. Pheromones does a similar thing while using up an MU. MUs are pretty hard to come by in Criminal, so being able to save 1 from moving your program onto your Console AND to have another one built into the Console is a pretty good deal. That gives you effectively 2 more MUs to work with. Pheromones is also rotated out, so there is that, too.

A particularly good feature of this card is that if the corp is trying to counter your HQ attacks, they generally do it by playing ICE. This console has a built in way to punish that, by giving you more credits every turn.

Also, as a side note, I think HQ is under appreciated as server for one to attack.

With a remote, you often kinda have a good idea if your run is going to hit an agenda or not. With R&D, you know you are seeing new cards. If there is an agenda on top of the deck, you are pretty much guaranteed to get it from an R&D run.

HQ is different because they could have 4 out of 5 cards in hand be agendas and you could still fail to hit one. The more random nature of attacking HQ causes people to focus on it less, I think. More often than not in my games, HQ is the least ICEd server between R&D, HQ, and the scoring remote.

That potentially leaves more space for HQ attacking decks and potentially improves the effectiveness overall of this console.

Lastly, under another review, someone responded that Desperado has an advantage because it helps against asset spam. As of the time I write this, Miss Bones is legal and is a much more powerful counter to asset spam than what Desperado was doing in that regard. It is also in faction for Criminals. That means there is less need to rely on the 1 per run from the console as a counter to asset spam. Anyone worried about asset spam should probably be playing Miss Bones and freeing up their console slot for something else instead.

<p>@Raiddinn I would be interested to know how you rate Māui compared to</p> —
<p>(continued) @Raiddinn I would be interested to know how you rate Māui compared to <a href="/en/card/11063">The Gauntlet</a>. I feel the added access punish the corp more if they rez ices on HQ. Also, the recurring creds can be used once per turn. It does "reimburse" itself, so it is more economical. In an As deck, using HQ Interface, it would have even greater value</p> —
<p>A big advantage of this over <a href="/en/card/11063">The Gauntlet</a> is that it synergises with <a href="/en/card/21105">Diversion of Funds</a>, <a href="/en/card/21084">Embezzle</a> and the like. I think the problem with both Console is that they cost 5&lt;span class="icon icon-credit"&gt;&lt;/span&gt;, which is pretty prohibitive in an already cash-strapped faction. Sure Māui will pay that back eventually, but far too slowly when you compare it to Paragon. I don't really think Miss Bones is a good argument against the run-for cash consoles as asset spam support, because why not both?</p> —
<p>I don´t think that Criminals lack cash. Not only they can use neutral <a href="/en/card/25060">Dirty Laundry</a>s and <a href="/en/card/25059">Sure Gamble</a>s, but they also can include <a href="/en/card/25023">Easy Mark</a>s and <a href="/en/card/26074">Bravado</a>s.</p> —
<p>(Markdown stopped working so I pre-posted the comment and continued with a new comment) Combine with <a href="/en/card/26094">Daily Casts</a> and the often forgotten <a href="/en/card/25038">Bank Job</a> and you really will not lack money, although <a href="/en/card/25032">Paragon</a> would also be good. Also, Criminals often lack MU, so <a href="/en/card/12063">Maui</a> can fix that.</p> —