A fun, interactive and strong card overall.

But have you ever stopped to consider the flavour and card mechanics together..?


“I’m sorry, sir, we weren’t expecting you! As our regular security protocol goes, can you answer what the capital purchases in Sector B-007 are for?”

“Uh, a new asset, obviously.”

“…Sounds good to me. You’re cleared for authorization to the purchasing card. Oh and by the way, it was our NGO Front in Sector B-007 but you obviously knew that, right sir?”

“Sure, of course. Oh and don’t mind if you see some casino expenses pop up on the purchasing card, thanks.”

"Sir! You are a trespasser and I ask you to leave or I will have to call the security." "Ok, but what was in Sector B-007?" "Oh, that was just our main office for a Government Takeover." "Ha, that was unlucky of me. Thank you and have a good day." —
Extra funny given that 419 is trying to pass off as HB's Thomas Haas lol —
'Hi!' 'Ho, it's you again. So what are the capital purchases in Sector B-007 for?' 'Why, this is an agenda.' 'Correct. Here is your purchasing card.' —

When you think of Weyland 4/2’s, not many pop into mind – Oaktown Renovation probably sees the most play (unless you’re a firm believer in the conspiracy theory that says Corporate Sales Team was printed without its green colour). However, Armed Intimidation should be right up there in contention with Oaktown as the de facto Weyland 4/2 given the release of Scorched Redux. With it in hand, and the runner on 3 or less cards, this becomes a 5/2 that says “win the game”.

Of course, it’ll never be that easy as it’s not an agenda counter – it has to be triggered the moment it’s scored. In addition, it’s not self-defending and its ability can be countered by damage prevention or tag avoidance. In fact, it’s as if the agenda was built to be hard countered by On the Lam, which still sees some play in the current meta.

Despite this, don’t be afraid to just slam an Arm. In. anyways even if you don’t have the combo tools ready to go or the runner is being cautious of hand size. The ability is still a significant tempo loss for the runner, especially in the early game before they’re set up. For those not running tag punishment, you may not see the full value of this card. However, given that decks like rush Argus (ala Lobstermodernism) are quite prevalent and are doing well, this card deserves a good look.

When scoops first came out for this card, it got a lot of hype as being the “Corp Siphon” (although let’s all admit we were a bit delusional given that Son of Siphon was spoiled at the same time). Since then, the card has been discarded as mere binder fodder. Let’s take a look whether or not it’s worth playing.

Current tagging win conditions include Exchange of Information which causes huge point swings, High-Profile Target which puts fear into runners’ hearts, and Psychographics (+ Beale). Other traditional tag punishment includes Closed Accounts and Self-Growth Program which see some play but don’t quite win games alone like the prior 3 cards mentioned. One possible reason they still see play is that they don’t require scaling – they work even at one tag which means it only takes one mistake from the runner to end up with a tempo loss. Market Forces, on the other hand, requires quite a few mistakes to be worth its slot.

First, the runner would have to take several tags. Let’s be very conservative and say 2 is justifiable. Easy enough, tagstorm or a Hard-Hitting News can do the trick.

Second, the runner must not have the money to clear the tags or chooses not to. But wait, the runner does need enough money that we can actually siphon them, right? So they need to go tag-me.

Lastly, the runner has to maintain a sizable credit balance AND the corp requires a need for the siphoned credits.

With so many caveats to getting the full value from this card, it’s hard to justify its presence in any tagging deck. My own personal experience with the card in a tagstorm SYNC deck is having to wait and wait and wait until the right moment when the card finally becomes “worth it”. Unfortunately, by the time that does happen, either I’ve won the game from PsychoBeale/HPT or my opponent’s odds of winning are already zero. All in all, I like the card, I just wish it didn’t require scaling.

While I believe you are right and this card is hard to justify including, using this when the runner has only one tag would be worth the click. That's a six credit swing! —

When you think of sentries, especially high-investment ones, you think of monstrous pieces of ICE that could end games alone given the right situation. Each faction has or has had a sentry that is to be feared given the corp has enough credits to rez it: Archer, Janus 1.0, and especially the new Anansi. However, NBN has only had...Flare? Thoth? Both of which are only good if the trace is successful which means they can be 1) paid through or 2) broken with high-link.

Enter Hydra.

While the beast doesn’t end games alone, with the right support, it can be absolutely devastating. If all of Hydra’s subs fire (with the help of cards like Data Raven, Bandwidth, Eavesdrop, or the new Acme Consulting ID) you can guarantee Snare! on a stick. Unlike the ambush though, you’re paying a net of 1 credit more for an ETR sub.

Let’s say the runner does have their killer out though, is that 10 credit investment worth it?

Mongoose will need 7 credits to break 2 subs and 8 to break all subs

Na'Not'K (assuming an average 2/3 ICE remote) will need 9/6 credits respectively

MKUltra will need 9 credits to break 2 subs and 12 to break all subs

• Freshly printed Ika will need 8 credits pre-hosting or 6 credits otherwise

With almost every common killer requiring a minimum of 6 credits, Hydra is excellent as a big, taxing ICE and can really be considered as an alternative in decks that would normally run Tollbooth, Data Ward, etc. It also raises a big middle finger to Hunting Grounds which has generally been the bane of so many amazing NBN ICE like the two just mentioned.

However, every NBN player should ask themselves two questions before including Hydra in their deck:

1) Am I regularly able to afford the 10 credit rez cost? You’ll still need to pay the initial 10 even if you might get refunded.

2) Is a high-cost sentry, whose only punishment against runners being a tag and an unsuccessful run, worth it to my gameplan?

If you answered Yes to both questions, consider a x1 or x2 Hydra in your deck and drink up on those delicious runner tears.

I can't think of a NBN deck that would run this over Tollbooth. Maybe a kill oriented Azmari? —
That being said,I do have a soft spot for huge, threatening ice. And Hydra def fits the bill. —

Now that the dust has settled from this card’s previous (and only) review, I’d like to give Rashida a less emotionally-charged one. So let’s get this out of the way now then: This card is strong, way above the power curve and arguably a lot more flexible than the now-banned Violet Level Clearance. It’s also neutral and costs no influence so if you ever saw VLC out-of-faction before, prepare to see Rashida in those same decks. I’m going to discuss this in a non-CI viewpoint as I feel like Rashida and VLC are at a way different power level in that ID.

What makes Rashida more flexible? VLC’s main downside (besides its trash cost) was it that forced you to draw 4 on the last click of your turn. If you weren’t CI or didn’t have a Jinja City Grid or a Political Dealings or any other scheme up your sleeve, you were most likely over your hand size while ending your turn. Even if you weren’t, you had to wait out the runner’s turn to play with your shiny new cards. Rashida instead turns VLC from a Terminal to a Priority transaction – the Corp has their full 3 clicks to play some of the 4 cards they’ve just drawn. As a result, the Corp will rarely have to discard unless they triggered this on a turn where they started with a ton of cards.

Despite this, I’d still conclude that Rashida is not as ubiquitous as Hedge Fund or even NGO Front and that’s because it’s not a "lose-less" card. A sudden burst of 4 more credits in a click? Great. 8 credits payout from a 2 credit/3-click investment + the runner has to get through your scoring server. Not bad at all. Both of the aforementioned cards can help you come back from a deficit, even if you’re agenda-flooded. Rashida? Not so much. She’s not a great enabler for a Preemptive Action like VLC was and if she’s trashed, your agendas are stuck. I’ve played enough times with Rashida to try and get a solution for my agenda flood only to get 2 more agendas from her.

Know when to play Rashida and she'll get the job done – misplay and you might just find yourself in a worse situation than before.

I don't know if I agree with this review. Ngo Front is def better from going back up from being very low on credits, but it requires a full turn's investement and if it gets hit by Interdiction of Drive by, you just wasted 3 clicks and 2 credits. Hedge Fund requires you to be at 5 credits and doesnt draw you cards. —
Rashida is essentially huge tempo for the corp. Even if the corp is at 0 credits, they immediately go back up to 3 and have 3 new cards to help further their plan. And that is worst case. 6 clicks worth of credits for 1 install is absolutely bonkers. Unless you are incredibly poor and have porous servers, there is no bad time to play Rashida. —