An ice that help to advance cards out of turn. Tell me more!

The encounter effect of this card can combo well with Weyland advanceable ices like Akhet and traps like Cerebral Overwriter and Urtica Cipher.

If used to protect assets, it incentize run, making it a kind of fast advance tools, for any agenda located in your super protected scoring remote.

In faction, it pairs well with Chekist Scion, even better if your ID is Pravdivost Consulting: Political Solutions.

At 2 and 2 influence, it can be splashed in any faction. Jinteki and Weyland are the one that would benefit the most from it.

The subroutine is not great, but a tag is a tag.

On top of being a fun ice, the art is well drawn and the quote goes well with the art. Now, if I could understand what Vasilia as to do with advancing stuff and giving a tag, it would be nice.


The power of this asset is amazing. Probably the most powerful NBN asset.

In NBN: Reality Plus, it is just phenomenal, because you gain back the credit you put for advancing it, while still having a click to use cards like The All-Seeing I or Backroom Machinations.

This combo well with BOOM!, since it does not require an inteaction with the runner.

It makes any tag punishment card much more playable. Rig shooting, with Retribution, become much more easy to pull off. Even Market Forces becomes a viable tag punishment.

Of course, there are cards to help protect against it, No Free Lunch, No One Home and On the Lam can directly protect from the out of turn tag. And Pinhole Threading can help the runner get to it more easily. But all those tech are in the Criminal faction.

The power of the card comes from the fact that it require no interaction with the corp. Like Clearinghouse, it incentize runner to go and check the remote, unless they be faced with a card that can cause them a lot of grief. In this aspect, it is a great card for the game.

If the corp is playing any tag punishment cards, it should probably have Drago Ivanov.

The art is a bit strange, but still evocative. The quote is the best and goes very well with what the card does. Drago would like a word with you, tag! Haha!


This ice will be a favorite for the grinder archetype (usually with Jinteki: Personal Evolution).

Unlike Chrysalis, it is not an ambush. BUT, it nearly always work! Giving 2 net damage will make any runners jack-out, if they did not have a full hand. It will also protect the corp from getting its Obokata Protocol stole (usually).

While it cost a bit more than Mganga (on same cost, if you bidded 2), it will do its damage, because it is a rez effect that cannot be avoided by breaking the ice with an AI breaker or by bypassing the ice.

Out of faction, it can cause a surprise kill (unlikely). At 2 influence, it will pull its weight in a grinder ID like Weyland Consortium: Builder of Nations.

A good ice in faction, because of Obokata Protocol.

The art is well done, but rather tame, for what the ice does. The quote, however, is amazing.

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If you play with Jinteki: Personal Evolution, you might know the much regretted Neural EMP, the scourge and cause for so many flatlines.

In PE, this agenda will allow you to possibly kill from hand. Here is an example : take out those 2 cards with something (like Clearinghouse or Sting!) and then score this from hand with one click (no cards in hand mean it cost 0 to score), which would give a net damage, flatlining the runner.

But even out of Jinteki: Personal Evolution, this is a great card. It pairs well with Anemone and Snare!, by reducing the runners hand, making it possible for you to score a 2 points agenda from hand.

This agenda will becomes a popular agenda in Jinteki, for any ID, since it synergize so well with what the faction does best : damage the runner.

The art is well made and bring to mind exactly the name and what the agenda does. The quote is nice (and true) and has a dark and grim tone, which promote the art even more. Phenomenal.


This card is the dream come true. With nothing on the board, a corp can fast advance a 3 points agenda!

But it cost 17, meaning scoring a 3 points agenda would cost you 18. Which is 1 more if you had to pay 5 to advance, and use 3 Biotic Labor to score out from hand, but without the need to be a 3 cards combo.

Here is a possible strategy :In faction, you can use all your influence to get all the transactions and get rich, while Jinja City Grid will put ices on your centrals for free (that is but one strategy). Then, you finish scoring your last point, from hand, using Élivágar Bifurcation. Kind of cool.

But that is not the only fun part. In Jinteki, there is a fun combo to be done. Trash an agenda (ideally Obokata Protocol) in the previous, then score Regenesis with Big Deal on the second turn. Since Big Deal state that it is removed from the game, it is not trashed and Regenesis can trigger, thus scoring you an additionnal agenda, potentially getting you 4 points!

You can also just keep one or two in the deck for when you are rich but cannot score behind ice anymore.

An amazing card, fairly priced and nicely balanced.

The art is fun, probably related to the champion that helped create this card. I wonder who those two are supposed to be?