Thimblerigs "weird ability" is actually quite something, if you think about it more carefully! Even with one piece of this ICE rezzed, you can start swapping it around to bring your other ICE in better positions. A common situation for the corp is that their taxing or positional ICE (DNA Tracker, Data Raven, Inazuma (anyone?!) [...]) is before their ICE, that's purpose is to stop the runner (Data Ward, Kakugo, Tollbooth, Fairchild 3.0, [...]).

Now in order to position your ICE correctly you can only transpose two pieces of ICE if you include Thimblerig, i.e. for two pieces of ICE (independent of Thimblerig) it normally takes you three transpositions and so on. It seems slightly slow, but Thimblerig itself has End the run, which pairs nicely with bringing taxing ICE in position. Also two pieces of Thimblerig accelerate the process quickly (you can do the math).

What else to say? It should be mentioned that Runners who play a decoder, with which breaking a subroutine costs more than 1 (especially you Black Orchestra!) can get pretty mad at this card. Especially if the Corp force a "Reversed-Surfer" style slide letting the Runner encounter Thimblerig again and again.

Give it a shot, it is a great piece ICE and makes glacier style decks much more flexible and thanks to its low influence it is easy to splash!


With Prepaid VoicePAD gone, this card still isn't great. It's only really viable in run-event heavy decks (i.e. Ken decks).

However, now that Account Siphon costs 1, I have found myself occasionally filling the last one of two slots in a deck with this card (after including Bankroll and often Paragon of course)


For a very low cost, this card turns any ice you want in a poor man's Data Raven. Install it somewhere you expect the runner to run often, and it becomes a nuisance as the runner has to pay every time to win the trace (as it isn't a breakable sub), or just accept the tag.

Really good in any tag-punishment deck, especially SYNC and Making News. Argus also likes this card, although they already spend a ton of influence on NBN cards so I don't know whether they can free up any more. High link runners and Jesminder laugh at this though. Not sure on the wording, but I assume Hunting Grounds also counters this. Either way, kind of extra but a solid card regardless.

Install in Thimblerig for maximum TraceFun(TM). —

Oh my stars, what is this? BABW support, in 2018?? Magnificent.

On the surface, this ice is just another barrier that becomes near unplayable by the existence of Paperclip. 7 to rez, 3 to break, is just pathetic. However, this card's strength is in its late game potential. There are a ton of transactions, and many of them are widely played and powerful. Hedge Fund, IPO, Green Level Clearance, Ultraviolet Clearance.... They all contribute to making Blockchain a potential monster. If you have 6 transactions in archives, this card will have 5 subroutines. At 10, you go up 7, and this card becomes more expensive to break than Endless EULA. If only there was an ID that wanted to play a ton of those operations...

Funnily enough this ice has some anti-synergy with Bryan Stinson, as removing a transaction from archives will make it weaker. But as you will have an absurd amount of money at that point, that is probably not something you should be bothered by. Also loses some bite when you shuffle back money cards with Preemptive Action and similar cards. All in all, a situational ice that starts out weak, but is potentially really solid.

Sunny's breaker gets through it for 4 credits at any time though, so watch out for mommy. Also Laamb.

Chief Slee approved —
Is this most likely a win-more card? —
Probably, yeah. A pretty decent one, but win-more seems right. —

Are you angry that your favorite movie did not receive the critical acclaim it obviously deserved? Throw that Critic under a bus and see who gets the last laugh! Also works wonders against nosy reporters, well connected entertainers, shady figures and... some guy with a briefcase. Endless possibilities. Even more hilarious in The Outfit. Homicide is obviously profitable if you are the mafia.