Brainteki has it right. But since it has been 5 years, let's revisit this a bit.

Project Junebug is the trap to which all other trap are compared. At one influence, it can be used in any deck where you need a good trap.

A big advantage of Project Junebug is that, when you'll use it, which is usually Install-Advance-Advance, it look just like a NGO Front or a future 3 points agenda. The runner has to choose to take the risk of : 1-making a run for nothing, 2-making a run and losing 4 cards, possibly getting flatline, 3-no making the run and letting the corp score a 3 points agenda, 4-making the run an scoring the agenda (but not in this case). When the corp is on game point, it is a really tough choice.

On top of this, this trap (like Cerebral Overwriter and Aggressive Secretary) can be used with Mushin No Shin to great effect. Using a Mushin No Shin on this give the runner an even tougher choice. 6 cards is a lot. 3 points is a lot.

But what if the runner does not run and then you have an advanced trap sitting on the board for nothing? Enter the other one influence card : Back Channel. This will let you "score" Project Junebug tokens for 3 credits per token. Advance Project Junebug to 5 or 6 tokens and the runner will start to think it might be a False Flag (3 agenda points for 7 advances, 1 tag per 2 advance). If the runner run it, this can deal 10 or 12 net damage, insuring a flatline. Otherwise, this could net you 12 creds in 2 turns, or even more if you used Mushin No Shin. Pretty neat.

Using Back Channel, Project Junebug can also be combined with La Costa Grid, to let it self advance to get those sweet 3 credits without even paying for advance or using clicks (don't push it too far, the runner will find other ways).

Finally, you can combine Project Junebug with Upgrade traps, like Hokusai Grid and Prisec, to get an even greater effect.

Of course, there are cards to protect the runner : No One Home. On The Lam, The Noble Path, Recon Drone, Ramujan, Heartbeat, Deus X, Caldera, Guru Davinder, Sacrificial Clone, Bio-Modeled Network. The problem of those card is always the same, it target corp that does damage. So they can also be dead cards.

Comparable to Project Junebug (in faction) are Snare!, Psychic Field, Shi.Kyu and Gene Splicer. Snare trigger from R&D. Shi.Kyu trigger also from Archive (but not R&D), Psychic Field will take ALL the card of the runner, but not flatline. And Gene Splicer does half the damage but will grant an agenda point (often the 7th agenda point).

If you want to play the shell and bluff game, Project Junebug is damn good. Shell game is its own kind of thing in Netrunner. A special kind of fun, where you dare the runner to make runs.


The previous review are correct. But I will add other thought about this card.

First, it is a 2/3 agenda. Just this make it an excellent for any deck, especially rush deck. Here Medical Breakthrough is good. So is Project Yagi-Uda.

Second, it combine goes well with corp who plan with mostly one pointers and two pointers agendas. Creating the condition to damage significantly the runner.

Third, it combine even better with negative agenda points : Shi.Kyu, Hangeki, News Team, Meridian. If the corp incorporate those, it is possible to have 12 negative agenda in the corp deck (using 15 influences). The more negative and positive agendas the runner has, the more it is likely to flatline the runner by scoring Philotic Entanglement.

Fourth, it combine also with damaging agendas : Obotaka Protocol, Fetal AI, Sting!, House of Knives. All those will allow you to grind the cards of the runner quite a bit. Especially if you use Jinteki Personal Evolution.

It is such a fantastic agenda for Jinteki. If you are a reader of Ender's game (or have watched the movie), Philotic might tell you something. "Prepare the Ansible".


Fetal AI is part of the agenda suite, with Sting! and Obotaka Protocol, which allow Jinteki to flatline the runner. It self protect itself in 3 ways.

First, it cost 2 creds, if you do not have that, yo cannot steal it.

Second, it will give 2 net damage (+1 if stolen, if you are Jinteki Personal Evolution), setting the runner up for other damage (like from Ronin). It is unlikely to flatline the runner, but in case of multiaccess, if one of the other card is Snare!, it is possible to outright flatline the runner. This isi why Mwanza City Grid synergize well with this agenda.

Third, it is only 2 agenda points. It might cost the corp 5 advancements, it will always be a hefty price to pay for the runner.

In a trap and ambush heavy deck, it fit right in. It is also very good for grinding the runner out of card. Jinteki many ways to kill runner.

Aside from Mwanza City Grid, it synergize well with cards like Hokusai Grid, Prisec and Ben Musashi. Along this, the corp will look to use Sting!, Obotaka Protocol and House of Knives in its agenda suite.

To top it all, the art is spooky! What could be a quote to fit with it?

<p>A quote to fit with it? It has to be short to fit on a card with so much text, so how about 'Ouch!'?</p> —
<p>@Krams : I like cards to have a quote, it gives flavor to an otherwise mechanical text. Your suggestion really encapsulate what this does. The spooky version would be "I see you". The art of this card is among the most disturbing in Netrunner, it should have a fitting flavor.</p> —
<p>"Fetal AI cry is one of the worst sounds that anyone can think of."</p> —

This card is weak, because it is designed with crippling limitations.


On first sight, the effect is super strong.

  • It can get you through a lot of ICE cheaply. If it has only a single ETR, you can pass it. No matter the strength.
    Is that 5+ str barrier taxing you? "Break" for 1.
    Is the enemy trying to rush behind some cheap gear check ICE? Break any of the list with one card.
  • It counters one-time ETR effects like Nisei MK II, Border Control and Bio Vault.
    This is huge! Robbing the Corp one of their Nisei counters can easily win a game.


This is where it gets ugly.

  • "Use this ability only if you made a successful run on HQ this turn." is the main showstopper.
    If this would instead read "Install Lucky Charm only if you made a successful run on HQ this turn." the card would be actually usable.
    This basically adds the cost of running HQ on top of the card costs and, even worse, makes the card useless on HQ runs, aka the runs where it would be most useful for in faction.
  • The "Remove this hardware from the game" part is both a deliberate lack of synergy with Geist and The Back and the reason why this card can't keep doing it's job.
    The Corp player can recur his Border Control with Preemptive Action, but you can only defend against it once with Luck Charm.
    Circumventing this by slotting 3 copes is just ridiculous, since it won't be useful in a lot of matchups.
  • The fact that this is a ♦ card is probably important for balancing reasons.
    Specifically, for the same reasons that you can't have multiple Boomerangs out.
    Still, it is a limitation, since this can't get you though multiple ETR ICE or multisub ETR ICE.

Related Cards

This is basically another limitation of LC: The alternatives and lack of synergy.

  • As already mentioned, it has no synergy with The Back, which is a huge letdown for Az and Geist, the main IDs that would want to use it.
    Az can still install LC for free, which is always nice, but far from enough to make it viable for him.
    Apex could make use LC, since he mostly cares about getting through and way less about hurtful s than most other runners. But paying 2 influence for this card? Not really gonna happen.
  • Boomerang does the job of "get me through this ICE once" way better. It has it's own limitations, but they are by far outweighed by the self-recurrence.
    Heck, the lack of a "remove from game" alone would make Boomerang better.
    That, and the protection against nasty non-ETR subs.
  • Jak Sinclair is so non-existing in the meta that he is barely worth mentioning here, but I still do it, because of another deliberate lack of synergy.
    As a hardware that can make runs successful, Jak would love this, if it wasn't for the need of running HQ first, which completely kills any synergy between these two cards.


Bad card.

<p>So after a run on HQ, when you make a run on any server and "trash" LC, the corp cannot end the run in any way, even if there is 2 Border Control, one Bio Vault and one counter on Nisei MK II. Is my understanding correct? If it is correct, this would save me a lot of grief when trying to steal the win from the corp on that last turn.</p> —
<p>It prevents one ETR effect once. So you get by any of the mentioned things, but only one of them at a time.</p> —
<p>Not, it says prevent ability, not abilities, else it would mean "&lt;span class="icon icon-click"&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;span class="icon icon-click"&gt;&lt;/span&gt;, remove this hardware from the game: Make a run on HQ, if succesful, access the card in remote server"</p> —
<p>Sorry, Krams´s comment wasn´t there when i was writing that post</p> —
<p>@m.p and @Krams, thanks for clearing that up. It would be a lot of clicks investment to install 3x of this for the remote chance of having a server with 2 BC. Still, when the meta was favoring asset spam and Tour Guide, this could make running a remote much cheaper (unless I misundestood and it is only one ETR that is prevented). This make me a bit sad for a card with such a good name.</p> —
<p>Agreed! NISEI understandably erred on the side of caution a lot in Downfall. This is an unfortunate casualty. I think even just having the text say "Install only if you made a run..." instead of "Use only if you made a run" would have been a fine compromise to make the card playable, since it is unique.</p> —
<p>@Diogene - unfortunately it will only stop 1 of those ETR subs - you will need to have a grappling hook installed to deal with the others</p> —

We have here the most used agenda in HB. Whatever the archetype, this agenda will fit. The main attraction of this agenda is the cost.

As stated in the previous review, Project Vitruvius can be scored from hand with Biotic Labor or Bass CH1R180G4. It can also be bluffed as an asset and scored next turn. This agenda has won more game for HB than any other card in faction.

The ability of the agenda cannot be overstated. Each token is the equivalent of a clickless Archived Memories. This will allow the corp to ALWAYS have access to their combo pieces. A notable one would be Game Changer, which can be trashed by the runner. Other combo can be done, be it Punitive Counterstrike, or even to get back an agenda thrown in Archives (like a runner trashing a Project Vacheron).

This is also why this is one of the most hated agenda by the runners. But who want a an easy game?

This is the most fitting agenda for HB. and the art is beautiful, if somewhat small.