this cards is simply amazing for Sebastião Souza Pessoa: Activist Organizer. with his ability you can install her upon taking a tag and if threat 3 had already been reached you can then immediately clear that tag, valenntina then triggers herself and leaves you with 1, and with all the self inflicted tags, you will want a 1c refund when clearing them :3.

outside of seb, it also makes Friend of a Friend's first ability give you 6 credits instead of 5, Bahia Bands refunds half of itself, makes Networking free to bounce back, makes the basic tag removal action less of a resource drain, and that all only for startup !!

also !!! fun fact !!! she appeared in flavour text a whole cycle ago, providing the quote seen on Superdeep Borehole ^_^

Review from Kit-prespective.

This breaker competes against Gauss. Against smaller ice up to strength 3, they are identical apart from the install cost. At strength 4, 6+, Pressure Spike becomes more efficient. Also Laamb can be considered, but I will not compare Laamb with Pressure Spike in this review.

Install turn, against Bran:

  • Gauss: 5 to break, 2 to install (=7)
  • Pressure Spike: 7 to break, 4 to install (=11)

Future turns, against Bran:

  • Gauss: 9 to break
  • Pressure Spike: 7 to break
  • Pressure Spike (Threat): 5 to break

If Gauss's strength bonus was utilized, then Pressure Spike and Gauss breaks even on breaking Bran for the third time. If Gauss's bonus was not used, then they break even on the first break

When playing as Kit, my answer to big barriers has been Gauss, Pelangi/Egret, and DJ-Quetzal, which deals with most big barrier problems. Pressure Spike provides a longer-term solution that covers her weakness against stacked barriers. But how often do I actually see BTL-style stack of big barriers, over-advanced ice walls, or PD-style stacked Brans? And do I actually go through those more than twice in a game? I don't know the answer yet, but I am happy to at least to have the option to swap in Pressure Spike now.

For those who have influence with slots to spare, the answer is probably still Cleaver with strength supports.


One of the most effective tag and bag cards ever, and it's in Jinteki.

What a world we live in.

Most notably, in Jinteki: Personal Evolution, this and a single End of the Line is a kill. Install it in a remote and advance it twice, either behind some ICE you're confident the runner can't get past or a poker face you're confident the runner can't read. On your next turn, or whenever you draw your kill card, finish out the score. You'll do one net damage from the ID and 1 from the Psi-game. A normal runner will have 3 cards in hand at this point, opening them up for what we in the business call an expedited retirement.

There are holes: hand size increases, instant tag removal, and an unlucky hit on a Steelskin Scarring among some of the most likely. There's also the problem of a kill package requiring the score of an agenda, a 4/2, the hardest kind to score. Seamless Launch doesn't really help you here because you need a click leftover anyway. Still, it's a pretty simple plan, requiring only two moving parts. No runs required, only 7 credits plus money for ICE rezzes, and no instant draws from the runner.

Jinteki's move into tag and bag makes a lot of sense! A Teia: IP Recovery is a bounty hunting corporation, which is probably the coolest Jinteki ID thematically. This could even work in that ID if you advance a Clearinghouse or something out along with this, but PE is the cleanest way to do it.

See How They Run? See how they die.

Despite my strong opinions about this game, I’ve never left a review on a card before, but something something egregious. Here goes:

For new players, the figure on the right of this card is intended to be Sunny Lebeau. I learned how to run on Sunny. The first tournament I ever won was on Find the Truth Sunny. Yes, I liked the mini factions, but I especially liked Sunny. It was the pandemic, and I had started doing volunteer work I absolutely loved, was good at, and had a very positive direct effect on the people I worked with. It also was a job that I considered antithetical to my greater political beliefs. I was 22 and I ADORED Sunny. While the system she works for is problematic to say the least, I liked seeing a character who existed within that system, found what she loves (her wife, her children, her skills), and took joy and pride from them. When I read the flavortext on Global Food Initiative, I don’t sense a hint of irony. I sense a person trying to square the person she is with the system she (and we) exist in.

That is not who I see on Manuel Lattes de Moura. On the card I see a helicopter parent trying to boost their daughter’s (college!) grades. The exact type of parent I would hope so many of us are terrified of one day becoming. What makes this character assassination hurt so much is rather than target the her complicated line of work, it targets the passion and love for her children that drove me (and so many others) to her in the first place. I didn’t care whether Sunny was a cop, a corpie, a runner, or a hero. I cared that she tried her hardest to be a good mom in a bad world. And this is her cameo. And it’s sad, because this turns me off not just this card but the entire motif of this set bringing the mini factions back, as it makes it seem like the characters in the netrunner universe are treated as cheap jokes.

But regardless, I don’t want this page to be a wall of complaining about how Sunny is treated here. I know a not insignificant number of runners cared a lot about Sunny too. If folks wanna comment on what OG Sunny meant to you I’d love to hear it.


I must confess I've been really quite surprised by the response to this flavour text from fans of Sunny. Prior to printing, I'd had loads of folks, including several who like the character, look over all the flavour text and not once did I have anyone mention reading this like a bribe. Which it isn't, to be clear, it's just Sunny being, at worst, taking the opportunity to be a little nosy about her daughter's university grades while she's delivering something.

I'm slightly surprised that the Threat ability doesn't use sabotage as a keyword, but it looks very fun especially in Seb. I hope we get to see more TagMe IDs in future with all the support in RWR!

I am happy that the bribe turned out to be a misunderstanding. (I think it was the explicit reference to her daughter's marks that did it.) Honestly though, considering the flavour text of Globalsec Security Clearance, I doubt she wouldn't cheat the system to help her children. But maybe more to give them the opportunity (like in admissions or something), not to just to make them look better.

@DeeR, I love what you say about Sunny here! This is exactly what makes her a compelling character for me, too.

Until I read this thread I thought that that was actually Akiko Nisei

Everything that D4v1d-Gr43b3r wrote still hold true. But there are other nice uses for this.

First, it is a piece of economy that do not require a run. This is important, if you play a runner deck that is more "control" than agressive. Within the anarch economy, it is better than Wildcat Strike, since it does not give a choice to the corp.

I would like to add to D4v1d-Gr43b3r excellent review that Strike Fund synergize also with Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga. When facechecking an ice and trashing cards because of Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga, you get +2 in the process, allowing to more easily break the next ice.

Another piece of anarch tech that synergize it Patchwork. This is intense, as you get to install a card for -2 and get +2, probably making the whole thing credit positive.

For criminal, there is not much use for this card, since they have No Free Lunch that give the same +3 for a click.

But for shapers, this is better, since it synergize with Aniccam, to give +3 and +1 draw, for 1 influence. That is a fairly good value for a card.

In any deck, it help that you would get some credits from taking damage (for example, by triggering an Snare!). Instead of losing cards, you also gain +2. A nice compensation.

The hard is nice, and with the coming of Rebellion without rehersal, I think the person talking to the lady is Sebastião Souza Pessoa: Activist Organizer. Putting a hard hat on the lady, but the lady still wears a skirt, probably means that the lady is supposed to be some kind of engineer or manager. The art, like the flavor and the effect, completely synergize with the name of the card. Good job.