Theme: so our runner is getting political and helping the strike. The enemies of my enemy are my friends after all. This takes some time and cost some money to the runner, but with the pressure of the unions, they manage to put the Corp stuck between a rock and a hard place. The Corp now has to make one of two deals with the unions. Of course runner gets his cut.

<p>I like the framing of the card in Union vs Corp. I think this could be used to change the graphic of the card in a fun way.</p> —

The forward momentum created by this card is crazy. It gives you another turn of economy or installing things the runner has to deal with, like an agenda you're ready to Seamless Launch next turn and a Skunkworks to protect it and a Jeeves just for kicks.

It's one of the only fracters that can break multiple subroutines for 1, so there are a few ice where you'll get a 1 credit advantage using Cleaver rather than Paperclip. Most notably Border Control and Hagen (if you have 3 breakers in play).

With the current ice mix in play, Cleaver is a plausible alternative to Paperclip. Adjusted for ice popularity, a Cleaver costs 5% more to break the median barrier encountered than Paperclip does (ice popularity as of September 2021).* If you have Ice Carver, Cleaver costs 15% less than Paperclip to break the median barrier. There may actually be viable tournament play in this direction. (Depending on how much you value breaker efficiency vs. Paperclip's side features like not relying on combo cards, resilience against rigshooting, and being able to install on demand).

In formats where Paperclip is not available, Cleaver is currently better than Corroder. Cleaver currently costs 7% less to break the most popular barriers than Corroder does. If you have Ice Carver, a Cleaver costs 23% less than Corroder does.

*Methodology: assuming that an ice averaging 2 copies per deck will be encountered twice as often as an ice averaging 1 copy per deck. (This isn't always the case, though. Border Control tends to have a short lifespan and may not be encountered as many times as its deck count would indicate. Chiyashi can only be rezzed late and it too may not be encountered as many times as its deck count would indicate). I'm also assuming half of Hagen encounters are with 3 breakers in play.

<p>Having a 3 strength fracter allow for very cheap interactions with barriers. Using <a href="/en/card/30008">Leech</a> and Ice Carver allow you to cheaply deal with any barrier. Using all 3 strength anarch breakers allow an anarch runner to break ice even more efficiently than shapers! Sad sad shapers.</p> —

The good: This is one of the more interesting economic events. It's too unreliable to be very valuable but it's fun.

The lame: The art looks slapdash, like they airbrushed protesters into an illustration which had been intended for a grid or a lockdown. The protesters look like they were added after the fog was painted. If you were actually creating art for a wildcat strike, why are the guards wandering around aimlessly as protesters are about to storm their very sad barricade?

Unless you plan on using this card like 5+ times, Imp and Stargate are a hell of a lot better and don't take up a console slot. But... at only +1 MU, this card limits your ability to play cards like Stargate and Imp. So you're making a huge commitment to discarding a LOT of cards from your hand. Problem: most of the cards that you'd be discarding, are better than this card.

There's no price at which this would be a good card. It's asking a console slot for something which is provided more effectively and cheaply by cards that don't need the console spot or discards. 4 credits is way too high to consider this in standard. As long as Imp is available, I think $1 would be too much to pay for Carnivore.

Consider: Maw costs 6 credits and offers +2 MU and an okay trash ability, and it's probably overpriced relative to other consoles. (In particular, Keiko costs $3 for 2MU plus occasional $1 gains, and both of these play well with Stargate and Imp). If you wouldn't pay $6 for a 2-MU Maw which reaches into HQ and trashes cards on its own, don't pay $4 for 1-MU Carnivore which only affects cards you've already paid to see).