They have different names, art and abilities, but none of that matters. Yagi-Uda is basically a replacement/reskin of Braintrust, and will serve the role as Jinteki's blank 3/2 agenda you can play three of, in addition to the one Philotic.

And that is fine. 3/2's have always been great no matter what their text was, because of their easiness to score vs 5/3's while still keeping the agenda density of your deck low. In that regard Yagi-Uda is perfectly serviceable.

The ability isn't even that bad. Swapping cards during a run is potentially powerful with the right card in hand and can lead to great mindgames. It is just not enough to make you want to plan around overadvancing it. If you're gonna score 4/2's, Jinteki already has the best one in the game. So save your clicks.

In short, already sees play and will continue to do so on account of its stats. Not terribly exciting otherwise.


A cute ambush, but too niche to see mainstream play. In NBN, unless you expect most of your tournament match-ups to be Val (and if that is the case, my condolences), this card will probably be dead. You could make a deck with Reality Threedee and/or Game Over, but wouldn't you rather play any of the other great yellow assets and operations?

The Outfit can definitely benefit from this, but many builds straight up ignore the bp in favor of rush and kill strategies. And if the publicity is getting too heated, you could always just hire a Roughneck Repair Squad. That won't cost you any precious influence either.

I won't say this is a bad card, since removing bad pub has always been difficult and handy in some situations. And it is definitely nice that it fires everywhere, including archives. If you fear Val and Mining Accidents, feel free to include a copy. Just don't blame me if you only face Hayleys and 419's.

Short, sweet, and concise. Great review. —
Thank you! —

Similar to Accelerated Beta Test except more versatile since it can install non-ice cards, and MUCH safer since it doesn't discard any agendas. Also has the additional benefit of showing you what R&D has in store for you on the coming turns.

Unfortunately this card hasn't seen a ton of play despite being a strong agenda. I think this is because HB isn't in the best of places atm, with only Sportsmetal doing pretty well. It doesn't help that it's a 4/2 and that there are a ton of great agendas to compete with, both purple and neutral. Making it a 3/2 would have been game-breaking though, so it is just an unfortunate reality.

I think this is a solid agenda to include, and I hope to see it more often. But in reality it is probably not quite good enough to make the cut.


"Gotta go fast" - Sonic the Hedgehog

Swift hasn't been around for long but is already making waves in the community. And even though I am not a crim player, I can see why. 2 credits for a 1-MU console is good value, and then there is the effect. The first run event you play every turn is clickless. Since there are dozens of run events, many of them good or even amazing, this means your investment pays off in no time.

The obvious synergy is with Ken, whose entire shtick is run events. By not only gaining a credit but also effectively a click for the first run event each turn, you are rewarded for hammering the corp early. This is effectively his console, lore be damned.

But our favorite clone is not the only one who can benefit from this hardware. Plenty of aggressive anarchs, such as my personal favorite punk rocker, also love run events and free clicks. And at 2 influence, Swift can be incorporated into those decks. But the real kicker comes in the form of Apocalypse. The free click gives you some leeway to pull off the three runs required to fire this monster event, and still being able to do things afterwards. This synergizes with Ken and Lizain particular, since most their cards will be events anyway, so there won't be a ton of runner cards to turn facedown.

Swift does have some in-faction competion from the amazing Paragon, and Geist and Az McCaffrey will probably prefer Masterwork. Still, I expect to see this console a lot both in criminal and out of faction.


This is one of these big powerplay cards I like but never play in anything other than the jankiest of decks.

In theory this card can be an absolute powerhouse, but there are just a ton of factors to consider. 4 credits is nothing to sneeze at, the runner must have just stolen an agenda and you need several juicy targets to make it worth the effect. It doesn't hit ice breakers, so unless your opponent is a shaper, it won't give you a ton of value. Hardware also seems like an edge case. Against runners with tons of resources like Sunny this card can shine. But the runner still has a choice about which cards they want to save for 3 credits per piece and what they can miss. Furthermore, the omnipresent Film Critic counters this card, it gives you a bad pub and if you are in the late game, when this card would be strongest, the runner might just be rich enough to not care about its effect. Let's not forget that at 3 influence it isn't easy to splash either.

So yeah, I am sure someone will have pulled this card off to great effect. But if I want to cause some destruction on the runner's board, I would probably play a tag card and The All-Seeing I.

It kind of compares to Biased Reporting, which also doesn't see too much play and is roughly the same power level. I suppose that given both cards are heavily dependent on their opponent's decisions, they aren't reliable cards. —