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District 99 enables you to get cards back from your heap, based on it's design (you need to load it) you want to see it early, because later in the game the value goes down very much. On the other hand you don't want to play 3x in your deck. So usually you use it as 1x which generates value when you can find it early, otherwise you don't use it. But how to load it?
The most obvious possibilities are MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock (yes her ability is loading District 99) or Inject (only trashing programs) and Patchwork that was also released in R&R. I think outside of MaxX the use is to niche to reliably load it, so I can't see other IDs using it. On top of Maxx it should be paired with Patchwork so you can trash cards to Patchwork to load your District which makes it more reliable.
On top of that, the strong dominance of the bin breakers (Paperclip, Black Orchestra & MKUltra) makes all of the mentioned cards strong! They allow you neat tricks, like run on a server, install a program from your heap, using the discount from Patchwork by trashing another bin breaker. Get the missing breaker in the bin in case you need it & get your District counter. Without the bin breakers, e.g. for rotation, I can't see a proper use case scenario. So as a summary, this cards best use case is Maxx & Patchwork.

Of course there is a chance that the corp is triggering District 99, e.g. with trash a program from Archer, Rototurret, Ichi 1.0 or others. But it's not reliable enough to justify to run this in your deck. Next Question...

What to recur with it? Only cards in faction, so the obvious choices are cards that MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock milled, that might be important for you, like Patchwork, Ice Carver or to replay Hacktivist Meeting. Or economy cards to reuse them again. Lot's of economy cards are neutral, that leaves Liberated Account, Stimhack, Day Job or Guinea Pig. Other options are: D4v1d, DDoS and The Archivist.
Splashing it into other factions doesn't seem to be that beneficial, but in theory you could pair it with Aesop's Pawnshop but this would need enough programs and hardware to sell to it. Or maybe a criminal deck with those terminal directive breakers (Abagnale, Lustig and Demara) and or Spy Camera and Sports Hopper hopper to have further Diversion of Funds and recursion. But that already seems janky.

I've tried to make this card work (in a competitive environment), without success in a Patchwork Maxx deck, but I'm not that experienced in playing Maxx too. Personally it never felt good to use 2 clicks to get Liberated, install it again and use it then. But this might only be a feeling.

Additionally to that, the card must justify itself. What are you cutting? An economy card? Something else? So I would say, you would need to use it at least twice during a game to make it better then the other card you have skipped for it, and there I see the major issue, as it means you need to see it early to get at least 6 counters. On top of that it also costs you additional clicks to use. That is why I think it's not as good as it seems first glance.

I feel like it could possibly work in other factions. You need patchwork and/or aesop and use the district to recur high value run events or, possibly, key pieces of the rig. —
I'm not sure this works when you might need to invest 9 Influence for this. It might work, but would also mean switching from Resources to Hardware & Programms. But agree to recur Indexing or DDM might be nice out of Shapers. —
Cutlery also make a great target. If you have the full suite, you can pick the best for the situation. —

Cyber Bureau is an undisputably wild ID. It's the first asymmetric multiplayer ID we've seen so far, it has about five regular IDs worth of abilities, and with its unlimited influence and access to every agenda in the game, building decks for this thing is one heck of a ride.

On paper it looks like it could build in a lot of ways, but I've found that fast-advance is the best way to build it, since you have twelve clicks of angry Runner that want to sneak into your house and kick over your sandcastle. The sooner you can score out and close the game, the better!

I've played two games with it so far, winning one and losing the other. Both were pretty close games! I believe there's a lot of really interesting gameplay to be found here.

Anyway, let's go over its assortment of abilities.

1: Basically Andy - draw an opening hand of ten cards.

This is huge, especially when coupled with a minimum deck size of 40 cards. You can clear out up to a quarter of your deck before you even take a turn! Your mulligans are legendary, too.

2: Better NEXT Design - install up to five cards, rez any number, reducing the total cost by up to 20.

Cyber Bureau's trademark ability, this lets you get set up really quick. I think ice is the main thing you want to install with this - it's hilariously easy to keep people out when you start the game with beefy ice on all of your servers. Stuff like Tollbooth and Anansi are ideal here. Keep in mind you can rez above 20, since you start with five credits!

Other cool stuff you can do is drop a 3/X agenda in an empty server, then score it on the first turn! With the help of Jeeves Model Bioroids, you can even score out a 4/X, or over-advance a Project Atlas, before the Runners even get to take a turn.

There are MANY possibilities with this ability. The way you play it out can make or break an earlygame!

3: Punitive Siphon - the first time a Runner runs each turn, steal credits equal to the agenda points in their score area.

Of all the abilities on this card, I think this one is the least powerful, even though it looks busted. In a lot of cases, the Runners can coordinate to have a single player steal your agendas, leaving the other two to run without fear.

The Runners get up to all sorts of horrible, nasty stuff against Cyber Bureau. It's very rude.

In cases where you can get it to fire, it's a very good source of funds, and an even better form of econ pressure.

4: Mega Mopus - : Gain 3.

Your best friend in this deck - the Runners can tax you out very very quickly if they gain ground somehow. Emergency Shutdown, Diversion of Funds, Corporate "Grant" and even stuff like Hijacked Router hurts you a lot, since you have three clicks to their twelve. Figuring out your econ plan is crucial in this deck, and Mega Mopus lets you care a little bit less about how you get that money. Clicking for 12 with Jeeves is a great feeling, too.

5: Anonymous Tip on a Stick - : Draw 3 cards.

You probably won't use this much, or shouldn't, since it can very quickly flood you. Clicking it once on a turn where you're low on cards can be really good. Otherwise, maybe there's some weird plays with Reuse or something? I feel like this has combo potential, but I'm not the player to figure it out.

So, with all of that at your disposal, it's... still kinda Runner-sided? You get punished real hard by any sort of cohesive plan. Even with the infamy system, which makes it so that only one Runner is "in play" at a time, you still have a lot to worry about. Twelve clicks is a lot of clicks to defend against!

Employee Strike turns off your tax power and your two super click abilities, which is very very saddening. Apocalypse can straight up undo your initial foundations, if they can find a way into each of your centrals. Since you're usually pretty top-heavy with ice, Emergency Shutdown or anything else that hurts your ice will really ruin your day.

Particularly against fast-advance, a cheeky well-timed Clot on the right turn can buy the Runners a whole extra round. Beth Kilrain-Chang is usually pretty good against you, firing for the + on any turn where you're moneyed up. Indexing is just endlessly sad - one Runner can do the reordering, while another runs and collects the goods.


I think the best way to play with Cyber Bureau is to throw three regular Runners at it. If the Runners specifically tech against you, you're screwed. Rather, if you're up against three decks that are just sort of doing their own thing, that's where you find the best gameplay.

As a Corp, you get to wield UNLIMITED POWER, with a deck beyond your wildest dreams. As Runners, you get to actually be friends with your fellow hacker-peers for once! The cooperation space is immensely deep, and I'm sure people will be exploring it for a long time to come, especially if more IDs like this ever get made.

Watch the World Burn has two primary uses: trap disarming (this removes the trap from the game before it can fire) and countering asset spam (avoid trash punishment/cost.)

The first is exemplified versus Jinteki Biotech: Life Imagined that's running Cerebral Overwriters, Mushin No Shin, and 5/3 agendas. If they Mushin out a card and advance it, you're usually stuck with gambling on whether it's a trap or an agenda. Watch the World Burn eliminates that threat, letting you run it without fear. But not only does it remove the trap you access from the game, it also makes you immune to that trap for the rest of the game.

The second is obvious against NBN: Controlling the Message, avoiding the trace, and getting a discount on trashing expensive cards. Being able to do it on all subsequent copies lets you cripple a part of their gameplan. Just beware of passing through a Data Raven on your last click (this event is a terminal, so you won't be able to clear tags afterward.)

Even if the card you remove has a trash cost of 5, you still only save 2 credits, which is a bad return on investment. So unless the remove-from-game ability or the all-copy removal are relevant, as it is in the above scenarios, it's not worth using.

The trick is that WtWB can "remove" 3 copies of some cards in 1 access : corp will never install other copies of Mumbab Virtual Tour if the first one is rfg via WtWB, when other copies of Ash are still usefull even with the first one remove. —
This game takes a lot of space. If you are running short on space then do not install it or simply clean up some files then install. Visit for more information —

4-2 agendas have historically needed to be "the shit" to be considered playable. Unfortunately, I don't think this card is quite there in terms of power.

That is not to say this card is bad. First and foremost, it is incredibly versatile. Placing ice in any position on any server is not an effect I think we have seen before. It allows for some really cool tricks with positional ice and installs from both archives or your hand. At worst it saves you some credits from installing at the outermost position of a big server, which is still valueable.

It being a one time thing is what keeps it down imo. I think if it received 2 counters on a score, it would definitely be playable in glacier. You probably don't play something like Bifrost Array just to get 1 more counter on this. Maybe if you combine it with other 'when scored' agendas? But now we might be going into jank territory.

So I think this agenda will join my list of 2-pointers I like but never play, like Remote Data Farm,Private Security Force and Meteor Mining.

It's important to note that this is a paid ability that can be used at any time, even during a run. So if the runner approaches the outermost ICE of a server you can install a piece of ICE form archives directly behind it to strengthen the server on demand and mess with the runners expected run cost. —
In Titan with Border Control, it's a Nisei MK2 with 2 counters, with Project Atlas in faction. —
I think, but I'm not 100% sure, that you cannot use this ability on a server with 0 ice to force the runner to encounter a new piece of ice when running it. Might be important to note. Basically because when the runner initiates a run, if there is no ice protecting the server they go straight to step for of the run which is after all ice. —