Nice card, but why did it have to be 2 influences? This card goes well with Prepaid VoicePAD and Mystic Maemi, giving it a very good value.

Anarch get the same value with Queen's Gambit, but it comes with a serious gamble.

Still, you have to justify the use of 2 influences for an event card. So many other cards bring in similar value or better for 1 or 2 influences.

In any case, it is good to have another neutral econ card. It won't be use often, because of the high influence cost, but there will be cases where it will shine.

Art is nice, and the quote is better. Lesson to all : destroy or delete old drives, there can be sensitive info on them ;-)


Really interesting interaction with a heavily built Medium on a weakish R&D. In a dream scenario you have 3 Aeneas Informant and let's say 4 Medium virus counters. You can re-run R&D and access ~12 credits of cards per run (depending on what you see). A bit janky and hard to setup, but with enough support (like Hyperdriver) it could be a fun thing to try. Any multi-access will do of course, such as Nerve Agent.


With the return of Cerberus "Lady" H1, Shaper can do even more efficient runs. Not only do Shaper have Engolo, but with Cerberus "Lady" H1, they can pass barrier for super cheap, sometime even for free.

Combined with Pelangi, a Shaper can pass the strongest for very cheap. To top it off, Simulchip allow Cerberus "Lady" H1 to get its token back. Rejig could also be used for the same effect.

At 3 inf, there is no reason to splash it elsewhere. Corroder and Paperclip are better alternatives.

Great card, great art, reat quote, great value.


Want to setup the game of the corp for the next few turns, Indexing is there for you. Want to make any crp miserable, Indexing is there for you. Want to be Shaper, feel like the top of the world and win games, Indexing is there for you.

With the return of Indexing, every Shaper deck will have it. No reason not to have it. That is how powerful this card is.

Even the almighty Khusyuk is not as good. Indexing require no setup and is mainly enable if the runner can make run for cheap, which Shaper is the best at.

Even Trap heavy deck can't do anything about this. The only prevention is to put a lot of strong ices on R&D, or to use Crisium Grid or Hokusai Grid. Otherwise, there is always Salem's Hospitality to make sure you get rid of it in the hand of the runner.

A top tier art, a top tier quote, a top tier effect euqal a top tier card.


Good card, good quote, but the art could be revised for something more evocative.

Like the other review said, this will combo well with Aesop's Pawnshop. At 1 influence, you can splash it in any faction. Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist will benefit from having a versatile card, that can give 3 viruses for 1 creds and give some creds otherwise. This make Cyberfeeder worth it, making the card act like a Easy Mark.

Shaper using Maven will love to have a card that can be install for cheap that give creds on top of it.

Not the most powerful card, but it has a place in multiple archetypes.