You are not going to kill the runner with this card.

The damage condition is to score the agenda while the runner is tagged, which isn't so simple. The runner normally acquires tags from running; this is well-known. With years of meat damage in the game's history, runners have learned not to take tags for fear of damage. There's a saying "never run click 4" because the runner wants to be able to clear unexpected tags after a run ends.

If the runner chooses to ignore tags, they are aware that meat damage is a likely consequence, and so they'll choose cards that do damage prevention in that situation.

The runner can also take tags on the corp's turn, most likely with the new Public Trail. This allows the corp to do powerful things without giving the runner the chance to remove the tags. This power is still very limited, though.

So if you want to deal damage with Orbital Superiority, you need one of these situations:

  • The runner ignores tags, and also doesn't have any way to prevent your damage. This would be really silly, since cards that do meat damage when tagged are common. I suppose it could happen with inexperienced players. So the tag condition is met, and you just need to score the 4/2 normally.
  • The runner made mistakes and ended their turn with a tag - they plan to clear the tag next turn. So you need to install the 4/2 and score it, all within 3 clicks. Or you needed to have the 4/2 already installed and long since ignored, so that it lies in wait. This would have to look like a failed trap, and then you still need something like Seamless Launch to get 4 advancements in 1 turn.
  • You plan to give tags during your turn. So you need to play Public Trail or whatever, and then install and score this 4/2 with your last 2 clicks.

All of these situations are fairly convoluted and unlikely. Each of them is possible, yes... but that's a whole lot of work to execute your plan which is totally foiled by the high-tech runner strategy of... having 5 cards in hand.

And in all of these situations, it would have been easier and more effective to play BOOM! instead.

So you're not going to kill with Orbital. What should you do with it instead?

In the exceedingly unlikely scenario that you get the damage dealt, the runner most likely loses 4 cards from hand. That's okay! They lost tempo. That's good for you. But False Lead (3/2), and every Jinteki agenda, also make the runner lose tempo while being easier to score and inflict their effects much more reliably.

But most likely you will score it normally and give the runner a tag. If you're playing NBN: Reality Plus, that's... fine. The runner is tagged and you get 2 credits (or 2 cards) back. Analysing this as tempo, that's about 5 credits of tempo in your direction, though your own bank account is still at a net negative after scoring. For comparison, Offworld Office gives you 7 credits directly no matter which ID you're playing, making you straightaway credit positive.

If you score Orbital with clicks left, you can enact some tag punishment, though if you're playing Startup format then the only punishment available is Predictive Planogram and Retribution.

This card is trying to do several things, and does none of them well. In each situation it is outclassed by another card. Operations are much better at killing, and many agendas are better at swinging the tempo in your favour or giving you better rewards or annoying the runner. Despite the temptations of this card, it's best to leave it aside.

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Odd card. It looks like a single-use agenda which sits idle most of the game. In actuality, it's a value-over-time agenda which restricts the runner's options every turn it's available and one of the few agendas I'd happily bankrupt myself to score early. Scoring 1-2 False Leads makes everything else you do as a corp much stronger because any run could bring on a game-losing Hard-Hitting News they won't have the clicks to clear. Alternately, the Border Controls you're already running in Weyland (or a spicy Anoetic Void) may be able to leverage a False Lead into scoring a winning 5/3 in a window that doesn't otherwise exist.

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  1. Put down a Cerebral Overwriter, then IAA it.
  2. If they access it, you got 2 brain dmg. If not, place Vlad in there, and IAA it.
  3. If they access it now, you got a whooping 4 brain dmg. If not, you can FA a 4/2

Sound really inefficient, but at least you can score an agenda without any ices on remote server.

Except for Light the Fire!... also Because I Can... and also also our old friend Simulclot...

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To justify slotting this, you need to know that you're really going to want 5+ clicks on some future turn. The problem is that most of the ways to use 5+ clicks effectively are non-interactive combos... Encore, Notoriety, Apocalypse, Deep Dive, etc. You never see anyone playing Out of the Ashes for general utility, like clicking through Bioroid ICE.

IMO, this card is the last thing NR needs. It adds nothing to normal gameplay, while empowering non-interactive combo decks (e.g. one that sits around for 10 turns and then plays 3x Deep Dive). I'd love to see it banned.

<p>I totally agree with you that the card is only useful in unfun scenarios. I like to consider that the designers had the following proposition in mind: incentivise the runner to overdraw by having a card that gives a benefit when it sits in the heap (maybe even sacrifice it to pathchwork).</p> —
<p>Glad that this card is gonna be rotated. I hope the new shaper console will solve the click problem of deep dive&amp;apocalypse in an alternative way, which encourage early interactive like <a href="/en/card/26078">Swift</a>.</p> —

This upgrade is so strong and cost-effective it is worth mulliganing for. It produces $2 most turns, or $4 whenever you install on their turn with Advanced Assembly Lines or Drafter.

It significantly increases the value of everything you want to be doing early (e.g. Rashida, Advanced Assembly Line, scoring small agendas) and has a high trash cost. It is a major boost to HB tempo at a cost of virtually nothing. It may get removed sooner or later so rock it while you can.