This isn't, at first glance, the best card. "Click to gain 4" is a great sell, but the buy in is "run R&D twice", which is much worse than Sure Gamble just requiring 5 creds.

But assessing cards is more complicated than that, and you can't just consider them in a vacuum. In particular, you have to consider Mobius in light of Medium.

Medium is the single most common win condition in the game, and all it wants is you to run R&D over and over until you win the game. This card rewards you for doing that, so that's obviously good, but wait there's more.

Once you twist your mind to where running R&D isn't cost of getting the Mobius credits, but is something you do for its own sake (or to grow Medium), then the card's second facet shines through.

It gives you 2 runs in one click. So long as all you want to do is run R&D (thanks Medium), that's basically extra clicks. A card that says "Gain a click and 4 creds" is absolutely insane.

If you can ever engineer a situation where you have a medium and R&D is open, then this card is absolute gold.

Conclusion: While not incredibly strong on its own, Mobius feeds into the game's best plan (ice destruction to open R&D, medium to victory), and this card has just one influence. I predict it will see play as a 3 of in a lot of red decks.


Nobody played Shadow , so nobody will play Veritas.

More generously, we can compare this to Mausolus . Same rez cost, but Maus hard tags, and the Maus has more strength, etc.

More generously still, we can say that Veritas is 3 to break with Mimic . It is 4 to break with GS Shrike M2. These are fine values for a taxing ice that costs 4 to rez.

I think, ultimately, that this is decent ice to slap on a central. It retains its cost under SIFR treatement. But it isn't a gear check. It can't defend an agenda. I don't think many decks will find a place for this.


This is mostly a flavor review. So if that's not your deal, nothing for you here.

Ok fine, a little for you. Don't play Door To Door. It is a bad card.

Alright, gameplay over, now time to talk about why this card is my very favorite Weyland card as far as story goes. I think it gets to the core, the very heart, of what the corp is about.

Escalation is the corps at their truest. It is what they are doing when they have lost absolutely all semblance of self control, and are just expressing their core selves all over the innocent. It gets so bad that the next data pack is Intervention, followed by Martial Law. Even the Netrunner-verse Federal Government is appalled at their excesses, and gets off its rear end to reign them in. This pack is the hinge of the story, the turning point. This is where the corp crosses the line.

For Weyland, that looks like this. Bloody hallways and no actionable intel.

So, the picture of the card and the name combine together to give you a pretty clear idea of what is going on. Weyland has sent Prisec into civilian residences to kill their way to a solution. It is utterly despicable, eminently low tech, and entirely ineffective. In other words, it is Weyland.

Picture the situation that led up to this. Weyland got robbed. Someone (Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist ) figured out the weakness (Corroder ) in their invincible ice and stole everything. Now they are trying to fix this.

And their answer to the world's greatest hack is to hand a gun to some guy, and tell him to go out there and shoot people until someone tells them where the runner is. If they learn that, they should call the tag in, then go to that place and keep shooting people, hoping to wing the runner.

THIS IS A CURRENT. Weyland will run this plan forever. There is never a point at which, left to their own devices, they will think "hmm, that's enough gun murder". Unless something stops them Weyland will send goons into apartment buildings until they run out of goons or buildings.

And they're not about to run out of goons... —
A great review for thematically my favorite card in Netrunner. I don't like Weyland as an archetype but they sure have the best fluff... —

I've tried to make Slee work for a week or so now, and I'm ready to pronounce judgement.

I guess the TL:DR is that she is just as cumbersome as she appears to be.

Let's look at the base case. You spend a click to install her, and, later, you spend 2 creds to rez her. Once she is loaded you spend clicks to deal 5 meat damage until you win. Sounds great.

The unwieldiness comes from how loading her works.

So, since she is an asset, she is taking up a whole remote server. She doesn't have a paid ability self trash Jackson Howard or Executive Boot Camp kind of thing, so you are open to Temüjin Contract and Bank Job style shenanigans if you put her in an open server.

Leaving aside for a moment the question of where she goes, let's consider how her loading goes:

First off, Slee is in the wrong faction. Weyland doesn't run Pup or Resistor , where the corp gets to fire the events and the runner just mitigates them with their text. Weyland's core is typically a barrier with one "end the run" sub. So if you want Slee to work at all you have to swap out your ice a bit.

A reasonable compromise between gimmick ice that exists just to load ( Ireress and its ilk), and the typical weyland walls is our endless supply of multi sub walls. Curtain Wall Spiderweb . Good stuff. If the runner hits one of these without a breaker, you rez the barrier and slee, and you are halfway loaded.

And then the runner moneys up, and runs over and trashes Slee. Womp womp.

So forget that. Let's load her in 1 encounter. Hive Tour Guide . Loving this. They run into this noise...and blam, bounced. Slee is loaded.

And then the runner runs over and trashes Slee! Womp womp.

Maybe it was last click? But Snare! is a card. People who end turns tagged vs. Weyland tend to learn better quickly. It is a rare run vs. Weyland that goes off last click.

The only way that this really works is if the faceplant was INTO THE SLEE SERVER. She was behind the Tour Guide. The runner ran her, presuming a Project Atlas or other never advance, and you bounced them and loaded her in one click. Good on ya.

Just pointing out that we are already a bit in the weeds here. There are 4 other assets to get the Tour Guide up to this level? You haven't scored any points to get your Hive out of range?

But anyway. The runner bounces off the Slee server. She rezzes and loads up. Aw yeah, death is coming!

And they draw up to 5 cards (or put down a plascrete). Womp womp.

That's right. Even if Slee is fully loaded. Even if she doesn't get trashed. They can just survive it.

So maybe consider Slee outside of Weyland? There are factions where trashing is harder (IG), there are factions where you let the subs fire more (red, yellow). But she is 3 influence! So she is the whole game plan. And a lot of those decks are horizontal, so the whole "subs going unbroken" concept is kind of iffy.

She's just a mess. Like, Slee is fundamentally a member of the species of Weyland Assets that pretend the game lets you have multiple mostly safe remotes. The Root or Mumbad Construction Co. are better versions of the idea of things that you might put into the scoring remote or a peer to it. She's somewhere between those and The Board (which is, admittedly, worse than Slee).

She'd be decent, but not great, with a higher trash cost. As it is, Slee is a gimmick card, begging for a deck to be built around her, and delivering to anyone who falls for it a deck that wins less often than the old SEA/Scorch setup.

There should be a button that plays 'womp womp womp' when pressed included in the data pack. <3 —
But...but..Helium-3 deposit! That's not gimmicky, right?? (Also: Just get to 10 counters and click twice it'll be fine) —
The trick might be to use porous, cheap ice with multiple subs or something like a Pop Up Window. No one wants to give this thing counters, do they? Running through pop ups is fine but if it kills you then it's not. Or just have a Anson Rose on table with 5 counters and rez a Tyrant. That'll teach 'em (it'll work, trust me)! —

This card is insane, let's get down to it.

From the corp's perspective, you have to spend a click to install Prisec, then 2 when the runner accesses it. By contrast the runner spends 3 creds to trash it, then 2 creds and 1 click (usually) to remove the tag. So seen purely as econ you are looking at a 3 cred swing in your favor. Above and beyond the cred/click changeover you do a meat damage. They probably aren't running with an empty hand, but 1 card might hit something good.

Prisec's tag, however, isn't really about economy. It is about click compression. The runner normally sees a run as a one-and-done kind of deal. Now the run isn't 'really' over until they have removed their tag. If they run last click they'll be ending the turn tagged. Still not so bad, but you can see where this goes.

Prisec is an upgrade, and not unique. There can be 2 prisecs in a server, or three. It can live in central servers, or remotes. It can live with Snare! or an advanceable upgrade. You can come out of a run with 2 or more tags, and a mauled hand. Even just running into an Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed agenda with a Prisec is a significant hit.

The brief tagged state is useful for Harishchandra Ent.: Where You're the Star , letting them see the runner's hand. SYNC: Everything, Everywhere makes the tag either more difficult to get rid of or more useful for the corp.

Further, Prisec doesn't just give you a tag. It causes you to end a run tagged. Dedicated Response Team anyone? Run into a server with a Prisec and they rez a DRT in the Jackson window and you've just sucked up 3 meat damage and a tag.

And, heck, the paid response window after they hit the Prisec is as good of a time as any to rez a Zealous Judge . Yet more click compression! Now the runner has to remove the Prisec tag, then run the ZJ and trash him. Hope he wasn't behind a Data Raven.

If you are playing a deck that goes for flatline and doesn't try to keep the runner out then slot 3 of these. You won't regret it.

By *paid response window after they hit the Prisec,* do you mean the response window after 1.5 in the runner turn structure? After window 4.3 in the run structure (the Jackson window), there aren't any more paid ability windows during the run. There is one right after any action is completed, including making a run. —
Yeah, after the run. Rez the ZJ after the run, before they can click to remove tag. —
I really feel these should cost a pip each. —
For enhanced, prolonged tax for running the server, use Oaktown Grid. —
Also, potential protection for Political Assets. —
a noob question about it, when I access to server and prisec is facedown and the corp doesn't rez it, I access it after that, this upgrade hits me or must be rez? —
It hits you upon access, no matter rezzed or unrezzed. —