Turbo Fondue: The Future of Runner Health Care v1.5 (3rd at

Bl4nk3t 616

A brand new Cybernetics Clinic is coming to this neighborhood as this site has been marked for redevelopment. Please respect the evacuation order in order to ensure your safety.

A message brought to you by the New Angeles Redevelopment Council & Haas-Bioroid: Cybernetics Division: Humanity Upgraded [Site Owner]

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Why Turbo Fondue? Well I guess you need some fire to get some burnt cheese, and no one does burn stuff faster than we do here.

I piloted this list to 3rd place at Dome Con (aka Run on Berlin City Grid Double Play Community Event) (4 Wins, 2 Losses during swiss, one of which against the champion TutetguT ) and then lost to JackMade (against whom I had previously won) in the semi finals.

The plan has not changed since the previous iteration: ( https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/52414/future-of-runner-health-care-v1-0-best-2018-d-cybernetics- ) It is a slightly cheezy way of forcing the runner to interact with an expensive remote by applying pressure with the threat of 4 Damage via Urban Renewal, threatening a kill with a timely Enforced Curfew by limiting the grip to a maximum of 3 in combination with the ID Ability Cybernetics Division: Humanity Upgraded. If they go and trash it, it will usually result in a scoring window (or a severe set back before the inevitable next time ).

The choice offered to the runner is simple: get into the server or play a current yourself and loose all cards in grip. Remotes are expensive when protected with Eli 1.0 and Fairchild 3.0 or Fairchild 2.0 or maybe the odd Vanilla or Architect. The latter is probably best placed protecting centrals. The best part is: if the runner ever decides to use a Stimhack, no current is needed anymore to enable the kill. Word on the street is Stim 's popular these days.

Usually the runner can expect an agenda as a reward for getting into the scoring server. Well, usually, but not usually when up against this deck. Since Cybernetics is only 40 cards/15 inf, the 44 cards used contain only 6 agendas, half of which accelerate the corp (SSL Endorsement) and the other half slows down the runner (Ikawah Project). In any case - the possibility of a nice scoring window opening after the runner barely manages to get in is certainly there. Then the runner needs to steal more than half of what's left in order to win.

You can keep your construction workers quite busy because you have 1 Restore to get the Renewal back into the server and 3 Archived Memories to get either that or the Enforced Curfew.

This ensures a regular schedule of explosions coming to a neighborhood near you - regardless of season (illustrated below)

HB Employees redeveloping Runner Turf

The MCA Austerity Policy serves multiple purposes as well: Firstly to slow down the runners, costing them precious tempo desperately needed for rig building or economy set up. Secondly it is making Fairchild 3.0 that much more painful and stealing Ikawah Project that much harder. Lastly, the three-pointers can be fast advanced out of HQ with it - which becomes the default plan, in case runners have maneuvered themselves into position where the kill plan is not feasible anymore.

Counters to the combo: (actually more numerous than one would think) Shenanigans with the likes of Reaver or Drug Dealer, Geist: Tech Lord driving his fancy Sports Hopper or a ludicrous grip for Adam with Brain Chip or tagged runners with Obelus - and even then just surviving will still set the runner back 4 possibly important cards. At least this holds for non-spiritualist runners who do not pay visits to their church Citadel Sanctuary or guru Guru Davinder . Those seem to prefer being paid in credits.

Final Thoughts / Improvements / Variations:

This Variation I consider to be optimized for reliability and speed in terms of the core combo setup Urban Renewal + Enforced Curfew.

I don't consider The economy suite of the Blue Level Clearance and Violet Level Clearance and the single Marilyn Campaign + Hedge Fund + SSL Endorsement the be-all / end-all. For this version I leaned towards a more bursty layout. Violet Level Clearance may seem like it doesn't fit into Cybernetics Division: Humanity Upgraded, but it helps tremendously in finding the combo pieces - even if it usually means that cards have to be discarded into archives after playing it.

Influence could be eked out by playing 1 less Urban Renewal. Three Executive Boot Camps are plenty. They also double as minor economy for their start-of-turn ability which you should absolutely consider using. Especially against pesky criminals who bounce your stuff Leela Patel or are suspected of using forbidden equipment Rubicon Switch (a derez based 419)

As an aside, I will salute anyone, who manages to successfully integrate the competitor CEO Chairman Hiro into this deck for fun, (deadly) surprise and profit.

The singleton Consulting Visit can double as all recursion events, the current or even a somewhat ineffective Violet Level Clearance. I wonder what I could cut to play more copies...

Another thing I wondered throughout the tournament was if another Fairchild 2.0 could be made room for. Vanilla vs. Eli 1.0 is also another matter. Vanilla is definitely better to rush behind, but Eli has the greater taxing power.

Another variety leaning into asset spam could use [[Mumbad Virtual Tour]] ,Psychic Field and Bio-Ethics Association for shell game value. The Violet Clearances would have to make room for more Campaigns or the third blue level. - the latter two might enable a kill, the first one might kill the runners tempo or ability to get into the remote.

Tournament Report:

The first round I had a good start with an early Urban Renewal I mulligan'd into, placed behind a Fairchild 3.0. I was up against the unsuspecting Val piloted by @Bookkeeper who ran into Fairchild 3.0 as his 6th click in the game taking a brain damage and loosing almost all his money thus being unable to trash the Urban Renewal. After that he could not recover before he died to the Renewal.

Second round was against JackMade's Leela. This time I had early economy and via Executive Boot Camp early access to Urban Renewal behind a Fairchild 3.0 on turn 2 and drawing into Consulting Visit closely after that to get the Enforced Curfew up in time. He ran into the Fairchild 3.0 after drawing a card. Faceplanting this hard cost him the game - sealed by an MCA use the next turn. It was a mistake he would not repeat when we met again in the semi-finals :).

Third round was against Mirilu who managed to pull off a couple of early Mining Accidents with her Val - the bad pub helped tremendously in reducing the tax of the renewal threat. I was suffering a bit of flood with 4 Agendas in the top 3rd of the deck - and coupled with smartly played counter current Hacktivist Meeting and a timely agenda steal (from archives) to avoid a kill through Renewal+Curfew twice, it was the way to her deserved victory - she got to 7th place in the end.

The following fourth round was against qvm - my Teammate of the 2nd day of the event (Chancellor of Servers) should eventually come in 10th place. He didn't know what his Hayley was going to face and the sweat was on when I assembled the kill threat by turn 3. He averted it the first time, but Engolo was not efficient enough to break Fairchild 2.0 all the times it would have needed this game. I did like his spice in the form of Falsified Credentials but lacking a counter current and the money to get into the remote at the crucial moment he resorted to deep digging into the open r&d, which left him hanging. In the end there weren't enough agendas in the whole top half of R&D for him to win off of. Thus Hayleys block got 'renewed' that day - without her being given the opportunity to leave. There was a curfew after all.

Next up on round 5 was against boreira - a teammate of @Bookkeeper's. He played Leela as well. I used Executive Boot Camps to rez as much as possible, denying her bounce. He played smartly, but in the end the third renewal was Leelas final one that day, after she managed to trash one and survive another since the Enforced Curfew was not in effect. His biggest regret was that he cut PolOp - it could have greatly helped in reducing the cost of access to the Urban Renewals from breaking a Fairchild 2.0 and Fairchild 3.0 to 'just' a single Fairchild 2.0. Eventually he narrowly missed the top 10 and ended the day as 11th of dome con / Run Berlin City Grid Double Play.

Last and final 6th round was against TugtetguT who remained undefeated that day. I think I could have had a chance against his derez based 419, since I managed to have an actual board rezzed thanks to Executive Bootcamp as a three of. He had a good start with 2 early Crowdfundings. I realized his combo to late and he had a turn in which he made 12 creds using double gpi net tap and Zamba on a 2 unrezzed ice deep server (R&D). Afterwads I managed to tax him and his full aumakua 9 credits multiple times in my double Fairchild 3.0 remote with a Executive Boot Camp inside. Thinking back I am amazed that the game managed to go on for so long and I was still not out of options for recurring the Urban Renewal, despite there being only 7 cards left in r&d when TugtetguT managed to pull the last agenda he needed from R&D. I think that was a strange and challenging game for both of us - in the end he deservedly won. But I'd like tho think that I was the one who came closest to beating his deck that day ;).

Loosing against the undefeated Champion of Swiss got me an absolute beast of a Strength of Schedule of 4.0833 earning my seat in the semi-finals.

The semi-finals were against JackMade again, and this time he was prepared. He chose to play Leela instead of facing Hayley with Mti. I was thinking he would have had a better chance beating my bog standard Hayley with hi Mti Mwekundu: Life Improved, but in the end, he chose correctly.

I took a mulligan to see a Executive Boot Camp or an Urban Renewal - but only a SSL showed up. I was confident to see more combo pieces since I had 2 Violet Level Clearances which got played, sadly drawing into more agendas. I was kind of desperate with an SSL and 2 Ikawahs, so I tried to IAA the SSL behind a single Eli 1.0, (with an unprotected hq) but Leela got an Ikawah out of HQ, bouncing the already advanced SSL. JackMade made the correct call in installing an early Turning Wheel, on one hq run getting the SSL (but not before seeing the Ikawah on a last-click run). In the end though he could have finished earlier using Turning wheel tokens to get at all of hq, he won stealing a second SSL from the top of R&D and the rest is history. This leaves me with congratulating JackMade on a well deserved 2nd place.

Congratulations of course also again to TugtetguT as the reigning undefeated champion of the Run on Berlin City Grid Double Play community tournament!

Thanks again to everyone for the great atmosphere at the whole thing and of course to dome_ for organizing such a great international event (10 nations represented!) with amazing prize support. Which brings me to Baz and Jakuza who teamed up and sponsored the fantastic Kaas-Bioroid: Engineering the Fromage Cheese ID going eventually to qvm who amazingly shared with everyone!

Literally everyone at dome con: Cheese

And finally thanks to the community as a whole - great way to show how alive netrunner is and hopefully will be!

12 Feb 2019 Longi

Hey man, congrats once more for getting to top3 with this beast :)

12 Feb 2019 adquen

This deck is crazy, and if there was anyone at Domecon who could be play such premium jank, it had to be you. Well done!

On a side note, maybe you want to add a Gatekeeper to this thing. It could have helped you with your flood in the semi-finals - although I'm impressed how you close you came to the kill multiple times after losing two agendas that early.

12 Feb 2019 Jakuza

Hearts and stars just for the gif alone already. Good writeup. Was good talking during dinner as well.

12 Feb 2019 boreira

Happy I didnt get into you second day ;) but congrats great job!

12 Feb 2019 N0R5E

Nice deck. Since you asked, here's my take on a Cybernetics Hiro deck. netrunnerdb.com

18 Feb 2019 Labbes

I really want to hate this but I can't. Well done.

21 Feb 2019 Ishikawa

Bl4nk3t the jank master. Good stuff! Cheers from Hamburg,