Would you kindly lose your turn, stay broke!

martinimon 269

Always lose your turn, stay broke and let the corp kill you faster! Always be running

Between 2 cards in HQ and 2 cards in RnD you should be able to access some agenads fairly fast, especially if you First click run with this. Not clicking past ETR. I wanna live! for a bigger hand size and that free draw! also I got lucky early for that really big hand size. If all that hand size still wasn't enough! Gotta spend the last click on something! All that MU and limited clicks makes this an option!

This deck was mostly built for some janky fun at a store champ, this was played along side a really janky Jinteki Biotech deck. This won 1 game out of 4, same with the corp. Came 18th out of 20 people!