Never getting back together- 4th Reading Regional 87 players

Cacoethesvictor 983


The 23 seconds incident was caused by Null after he leaked the potential to do such damage to a runner conspiracy theorist. Whether he meant to is unclear, but now that he has, he's leaving Titan for good. One thing to me is clear, they are never getting back together after he uses this rig!

This ID took me to 3rd in the swiss and 4th place in the cut of the 87 player regional in reading courtesy of Eclectic games, This list is MWL 2.0 legal as the rules were enforced at the event. My corp was an @Cerberus NEH list.

Null is someone that intrigued me when i first saw it published and my natural inclination was to go for full on ice destruction and a more traditionnal anarch fixed breaker suite. I found that this was a little bit slow at times and quite a few corps would get out ahead of me and my ice destruction wouldnt matter much. I therefore decided to go back to my personal favourite for anarch decks, eater, siphon, keyhole, which i played in maxx at worlds last year.

There really isnt a lot to say about that in terms of deck style, but in my opinion it is still very strong (and a lot of fun). But i will say a few things about the deck strength and why null.

First, why null? Theres 4 reasons why null, the first one is what i thought to be a surprise factor, you put down maxx people ICE HQ. When you sit down against null you have no idea what is coming and speaking from experience if you land a siphon turn 1 with this deck you do not lose. The second is Turing, ETF is still out there and very strong, whether you are trying to siphon a central or run a remote with a navi at the bottom the ability is amazing. Over the course of the tournament i had people rez a turning on HQ or R&D thinking they were safe for another turn or 2 unless i happened to have yog. A parasite and a card later and that card is gone. Same goes for the remote, being able to use yog to get through a turing with a yog, or a tollbooth for a card and 3 credits is a nice "f you" to the majority of strong meta ice at the moment. 3rd is yog, i forget how much i love this card and its amazing with keyhole and ice destruction. it gets rid of all the code gates in the game and since you are trashing the rest of the ice the corp is in a pretty bad place. Finally, just look at the art, Null is COOL!

Play style wise, I view this deck as an opportunity to slow the corp down as much as possible and wreck all their ice early game whilst you get your more conventional breaker suite out, if you havent already won by that point. Very often you will win before then just through free accesses due to ice destruction and lack of corp econ. Agendas are also building up in hand as rush will get extremely punished by this deck.

The play style in this deck can be very reactive and on top of the econ denial you still have a lot of very good anarch cards, some games against rush decks (and they are on stream) the deck can adapt and just apply pressure and manipulate accesses by good play where i won games without siphoning or installing cards.

The deck isnt 100% reliant on siphon, but there are some match ups, especially glacier where you probably want to try and mulligan for it. There is 3 centrals worth of pressure which is always the sign of a great deck in my opinion and certainly askes all the right questions of the corp.

Few questions i have been asked; What do you do about Lotus Field? Eater, spooned, run again.

Why do you have liberated in a siphon deck? This deck eats money, some games when you hit siphon you will not need it, but some games where you dont and are trying to get your rig up you will need the money. I found this helped when i saw it in testing.

Why are you going tag me in a CTM and Sync meta? Watch what they do when you go tag me. This deck has all the answers that Sync and CTM hate if you play it correctly. The majority of their ice is redundant. They arent going to PsychoBeale out as they never have enough money. They arent going to EoI because you just put all the agendas in the bin with keyhole and then score in one turn. Last and certainly the MVP on the day Wanton Destruction! I beat both CTM and Sync with this deck quite easily.

Why 46 cards? Thanks for taking the time to read this far Laurie! I wanted a Freedom through equality its such a good meta card and especially with Keyhole, i didnt know what to cut.

The final point i want to make was D4v1d, i originally didnt have it in my list, didnt think i needed it, but resistor and archangel especially make it necessary. Thanks to @Cerberus and @Phoneix for the inspired planned assault for what was a third siphon!

Have fun with this and let me know what you think!

1 Aug 2016 moistloaf

day job #3 seems like the 46th to me. Cool list; may try it out!

1 Aug 2016 Krasty

Isn`t problem with MU ? There are a lot of programs and just 4 MU... And btw for me: -1 David and +1 Networking, cause there is so much SYNCs and Hard-Hitting News all around.. :o)

1 Aug 2016 Phoenix

Read the description - the deck doesn't clear tags. Why does it want Networking? Also, D4v1d would be the last card I'd drop.

And I imagine that the intention is not to install all the programs at once. Eater, Keyhole + whatever else you need.

@moistloaf 46 cards is the new Tier 0 - didn't you know ;)

1 Aug 2016 Krasty

@Phoenix-> ups, sorry I missed "not clearing tags" in description... :o/ So I think I try to -2 Liberated Accounts, +2 Vigils

1 Aug 2016 Cacoethesvictor

@Krastyi think you need the liberated for early game set up, where as console is a nice to have by not essential. The rig isn't install everything, you just get what you need. If you are going for a console I'd prefer grimoire over vigil though!

Hope you enjoy it.

1 Aug 2016 esutter479

Congrats on the high placing with Null! I love this deck. Personally, I have a different take on Null, but this is very creative. :)

1 Aug 2016 Cerberus

Proud of my favourite MLP fan for doing so well with this.

Honestly, I think it's better than my Whizzard list that I won with.

1 Aug 2016 divadus

Intriguing list, and really cool to hear that it performed so well. If I may ask, what were the specific match-ups it came up against and how did it fare on the day? Did NEH put in most of the wins? Did they both drop a couple? Or was Null the key to victory?

1 Aug 2016 Cacoethesvictor

Thanks @divadus null dropped 1 more game than NEH over the course of the weekend (7 rounds of Swiss and then 4 games in the cut). The final game it lost was against @beyoken and his ETF deck. It's available to watch on neoreadinggrid twitch. Was a really close game I was unlucky not to win.

The deck is really solid, it does have a higher entry threshold than a lot of runner decks like I said. It's a very reactive control deck.

2 Aug 2016 berenzen

I play a variant of this running -1 D4v1d, -1 Planned Assault, -1 Day job, +1 Levy +1 Grimoire. The amount of times I find I need D4 is pretty minimal, and I never feel good playing Day Job and Planned Assault. It also lets me Inject through the deck faster, and on the second time around (if you get there) you're moving at such high pace that the corp just can't keep up. The Grimoire is there so I can kill Str 3 and less Ice in the same turn.

2 Aug 2016 thecodetroll

Berenzens changes sound pretty good, although after playing about 10 games on JNet (while not the same as face to face) The number of times I had SoT on the table and next turn used Planned Assault, then SoT Siphon was high... And it really ruins their day.

2 Aug 2016 itamom420

Cool CoolNull

3 Aug 2016 Cerberus

@berenzenI don't think this deck needs Levy, it doesn't have the draw that Dumblefork or MaxX does. While Planned Assault would ideally be a 3rd Siphon it's a good alternative that gives you access to the Cutlery event that you need. Also you really want to see Siphon early as you'll use much of your recursion on it, dropping Planned Assault makes the odds so much worse, and therefore the deck worse imo.

The need for David is actually specific to one match up (though obviously useful in many) and that is against CTM, where your game plan is to Siphon them and use their money to trash their stuff, here Resistor is a huge pain that you need an answer to. Hence the David.

3 Aug 2016 berenzen

Played with planned assault a little bit more, and I do like it. Agreed on the d4, but I still don't like the Day Jobs. 99% of the time they're just food for Null. I just cut the day jobs for a Deja and a Grimoire now. The extra MU is nice, and killing str 3 ICE is really nice. Once Blood Money drops, Corroder is getting swapped for Paperclip, and probably rest of the WW2 breakers if they're efficient enough.

3 Aug 2016 Cerberus

I think you need Day Job if you cannot land the first Siphon. If you do, great, but if not you have very little economy, you could try other economy but you need some for sure.

Agreed on Paperclip.

8 Aug 2016 meta4

People are saying they would cut Day Job, but it seems to me like you would probably rather cut Liberated before Day Job. The difference between 2 and 6 credits to play them is quite a lot.

8 Aug 2016 meta4

Also, what about the possibility of switching to Val and plan to rebirth to Null? Or is that just too unreliable for this sort of strategy?

8 Aug 2016 Humanoids

@berenzen``@CerberusWhy Paperclip and not Nfr? I get that you would break barriers fewer times with a normal icebreaker than with Eater and Paperclip saves you some MU, however, Nfr is just more efficient and cheap-to-use, isn't it?

9 Aug 2016 Dydra

I curse the day NetrunnerDB decks started their description with a .GIF ..... I guess it's too pop now ....

9 Aug 2016 Swiftie

I just like the gif and the name :D, Not got anything really helpful to add...

10 Aug 2016 EnderA

The easiest switch IMO is -1 Same Old Thing, +1 Déjà Vu. It works better with Inject (get programs back) and Wanton Destruction (can run it with full clicks.)

Deciding between Paperclip and Nfr isn't obvious. Paperclip gives you a free discard (and brings itself back from Inject), but Nfr synergizes with Null: Whistleblower's strength reduction for efficiency. However, this deck doesn't run Datasucker, Injection Attack, or anything else to support Nfr, so I think Paperclip is the right choice here.

Day Job vs Liberated Account depends entirely on the amount of time you spend below 6 credits.

Once BOOM! comes out, you'll probably have to change the Sports Hoppers into Plascrete Carapaces.

11 Aug 2016 Soup

I can't comprehend a Null deck without 3 parasite. Makes no sense.

14 Aug 2016 castlemj

Had a lot of fun with a variant of this tonight.

One observation--I don't think you need a corroder if you're running 2x D4v1d, which is perfectly capable of dealing with wraparound. Unless there's a non-wraparound reason for corroder that I'm missing, I'd rather have a second spooned to deal with magnet and lotus field.

14 Aug 2016 Phoenix

1) The point is that this deck CAN set up a full breaker suite to get into a remote. Often against Eater Siphon Keyhole decks Corporations try to rush out thinking their gear check ice cannot be broken and this presents a surprise.

2) There is only so much recursion in the deck, much of which you want for Siphon and not to recur D4V1D to beat Wraparound as well as Resistor, Tollbooth, Archangel, Little Engine I.e. All of yellows favourites.

3) By removing corroder you reduce your consistency and risk not being able to land an early Siphon.

4) Why are Magnet and Lotus Field an issue? 2 and 3 credits respectively isn't too big a deal.

You may never install a corroder in a game. The same goes for Yog and Mimic. They are all for specific situations, but having them around is generally better than not I feel (although I would go with Paperclip now that Blood Money is out).

14 Aug 2016 castlemj


Interesting, thanks for the detail. Seems like different approaches to piloting. I took out the yog and corroder for a 3rd parasite and another spooned = a more aggressive approach to killing ice, which seemed to work well. The combination of aggressive siphoning and killing rezzed ice makes it very tough for the corp to keep momentum.

1) To get into a remote, if possible I would bankrupt the corp with siphon to prevent rezzes, or if necessary to use parasite/cutlery to kill the protecting ice.

2) This seems like the main reason to include. But as you say, it's for specific situations--most of the time we don't need to recur for wraparound (and hopefully it can be knifed anyway).

3) Having 3xeater, removing corroder doesn't impact the ability to land a siphon.

4) I was focusing on using Para+Null's ability to kill ice (see #1) making magnet and lotus field an issue, as neither can be killed with para.