The Out of Infinity 2.9

lmm 7

Current state of my Overmind deck. Exact composition is (as always) in flux, but the core engine remains the same: (mostly) clickless economy from Zona Sul Shipping, The Supplier, Data Folding, andIain Stirling: Retired Spook himself; install e3 Feedback Implants and Overmind taking advantage of MemStrips to get more counters, and run where you want, when you want. Get a remote lock on (with Feedback Filter if you suspect shell games), and then hit R&D for the win - or Hades Shard if the corp is letting Jackson sit on the table.

Gang Sign was what made me dust off this concept - it puts the brakes on a fast NEH or similar just enough to give you a fighting chance, particularly if you can get the HQ Interface out - of course Logos also helps. Drug Dealer massively smooths out drawing through the deck - so much so that I've cut the Earthrise Hotels; in the early game you can usually avoid paying the credit with judicious triggering of The Supplier, and in the late game you're making enough money to not care. I found Career Fair was sitting in my hand too much, so I've dropped it in favour of Bank Job, which helps the fast horizontal matchups that were the biggest problem for this deck; being able to micro around Drug Dealer is just a bonus. The midgame settles into an easy rhythm of loading up Kati Jones and The Supplier every turn, and drawing and/or installing on the other two clicks. It's very possible to run through the whole deck (particularly against Blue Sun) but at that point most of it will be on the table (and you have enough drip econ running to make the win), making Levy AR Lab Access moot even if we could spare the influence for it.

A few silver bullets for particular matchups: Spike is a cheeky way to neutralize Wraparound, while Alias is there to deal with Swordsman. There's no counter to Turing aside from Inside Job and running first click, but by the time they get two or three Turings stacked on a remote you should be able to hit centrals for the win. Data Dealer is for the awkward moment when you steal an early agenda and realise the corp can afford to Midseasons or Punitive; 9 credits for 2 clicks can be just the ticket. Later on you should out-money the corp to the point where traces are no longer a threat (in some matchups you want to hold off running until that point), and in the worst case an effective hand size of 8(Logos + 2xDrug Dealer) can stave off some kill combos.