Montreal Mawmakua - 1-2-2 East Coast Canadian Nats

funkeyman232 38

I had an absolute blast in Montreal for CanNats. I drove up from the Boston meta to my first major tournament, and could not have had a better time. Thank you to Andrej, Maddie, John, and all those who made the event happen. Thank you to all the Canadians who made me feel welcome, with a special shoutout to the Ottawa crew! Thanks to Kevinth, Izzy, and Trillian for being excellent travel partners.

I didn't feel confident in my runner play for this event, and spent far more time practicing corp. I decided to stick with Hoshiko for comfort, and lean into pieces that felt strong, like the Aumakua + Maw combo. Ultimately, there was a ton of Mavirus on the day, and a regular rig would have served me better. I still had legs in most of my games, with a few nail biting last minute draws on time. I'm just happy I won a game.

The real question is: Why didn't I run Hermes Tao???