1 Percent - 1st Place Chilean Nationals

Cristoflanga 65

Corp deck here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/38919/click-wars-1st-place-chilean-nationals

This is a really obvious deck that I tried many times to make more interesting. After a lot of jinteki playtesting, I ended up cutting all the fluff to get the most consistent experience possible. The deck went undefeated in a field of 32 players (I think) right up to the grand finals, where it saved me after losing with my HB deck to a clutch Showing Off play. That really tilted me, but this deck is nothing if not reliable. I have at least 2 copies of every important card (2 Plascretes because I hate losing to 24/7 Boom!) except for #Paperclip, but I never missed the second copy.

In the end, I found solid play to be much better against net damage decks than Feedback Filter. Also, Account Siphon is amazing in those matchups. Just play to your strenghts, don't multiaccess HQ and don't get distracted by irrelevant stuff.

The HB matchup could get kind of challenging, but if you keep the pressure on and snap the agendas out of HQ, before they get to the remote, you should be fine. Emergency Shutdown can be amazing if they have DNA Tracker or FC 3.0, but is there mainly for the CTM matchup.

Even though I faced only 1 CTM in the day, this was very unexpected, as I thought most people would bring it after a solid performance at Worlds. I needed a deck that I enjoyed playing but that I also felt could take the challenge. The plan against CTM is very simple. You have to outmoney them early, completely ignore the centrals and trash everything they put down. Everything except PADs. This is very important. Through testing, I found that trashing several PADs will always eventually get you in trouble, keeping you just within HHNs range at a crucial moment. I'm not saying NEVER trash the PADs, just that it's OK to leave them until you can press a really clear advantage. When their Sensies are dead they will have to get a scoring remote out to get rid of the agendas. You absolutely cannot afford to constantly hit a remote Tollbooth. That's when your plan changes, you have to keep HQ in check and use your tricks (Inside Job and Account Siphon) to cheat your way into the remote for cheap when you suspect a Breaking News play. Emergency Shutdown is freaking amazing for this, also helping you against HQ Tollbooth, which can be pretty good against this deck. If you feel that you cannot keep your remote assault, Legwork. They cannot put agendas in there if they have none in hand! Security Testing provides the kind of long-term economy you need. Employee Strike is good for obvious reasons, but you need to play it at the right time. If you get the chance, a Medium lock can be devastating after Legwork.

Basically the matchup is a much subtler and intricate version of classic criminal play: keep the remote under threat so that HQ gets flooded. This is why trashing Sensie is priority #1. I think it can get really fun an intersting because neither of the two decks has a clear advantage. Just don't get too agressive or you'll lose. You have to think very carefully about where to run. Also, remember Archangel is a card! Don't say I didn't warn you.

IG 49 is actually in your favor. Be judicious with your Siphon use. Don't waste them, use them when you think there's a Psychic Field out there. Don't freak out! Remember they need at least 3 cards to kill you. Check Archives constantly to narrow down what could be out there.

I think this deck is really solid, it just needs a little practice in the different matchups. Too many criminal players mistake senseless agression as pressure. Your deck can sustain a really long game. Don't be afraid to play a more controlling style! And of course, play to the criminal motto: Always exploit your opponent's weaknesses! Let them score just so you can take advantage of them afterwards.