Remote Gods - 1st@KVD 3-1

Bridgeman 2321

Check out the runner I played here!

Big shouts to my buddy the eternal eternal champ Rustryder for the original version of this deck and for inspiring me to explore this archetype :D

This is another list I almost brought to euros as it actually performed quite well in testing. Instead I brought it to König Von Deutschland, the team event before German Nats.

I ended up changing a lot of slots, but the core idea from the original is the same, exploit remote enforcement to get a hugely taxing remote with a Tyr and fill it with gankeds. I went a bit harder on triestes too, as we are also trying to drag the runner through our annoying ice as many times as possible, and it can really help in the apoc matchups.

I added more econ to the deck, but it still feels a bit poor at times, you need to get rolling in the right way.

It is lots of fun to play :)

22 Oct 2022 Diogene

Wow! Great list (I like Ganked! a lot). Using Remote Enforcement is genius with all those big ices! Cheers!

22 Oct 2022 Bridgeman

Yeah my boi Arndt is a genius! :D Remote enforcement for Tyr is a huge swing which also triggers the ID.

Thanks! :)

9 Nov 2022 secondskin

I played a similarish deck at EACC and didn't do too well, but really cool to see yours.

I also found myself poor in quite a few of the games, and that seemed to hinge on whether Offworld Office was scored or stolen. I think I'd probably x3 it as it really helps smooth out transitioning from scoring one agenda to the next.

9 Nov 2022 Bridgeman

Oh cool :)

The thing is remote enforcement is absolutely the biggest swing the deck can accomplish, luminal is just so good, and 3x GFI is important to be able to get to 7 IMO. So I´m trying to solve the money problem through other cards, mainly fully OP and nico. But there is probably some room to experiment.

9 Nov 2022 secondskin

Do you think there would be any room to play NEXT Activation Command in this deck? Think it synergizes well with Asa, but not sure what to drop and still keep good economy.

9 Nov 2022 Bridgeman

If you want to play that a different build is probably better. The more regish ASAs have more room for it, this list is trying to tax boat counters rather than locking boat out for one turn at a time. I think cutting stuff would hurt it overall.

9 Nov 2022 secondskin

True true.