My only regret is that AIs cannot feel my hate - 6/10/17 DC

Ino209 333

CodeMarvelous piloted this deck to 8th place (going 3-2) in swiss at the DC Regionals on 6/10/17.

The game plan is typical Blue Sun: Powering the Future shenanigans, but taking advantage of some new AI hate cards, now that Eater decks have gotten pretty popular. If they're not on the AI-only plan, you can rush behind Mother Goddess to force the runner to go get an AI breaker, then take advantage of your AI hate.

I think the deck can do really well in a meta without D4V1D, but definitely suffers with the prevalence of Employee Strike. Keep the Hostile Takeovers to clear annoying currents, but more counter-currents would probably be a wise addition.

12 Jun 2017 CodeMarvelous

Great list.

12 Jun 2017 Conphas

Laughs at decks teched for SYNC. Was a pleasure to finally see it in action, even if you did blow up my house.

12 Jun 2017 podoboyz99

I feel that a judge would be really good here, thats what the BS list I saw when I was at Nats was doing and it was brutal with MCA informant. Worst case they know what is up and just don't install connections, which is actually really good for you. Im not a big BS player, idk what to cut, maybe a ice? Or best defense?

12 Jun 2017 CaKnuckleguy

My big question, Restructure hasn't rotated yet, this deck doesn't use Barney, so why IPO instead of Restructure? It has a higher opportunity cost, nets the same return, and has a 'End the Turn' clause that restructure doesn't. This isn't the only deck I've seen that does I missing something here or is it just people playing the new shiny card instead?

12 Jun 2017 Conphas

@CaKnuckleguy Since this list has midseasons I might agree with you. But from an everyday stance, there arent many times that a corp needs to jump a high number of credits in the middle of the turn. Basically traces are the only time that come to mind.
For just making money, the lower opportunity cost is a worthwhile tradeoff for the needing to play it on click 3. Once I even played it clicked 2 because I didnt want to go to 15 credits due to Beth on the board :)

12 Jun 2017 Ino209

@CaKnuckleguyI felt like some number of restructures was right, over some number of IPOs. My reasoning:

a) It was new and shiny

b) I didn't feel like figuring out the number of each

But I decided against the analysis because I kept finding that the lower cost to entry is not insignificant. There's a huge difference between having an IPO in your opening hand vs. having a restructure. That is, Blue Sun is often rich, but not always.

Being able to ice HQ to block siphon, play Hedge Fund and then IPO can be terrifying enough to put a runner off of running.

A similar thing could be said of Restructure, but you you'd have to click for a credit, losing the ability to play the ice.

Though if this deck played Barney I would definitely have Restructure, instead.

12 Jun 2017 CaKnuckleguy

@Conphas``@Ino209 Both those seem reasonable reasons. Not sure I'd go a 3-of one way just on that alone though. 2-2 split has been my initial impression. 4 'Gain 5 creds' playable.

13 Jun 2017 RvdH83

I feel Consulting Visit should be a 3-off. It's any operation you want it to be. It's the star in this deck. And if you can fit in an Archived Memories that's probably worth it.

I personally prefer Restructure over IPO, mainly because it allows you to play Hard-Hitting News or MCA Informant afterwards.

If you play Scarcity of Resources, you really need 2. Runners really want to clear this current, and so they will.

Paywall Implementation is an other possibility, you can even play it with Bryan if the situation allows you to, but if you play Bryan you probably need ways to HHN them more often to get them below 6 at least once.

While Elizabeth Mills can be a great card, I'm wondering if it's worth the slot. What locations do you usually trash?

13 Jun 2017 Ino209

@RvdH83 I had trouble finding the slots for 3-of Consulting Visit. You end up cutting some of the cool toys you're consulting for.

Elizabeth Mills takes out NACH or Salsette Slums; important cards to keep off the table. Additionally, it clears the bad publicity from Hostile Takeover, and can bait runs.

13 Jun 2017 aero

How beneficial was the single Best Defense?

13 Jun 2017 Ino209

@aero The ability to snipe a Plascrete Carapace or an Obelus preventing the kill is pretty important. When they're not tagged, you keep your ability to rush by taking out Self-modifying Code, or maybe a Same Old Thing, preventing a siphon.

I thought about going with Hunter Seeker instead, but on the turn after an agenda steal, my priority is Midseason Replacements.

13 Jun 2017 RvdH83

Bookmark is also a fine target for Best Defense in Dyper-Apocalypse decks.