Post Roto Girl Gang

Necro 190

girl gang
rotation proof, revised-core-friendly girl gang


Jackson Howard is dead! To mourn/celebrate it's time to whip out those Criminal jewellery: Gang Sign and HQ Interface. The goal is to put those cards on the table. It gets the corp in a very uncomfortable, locked position where he/she cannot score without giving us agendas to steal. And then Leela's ability fires at least twice. Nice.

Apply pressure wisely. Get credits, draw a lot in the early game. Fisk Investment Seminar rocks and also promotes agenda-flood. By mid-game you should have the lock ready.

Romping the right centrals at the right time can drain some money by getting ICE rezzed. Check HQ (Sneakdoor Beta) and keep the corp honest by peeking into Archives sometimes (we are also milling with Maw). You can contest scoring remotes with Inside Job. Leave some ICE unrezzed and give the corp the false feeling of security.

Bouncing advanced agendas back to HQ feels priceless. You can recur lost pieces, Fisk Investment Seminar and Dean Lister with Rip Deal.

Breaker suite

As I said, setting up the lock early is more important than running. Your main breaker will be Aumakua. Don't forget, each Gang Sign fire can boost it. The other breakers are just acting as backup if a virus-purge hits. Dean Lister can help out if needed.

Why Leela?

I tried Laramy Fisk: Savvy Investor for extra agenda-flooding as well. It's fun, give it a go, just change the ID and run the same cards. I find Leela's ability superior as she opens up week spots. Gang Sign works with her great.

Tournament experience

We had a small, 7 player GNK and played 4 rounds. This deck won 3 out of 4 and I won the event.

Round 1 - Jinteki: Personal Evolution - win

Oh, those Snare!s, I had to be careful with HQ. It was a grind, I was left with 2 cards in hand, zero in stack when I finally won. It was a close one.

Round 2 - Palana - win

He rushed out a Corporate Sales Team early, but then agenda flooded hard. I mean really-really serious flood. Fisk Investment Seminar did not help him at all. It was a quick win.

Round 3 - Custom Biotics - loss

54 card asset-spam hell with Museum of History, Estelle Moon and topped with MCA Austerity Policy + Enhanced Login Protocol to starve credits. I just couldn't keep up.

Round 4 - Jinteki: Personal Evolution - win

I laid down some heavy HQ pressure. Although got a couple of Snare! to the face again, it was worth it. Scooped off a couple of agendas from R&D as single accesses as well.

Moving parts

I haven't used Caldera (Jinteki hate) and Rip Deal. Paperclip was also without any work, which could free up some influence. Maybe you can jam in more economy, because Maw and HQ Interface are expensive.

What if the spoiled ban/restricted list hits?

Then this deck loses Bloo Moose and Temüjin Contract, which is a big deal. Credits are already tight. You can try substituting with Aeneas Informant, Bank Job, Security Testing, Daily Casts, Dirty Laundry and a third Tapwrm. Probably you can drop some Career Fairs as well. Only Gang Sign is on the restricted list, so that's no problem at all.