[Startup] Siberian Plague(aka Fat Ob)

discitizen 113

This is somewhat funny Ob deck. Why funny? Because it's 59 cards. It has some weird Ice, including Maskirovka. But it can play and it can make runner take a step back and think(if he won't he will probably end up in misery).

This deck is all about rigshooting and scoring agendas old fashioned way. You bait into rigshoot, trash rig, got your scoring window and score, simple as that. The main rigshooting combo is obviously Stavka + Hafrún. You have your 3cost ice rezzed(Enigma or Maskirovka), or maybe even have unrezzed ZATO City Grid, bait into running against unrezzed Stavka, trash 3cost, use Ob to install and rez Hafrún and outright prohibit runner to break Stavka. -2 programs, and probably open up scoring window.

Everytrhing else in the deck is for empowering that combo, or another ways to trash rig. Marilyn Campaign is our Ob FUEL. We can Extract it, we can use Anvil with it, we can Svyatogor Excavator it and even Kimberlite Field or Azef Protocol it, to shuffle it back in our big fat deck and bring out our 1cost Ice Wall or Tithe. These ones can stop runner, tax them, be used as fuel to bring Spin Doctor, Drago Ivanov or Svyatogor Excavator on the table when we need it.

Kimberlite Field trashes programs, or problematic hardware like Basilar Synthgland 2KVJ or WAKE Implant v2A-JRJ or Marrow.

Azef Protocol is good way to trigger Ob and replace some ice, while 2 meat damage can hit some valueable rig pieces in grip or slow runner down.

ZATO City Grid enables you to throw used Stavka at the runner for extra unavoidable program trash, or just throw End the Run Ice to make them lose money and clicks while you score.

Drago Ivanov is there to use Retribution and Trust Operation to install Archer for free.

Daily Business Show is somewhat weird include, but it helps to fight off flood when your centrals are pressed while you keep building defences and set up scary scoring remote.

Pharos when advanced can be tricky to deal with and also makes a nice target for Kimberlite Field when you need to kill some expensive Runner tech. Bonus points for rezzing it for free with Send a Message.

59 cards is a lot, but when you start percieve that as toolbox of things you can bring with Ob ability it will become clear that you always have an option. I've had fun games where this Ob milled Esâ Afontov: Eco-Insurrectionist, not the other way around. Big deck size allows us to discard cards more freely not being afraid of getting decked.

Some combos and stuff in this deck is somewhat counterintuitive, but it will take ages to type it all. So if you have questions - please comment, I will answer.

22 Jan 2023 xou

very nasty deck. not unbeatable but R+ levels of pain indeed.

23 Jan 2023 Oddball

@discitizen, this looks mean. After trying Anvil in a Jinteki deck, I think I need to update my old Ob deck and play a slimmer version inspired by your list! Thanks for sharing.

24 Jan 2023 discitizen

@Oddballthank you. Slimmer version can work, but I tried it and found out that I run out of options pretty fast(and lose to Esa a lot), but expanding it to 59 cards solved this problems and the deck seems to work much better, which was a surprise.

31 Jan 2023 PowerlessCube

Was working out a Ken Tenma startup deck, when I came up against @discitizen, a very curtious a friendly player.

If only I could say the same thing about their deck...

Highlights of the game:

This shot my last Corroder into the bin. It was only through panic drawing into my only Katorga Breakout that I was able to get it back.

It also locked me out my Mayfly during a curcial run using the Stavka + Hafrún combo causing me to face plant through a 4 deep remote.

Diabolic mate....