Asa's Still Awesome - 3-0 at Vale's Async Tourney

bowlsley 560

We started this tournament just a couple of weeks after the booster pack was released, and my first thought when it came to deciding on what corp to play was "how do I beat Light the Fire?"

Skunkvoid decks looked to be on the decline, yet again I'd put in almost no practice with CtM or Gagarin, and FA seemed a little unreliable to me. So I found the latest Asa deck that I had lurking around, took out the defensive upgrades, put some Border Controls in, filled it back up with assets, and called it a day.

And unsurprisingly, it's still a good deck! MCA annoys Deep Divers, BC stops LtF, DRM pairs nicely with Lakshmi, and Fully Op is still the most ridiculous value card in the game.

Hákarl 1.0 is also a purple card with numbers on it. You can take it out and put a better barrier in if you want, I won't mind.

10 May 2022 mrteatime66

I'm taking this to our meetup this week. Can't wait to see how it plays. I'm so excited by the Ghost Sharks :P Thanks for the list!!!