Eat Your Heart Out Ryan Phillipe: 5-2 at Worlds

Sanjay 2766

This is the runner deck I played in Worlds 2020.

I thought the deck would be superlative as the biggest deck, but I heard through the grapevine that some people broke three digits.

I was honored to build this deck with the help of Laura Williams, who is the most successful Delawarean I can think of.

(Aubrey Plaza didn't win PAX U Fake Nats and Sean Patrick Thomas isn't the reigning Sovereign of Subways, so I think I have a case here)

How do you know what parts of the build are my handiwork and what parts are Laura's?


If something in the build reads like a deckbuilding error, it was my doing (Maw, Street Magic, District 99, etc)

If something in the build is inspired and was instrumental to me crushing at Worlds 2020, it was Laura's suggestion (Faust, Moshing, Keiko instead of one of each console. Ice Carver)

Everything else was a mutual decision.

For what it is worth, I went 5-2 on the runner side, which was THE BEST RUNNER RECORD BY A DELAWAREAN, outperforming Laura who didn't do so hot on the runner side, and Joe Biden, who did not register for the tournament.