StarGate Leela 23rd Euros 2020 4 / 3

5N00P1 833

This Leela is simply a steal from @qvm from the APAC Championship, to cudos to him! This deck was going 4 - 3 on that Euros & African Championship 2020, together with this Titan list, being a bit unlucky.
I wanted to include a Sneakdoor Beta as it enables you to load your The Turning Wheel & Aumakua and forces the Corp to ICE Archives. On top of that I decided to include Stargate as it's another good R&D pressure and good against Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future.
So I removed both Miss Bones replaced Diesel with Deuces Wild as it also allows you to do other stuff. and then slotted the 2 programs. Sometimes I was scarce on MU when I don't had a console out and when you want to have a Tapwrm running, otherwise it felt good.

Game Report

Game 1

Against @Late on Earth Station: SEA Headquarters with Jinja City Grid. I did not find my tools, got my Events when everything was ICEd. Got my Pad Taps to late and made to many mistakes. So he deserved the win. 0 - 1

Game 2

Against @Mella on Mirrormorph with Jinja City Grid (uh) & MCA Austerity Policy I had similar issues like in game 1, but was finding the win in R&D, when only a few cards where left as he was not able to find the win. 1 - 1

Game 3

Against @wowarlok on Titan. No idea anymore, but hopefully my tech cards helped me. 2 - 1

Game 4

Against @paulyg on The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated he had a rough start and I a good one. Not finding econ was rough, I was able to steal one agenda, was Hard-Hitting News but with Deuces Wild I could shake almost all tags. Stargate did wonders, killing one City Works Project and feeding the other one to hand without a chance to score it and Punitive Counterstrike was dead due to the money differential. Sooner or later I was able to snipe it from HQ. Best move was his Hortum that was dedicated. I was running HQ, played Emergency Shutdown and was able to snipe an Agenda to bounce it. Otherwise it would have been a major issue for my Turtle. 3 - 1

Game 5

Against @Axwill on Argus. He was drawing his Atlas instead of the GFI. Was able to exchange an Atlas with 2 counters against another one with Turntable but when he threatened to score one with 2 counters (again) I got tagged pretty good without being able to shake them and was killed. Maybe not my smartest move. 3 - 2

Game 6

Against @RoRo on UK Asa. Was not able to find points although I had the game under a good control for a long time. Should have more aggressiv StarGated him but was a bit poor. He scored out. 3 - 3

Game 7

Against @Loveman on UK Asa, I head an idea after the previous game. He was swimming in money but I was able to steal 2 Global Food Initiative early & load my turtle. He scored an agenda trying to trick me with his Successful Field Test spamming the board. Bounced the ICE and stole the Vitruvius. When he was close to winning, I unloaded my The Turning Wheel on R&D to find nothing.... next turn I went in for the HQ to be lucky and steal the GFI for the win. 4 - 3

It was a pleasure playing all my opponents, meeting some people I know, but I hope for next year, to welcome you all in Berlin.