Depth & Taxes III: Hell on Earth

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The Old World is Dying

The old D&T builds were largely based around attacking the Runner's tempo by forcing a lot of 3/1s into their score area, then getting yourself a fat pile of value with SBB. It was also the only natural home for the harmonics suite, This made for an extremely competent midrange deck, and I miss it dearly.

But it's dead now.

First - the Agenda suite doesn't work post-rotation. Having 13 is such a huge risk with Hermes floating around, and it no longer makes sense to be primarily a never-advance deck that jobs out 3/1s to chip away at tempo. We need to reduce density and grab more proactive Agendas that you actually want to score.

Second - if we're not trying to feed the runner, the traps start making less sense. Nightmare Archives and Hendrik are great, and I'll miss a cheeky Snare!, but the threat profile is so different without Buy-Backs it can no longer support them.

Third - harmonics just gotta go. We were graced with extremely efficient in-faction Ice, especially in the current meta, and harmonics are a liability with the sheer number of popular ways to get around them cleanly.

So, where do we go from here?

Today is Thulesday

The New World Struggles to be Born

Early builds were hanging on to Riot Suppression, with the theory that playing it alongside Oppo Research was a fucked up thing to do to someone. And, it is, but where do you go from there? EOTL is a good one-of with Pivot being so cheap, but the list was too focused on the flatline and ended with a useless plan B.

They also began showing an economy problem, and there was an attempt to solve it with Vovo and Cybersand, but games started lasting thirty years and the engine was pretty flimsy. Not worth salvaging, though I think a Vovo could find its way onto the list at some point.

As continentals went on, we started to get glimpses of other noble souls playing Thule at high level, and the lightbulb went off - we're not diet Sports anymore, we're store-brand Asa!

Superman Thulesday

First Step, Score a 3/1; Second Step, Score a 5/3

The biggest change here revolves around the Agenda suite. Gone are the days of running only one Agenda we want to score - now we have three. Stegodon is incredibly strong alongside Formicary and Skunkworks, allowing you to redeploy your bullshit every time they are forced to run a different server. Salvo Testing changes the texture of the game - now every facedown is a tangible threat. Still, it's a bad card, and even I could only stomach a 2-pack. Luminal is Luminal, 3 clicks is a lot! The Ikawah is really nice as a defensive to close out the game, or at the very least to make them pay a pretty hefty price.

The other big change is where your money comes from. You can't be a single-remote never-advance menace anymore, you need to have a few servers popping to get more Stegodon value. On that note, having plenty of incentive is key. Bladderworts and Wage Workers really draw the Runner's eye, and the Tranquilities and Fully Ops glue your plan together.

Since harmonics were mid before and the opportunity cost went through the roof, not even Pulse survived. Instead you run 15 of the best-positioned Ice in the meta and just hope for the best.

You're ideally ending the game on turn 10-12 by scoring - flatlining is even rarer now than ever. Please try your best and have fun playing fairly.

Garf Thulesday

The Reviews are In!

Review 1

This guy loves it!

Review 2

Another satisfied customer!

Review 3

Raw power!

Thulesday Spiderman


Don't you just lose on centrals?

Shut up. I would recommend you not do that.

Does Pinhole Threading worry you?

Shut up. Just rez an Ablative and get whatever they trashed back. Card is busted.

Wouldn't this be much better in Asa?

Shut up. Click compression is a fake idea, and Asa doesn't tax the runner at all. Mid as hell.

Should I play this deck at Worlds?

Yes. It's good and more than capable of carrying you to top 16 if you pilot it well.

Really? I frankly don't think a deck with Salvo Testing can carry anyone to top 86, much less...

Shut up.

11 Sep 2023 NetDad

My experience with Salvo Testing

11 Sep 2023 rongydoge

another strong writeup from jonkey bong

12 Sep 2023 maninthemoon

Love it!! <3

15 Sep 2023 ThePatrician

Came for the deck. Stayed for the write up. 💪💪

15 Sep 2023 jonkey bong


17 Sep 2023 CephalopodWizard

2 Salvo Testing and 1 Ikawa is decision that I respect. <3

21 Sep 2023 AlPi

I love this

21 Sep 2023 branimated

In the grim darkness of the near future, there is only Thule

2 Oct 2023 Skandrino

How does Formicary help you redeploy your bullshit? I only see the interaction with Manegarm?

2 Oct 2023 jonkey bong

Stegodon lets you redeploy your "formicary + manegarm" bullshit, I mean

9 Oct 2023 exzo777

Deck is power house.

1 Jan 2024 Satoshi

If you don't mind, would you comment on 2x Bladderwort include?

1 Jan 2024 jonkey bong

the floor is a click and 3c tax on the runner, it gives a good source of chip damage, and it puts pressure on the runner to run a different server if you score a stegodon and punishes then for tunneling. it's also been a very good rez during more than one doof run (either presenting lethal if they take your money or just allowing you to recoup a bit quickly)

28 Mar 2024 earcrummy

It's sad to see the old D&T builds go, but it's exciting to explore new strategies and adapt to the changing meta. The transition to Thulesday sounds intriguing, especially with the emphasis on proactive agendas and a shift in economy tunnel) rush management.