Mild Disagreement (5th+Undefeated NZ Nats, 10th ICC (kinda))

KyraWNY 611

QtM AgKeeling did well so I brought the Manegarm Skunkworks version to Intercontinentals. I got terrible draws unfortunately, and had to actually score 5/3 agendas (the horror).

Notes from that version: money was tight and having no scoring pivot makes winning the game after the first Dr. Vientiane Keeling trash difficult if you don't find another Keeling.

I thus went with this version for NZ Nats, taking inspiration from AugustusCaesar's version of the deck, including Regolith Mining Licenses to print free money, and Saisentan over Sadaka to have a cheaper early game boop target (that has potential to do more damage than Anansi) that I wouldn't mind getting Hippo'ed.

I additionally added my own innovation of 2x Regenesis over the Send a Message, creating an easy scoring pivot after the runner expends their resources for a Keeling trash and cannot contest the remote. This never became relevant during NZ Nats however, as my draws were significantly better than at Intercontinentals, and the extra money from the Regoliths helped with defending the first Keeling a lot better (having all three Brân 1.0s rezzed on the board at the same time is pretty nice).

Anyway, kinda glad Keeling's gone. She's kinda boring to play ngl, which is sad to say for one of the best decks in the meta.


ICC R2 | Loss vs Hoshiko

ICC R4 | Loss vs Hoshiko

NZ Nats R1 | Win vs Hoshiko

NZ Nats R2 | Win vs Sable

NZ Nats Top Cut R2 | Win vs Hoshiko