Never Ending Austerity [1st in Berlin GNK]

Angelnet5000 70

This is a mix of DoomRat's Endless Austerity deck and lazychef13's deck that went 9-1 on the German nationals in 2020. I made some changes that were either because of bans/rotation or because of personal preference. The play style of the deck has already been described in the other two versions. After the changes, the deck felt good to play, but I don't think I will take it to more tournaments because of how frustrating it can be for the runner.

For one, I like the HB ice suite, I feel it is very taxing, especially considering the effects of MCA, where click economy suddenly becomes more valuable, thus more taxing if used to break ice. Also, many of the very efficient ice the aforementioned decks used were banned, so I stuck with HB ice. It's worth thinking about saving some influence for Border Controls by replacing some Anoetics with Manegarms.

I ditched NGO because I felt, I never wanted to play it while play testing the deck, whereas Nanoetching Matrix, I feel gives a nice way to proc MirrorMorph and once MCA starts ticking, I felt no-one bothered to spend a click to trash it. In a meta heavy with miss or Imp it might be worth switching back to NGO.

I went with Red Level Clearance instead of Sprint, because I felt Spin docs are enough for fixing the rare agenda flood and the possibility of drawing 2 cards into an agenda on a round where you have clicked MCA for a third time and getting a click back might occur, plus the extra money can be nice.

I felt econ was good enough and with no ice above 6 cost, I squeezed three Anoetcis, which after the inclusion of some Recurring Fodder felt fantastic at either keeping the runner from trashing MCA or blocking access to central servers in the case of the occasional Shaper that doesn't bother trashing MCA and goes for R&D multi-access.

26 Oct 2021 5N00P1

Yeah an MCA deck + Restore + Howard 2.0 can mean you are never coming into the game as Runner and it feels oppressive. On the other hand there are a lot of Political Operative running around and playing real 3 pointers is risky.

26 Oct 2021 Angelnet5000

Also, the return of Mad Dash makes it very dangerous. So far runner needed 3 out of 7 agendas to win, but now they can win with 2, so that makes the deck all the more dangerous to bring to another event...

29 Oct 2021 DoomRat

I felt like Nanoetching was just asking to get eaten alive by Aumakua. Has that been an issue?