Andi meets Aaron (1st place, Osnabrück, Germany, 13 players

Mirilu 135

Put this deck together just few days before the tournament. Nothing fancy, just good cards in an amazing ID, pretty standard Andi. As a not very experienced criminal player myself, I didn't expect it could snowball so hard. Your money and your turning wheel counters can grow exponentially. Then nothing can stop you. This deck has an incredibly strong centrals pressure. They double ice HQ? surprise them with sneakdoor. Amazing the combination with turning wheel and temüjin HQ. They spend money sealing archives? Go the non fancy way, hammer HQ and steal them their money. Your amazing friends Aaron, John and the employees of earthrise hotel will help you find your other great cards. Didn't really need medium nor employee strike. I Played against Harpsichord (time loss), Making news (win), biotech (win), Making news (time win).