Girlboss Gaslight Gatekeep

asphy 58


Hi, I'm Asphy.

I used to play when the game was new and now I'm getting into all the new stuff. Bringing old game plans back to life because I simply cannot abide counting. The idea behind this deck is to pay for nothing and let the deck win for itself. RIP Astro. I can't believe they made us stop advertising on the moon.

While some might argue the HHN money NBN is a better deck, the amount of dead cards if a runner plays spoiler kinda turns me off running it. Easier to misplay too.

Open to any feedback.


While I prefer Stock Buy-Back because it counts News Team you could also trade this out for Government Subsidy if you prefer something that isn't a Terminal operation.

The agendas are all 3 and 1s except for Tomorrow's Headline but if that gets stolen at the start of an R&D dig it might pay for itself in Quantum Predictive Model scores. Usually a runner will hit at least one News Team so in general they'll need 3 scores minimum to win.

I like NGO Front for baiting runs and it gives you a bit more value from Herald. I know you might feel bad manually scoring out a Quantum Kitty behind a single Funhouse it's a safe way to load up 1 point agendas so you can Exchange of Information later.

Do your best not to pay for Hydra or Tollbooth out of pocket unless you're above 12 credits. Get one out on the field early so if the runner snipes Send a Message you have a viable target.

Salem's Hospitality their Networking just to be a pain in the ass once you know its in their hand.

Remember to trash their problem resources as soon as you can, highest priorities being:

I don't flip ID unless the runner decides to go all in on tags and I have a lot of trashing to do.


Win conditions:

  1. Schmeat damage: By face checking ice the runner accidently ends with tags and a small grip. You know I always got that mf thang on me 👇
  1. Wholesome gameplay: Score out honestly with agendas behind annoying cheap/free ice. Runner will be hitting News Team anyway so they'll need to work harder. Plus whenever they steal you get a bonus tag, rez or money. Punish a tag with Exchange of Information punish a lot of tags with Psychographics. ggwp (●'◡'●)

Archived Memories is incredibly important. Don't be afraid to overdraw and trash some operations if this is in your hand. It can be your win condition.

17 Jul 2022 f1l0u

Hello, I would also like to revive this archetype - looooved it in the past - but i doubt it will work, HPT gets banned and in my tests it seemed too slow and seemed to has lost it teeth compared to the olde ways of the past.

What do you think?

17 Jul 2022 f1l0u

Addionally to much anti tag flow tech is the runner decks these days.

17 Jul 2022 f1l0u

To improve maybe Consulting Visit, Snare!, Economic Warfare, Rashida Jaheem and Predictive Algorithm might be good ideas.

18 Jul 2022 asphy

High-Profile Target Is being banned soon but the banlist post says they have some replacements coming.

Regarding anti tag tech: I feel that Salem's Hospitality has a lot of flexibility and the deck has other win conditions if the tags aren't sticking.

I remember running Consulting Visit but for the inf I would prefer to use Archived Memories instead and keep the game pace slow. I don't like holding onto/drawing combo cards I can't use.

Snare! goes against the "broke corp" mentality and only slows the runner down where News Team works toward both score and kill gameplans.

I considered Rashida Jaheem instead of NGO Front but NGO is a way to bait runs and synergizes off Herald

This deck is definitely a work in progress and edits will be made with the new sets and from standard tourneys.

Thanks for giving it a look anyway <3

18 Jul 2022 Cpt_nice

Hey I recognise this deck 😄

I think you probably want to max out on Spin Doctors. It is an amazing card. IP Block is also worth 3 off. Other than that, love this style.

18 Jul 2022 f1l0u

Consulting Visit does not cost influence in this deck. WIth fifth rotation Exchange of Information and Salem's Hospitality will rotate out, just BTW.

18 Jul 2022 f1l0u

On the comment above I meant Predictive Planogram and not Predictive Algorithm.