Modified Gunboat (2-2 5th in swiss in Delaware CO)

coldlava 235

This deck is an amalgamation of 2 other Op decks that were popular on NRDB, Metropole Grid's The Gunboat and cableCarnage's Gagarin is dead, long live Op. Andrej's list provides most of the bones with his three combos being the primary thing you are driving for. However, as he note, it can be weak to things like Pinhole Threading taking out the MCA Austerity Policy. To combat this I've taken some of the ideas from cableCarnage to bring in Hard-Hitting News and Economic Warfare to punish the runner if they are too aggressive trashing my board. Some other things taken from cable's list are the False Leads which can severely hamper the runner's ability to respond to an HHN especially if there is an MCA on the board as well as the Launch Campaign's instead of Hedge Funds for being able to be tutored as well as being able to tutor 0 costs, notably Spin Doctor and Rashida Jaheem being the prime targets. There can be turns where a launch campaign ticks and you grab a spin just to dig for more cards to try and find the last piece of the kill combo. The main drop's from Andrej's list is the second austerity policy and a sprint to make room for two HHNs. Since the MCA is being tutored anyway dropping it to a 1 of doesn't worry me too much and if you need to spin it back to tutor a second one you are probably already in a rough spot but you can spin it back right before the Ob trigger if need be.

Thank you Sanjay for running a great tournament and Ysengrin for for streaming and commentating.