Trash Panda: Now with 100% more sneak (5-1 CT GNK)

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Welcome back, friend trash panda!

This is the deck I took to a 5-1 at a local GNK. My opponents were:

Round 1: Jinteki Biotech: Life Imagined-- Oppo had difficulty finding agendas to threaten other than an early Obokata Protocol score. Locked down R&D with Spy Camera and Stargate and checked the early installed remotes with Falsified Credentials after scoring 4 points and found a cheeky naked Obokata for the win.

Round 2: NBN: Controlling the Message- A very lucky opening had me on 2x Tech Trader with Spy Camera and a Boomerang. While oppo eventually had near 30 credits due to 2 uncontested copies of Commercial Bankers Group, oppo had difficulty finding ice other than an IP Block on R&D and the remote and a Resistor on HQ. Oppo had scored an AR-Enhanced Security turn 2, which turned off any desire to Stargate. Was able to win off a spy cam reveal and a couple good pokes into HQ.

Round 3: Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home-- SPORTS. SPORTS. SPORTS. This deck was insanely good, and tough to contest with Tranquility Home Grid and Arella Salvatore in the remote restocking creds enough to protect other servers. Difficulty finding Corroder led me to boomerang the mvp ice: Vanilla multiple times, spelled doom against a remote with two stacked with a Gatekeeper. All-in-All Sports is in a great place with Megaprix Qualifier and Home Grid, and definitely slammed and jammed every. single. turn. Also Project Vacheron feels SO bad when Sports goes so fast. Corp was able to keep pace and score two of their own Qualifiers (after i had scored one) and two Project Vitruvius for the win.

All-in-all most of the comments I'd received were that they were constantly surprised Geist could be so consistently aggressive early on. Big props to @Pinsel for the inspiration, only swapping out a copy of each of Prognostic Q-Loop, Masterwork (v37) and Bravado for a suite of Falsified Credentials. I think Falsified Credentials is still incredibly important and constantly found myself staring at 1-2 copies of Bravado/Masterwork/Q-chip without wanting to run vs. potential tag punishment or due to too many copies. The Gbahali swap out ended up hurting a little due to Hunting Grounds not finding any good targets and the absolute all-star Vanilla in Sports crushing me. Though it's nice to know it can be returned with The Back due to an otherwise (mostly) irrelevant trash ability. I switched a Hostage for an On the Lam to improve the match-up vs anything running Hard-Hitting News, mostly because in execution, I found the second hostage to be superfluous given the new draw obtained through Masterwork (v37) and money from Bravados. A huge thank you to the CT Netrunner community for coming out and playing, and to Project NISEI for continuing to put out wonderful content for this incredible game! Always Be Running <3

31 Jan 2020 disperse

This deck is great, I was most impressed with your ability to keep track of about 34 triggers a run and stay on pace throughout the tournament.

Vanilla OP.