[Startup] Virus Boatshiko (2-2, 5th at Berlin Startup CO)

Girometics 1967

Pretty much what you'd expect from running Boat in Hoshiko, with a few adjustments to the local meta. As there is not much more to say about this list, I'll use the available space to write down how my games at the CO went for both this and my RH list (of which I was surprised to come out better as corp).

Virus Boatshiko Performance (Runner)

Game 1: VS the reigning local champion Dima on Pravdivost Consulting. At first it went fairly well as I managed to steal one Beale (I think?) off of R&D and then trash all NAPD Cordons, but when I went ahead and tried to offshore all my money into Liberated Account, Imp and Fermenter in preparation of being hit by an Artifical Cryptocrash, Dima then scored a Cyberdex Sandbox, which caught me completely off guard and it was hard to recover from that, as I was then unable to trash his Seamless Launch as I had planned to do.

Game 2: VS Skeeve on PD, who very bravely attended the CO with just a hand full of games under his belt! Here, I managed to get boat down fairly early, all while I got just extremely lucky by picking one agenda after another out HQ. From that point, there was unfortunately no way for Skeeve to recover. I am again very sorry for that admittedly unpleasant experience and hope it doesn't deter you from playing this otherwise excellent game!

Game 3: VS Miri on PD. Here, I stole an early Project Vacheron, but after that I as struggling to get into the remote as I didn't find my breakers or the Boat in time. Miri also dutifully purged any Imp I installed the moment it came down, which prevented me from trashing key cards, and thus managed to score two agendas before time was called.

Game 4: VS awildturtok on Rush BtL. A very intense, close, but also short game where I got a Stargate down early and just started jamming R&D, simply sacrificing cards to the Tithe sitting on top of there, while awildturtok simply went ahead and rushed out agendas behind a server that I didn't bother to check. This one really felt like a Speedrun as to who could get agendas off of R&D first, but I managed to snipe two Hostile Takeovers, which slowed awildturtok down enough for me to close the game off faster.

Magical Hats Performance (Corp)

Game 1: VS Dima on Hoshiko. This was the complete flipside of what happened in my game as runner against him; the only ICE I drew early on was Palisade and knowing I had to protect R&D, I put it there as soon as I could. After that I managed to score a Project Yagi-Uda, but while that happened Dima had setup up a Stargate and Chiseled his way through my flimsy barrier, after which my deck was ripe for the picking.

Game 2: VS Skeeve on Lat. This is where Skeeve's greenness was most palpable, as Jinteki simply is the faction that punishes misplays the hardest; after I scored a Flower Sermon early with which I more or less secured R&D, the game was over fairly quickly after Skeeve ran into first one and then another Snare that I installed in my remote with the intention of having them protect an upcoming Vladisibirsk City Grid. I hate to say it, but you know, I had warned you off multiple times!

Game 3: VS Miri on Zahya. In a similar vein, Miri unfortunately ran into an early Snare which slowed her down enough for me to setup a Vladisibirsk City Grid and then start scoring one agenda after another, all while I kept on a low credit count so that my Bladderwort kept pinging her over and over. In my opinion though, as she didn't really know that strategy my deck was following, she made the mistake of continually putting her Security Testing on Archives and thus never really checking it, which netted me surely more than 10 credits over the course of the game and allowed me to safely store my agendas (and brazenly my Punitive Counterstrikes) there.

Game 4: Vs awildturtok on Captain Padma Isbister. While awildturtok did get his Boat down early and started Stargate'ing my R&D, I just happily threw agendas into the bin, as I already had two Punitive Counterstrikes in hand and he didn't really think to contest my Spin Doctor. There as one point where I was worried of making a mistake, and that was then he used Pinhole Threading and I decided not to pop my Spin Doctor, thinking that I could return agendas if necessary with the other I had in hand if he trashed the first one. Fortuneately for me and unfortunately for him, he then decided to access a Snare before he dove into Archives and stole 4 agenda points, letting me finish him off with the Punitive that he didn't know anything of.