Skunk Fate (Undefeated*, 13th @ Italian Nats)

anarchomushroom 756

i like playing lockout prison decks and i like playing yellow asset decks so this is really just a very beautiful meld of both

it's the same as the process list from UK nats with: -1 void -2 mestnichestvo, +1 skunk +1 mavirus +1 funhouse. I liked funhouse more info the deep dive decks and i had plenty of games where i wished I had a mavirus for things like fermenter and clot

there's really nothing to say other than the deck is cracked out the fucken wazoo and has no bad matchups except knobkierie imp decks but those decks are hard to play and have consistency problems

this was undefeated* for me at the weekend and felt exceptionally smooth and strong. the hands largely play themselves, you just need to not throw and the deck will do its thing

this was a very last minute trip for me but im glad my very nice spike inclined friend put the idea into my head to come. ive been feeling pretty down about netrunner all year pretty much and im probably taking a good break from the game so im glad this weekend was so much fun to end on a high. thank you to the TOs for a wonderful event, the italian meta for being so kind and welcoming, Augustus for being a much more organized roommate than me, lostgeek and the swiss crew for dinner and food chain magnate on sunday, aksu for the monster, and my spike inclined friend for being a great friend c:

play flesh and blood it's great

*I won all my corp games in the first 3 rounds before iding round 4 and playing runner in my round 5 241, dss is a fucken DiSaSter

27 Nov 2023 jan tuno


27 Nov 2023 anarchomushroom


27 Nov 2023 oggy

Me come for visit but am not welcome. me not care. visit anyway. have to run away. use genius invention. me think that great opportunity to go swimming! but me grug. not seeing that backpack too small for shiny gold. Then you really pick up tempo and me lose. GG

Me say: funhouse no fun

had a blast to grug out in bologna it was great!

27 Nov 2023 anarchomushroom

me say: funhouse no fun

me also say: fun house with friends from chocolate heroin land very very fun

28 Nov 2023 Jai

I was playing around with a bunch of different influence spreads before and after Singapore Nats, and upon reflection I think I might slightly favor this setup over the second Seamless. Thanks for sharing, and it sounds like you had a lovely trip!