Boatless / RegAss Smoke (2-3 @ Italian KOS 2023)

Drager 168

Just a boring, regular smoke deck with the usual stuff

  • Afterimage / Penrose / Paperclip because I don't believe the Turbine engine was fast enough. Of course a Turbine-powered Smoke went to a much better win rate (I believe 4-1)
  • Aniccam with 21 event to be even faster. Easy choice, it's the last legal shaper console that would do something for you
  • No Daily Casts, Yes DJ Fenris / Steve to recur economy. It's also an excuse to run HQ, for me as a player I'm heavily RnD focus
  • BIG yes 2x Jailbreak, double draw with the Aniccam trigger and it can be an early pressure
  • 2x Pinhole Threading the necessary tech in this proving time. The timing to play them can be a bit difficult

You should wait for Self-modifying Code + Overclock to run the first ice. If you want to be even more careful with one of Mantle / Trickster Taka / Net Mercur just to have the 2 stealth to eventually bypass the nasty sentries (not this sentry tho!)

Of course the "final" rig should be the breaker, 1/2 Mantle, Net Mercur, The Twinning. The Twinning loading on YOUR turn by Mercur or one of the Mantle, on the corp's turn by the other Mantle
Deep Dive is a nice wincon but with Beth Kilrain-Chang the possibility of the 5th click is in the corp's hand.

If you lose your The Twinning for any reason and you play DJ Fenris AFTER, consider Sable for a target. That way the Deep Dives become viable wincon!

Problems and / or Improvment:

  • Self-modifying Code and Overclock not being in hand together for the first 4-5 turns. And the opponent being a rush corps. Yikes
  • ENDING THE TURN AT EXACTLY 4 CRED. No. Don't do this. Better 3 than 4! I had Misdirection in hand, 4 cred, 1 mantle. I knew HHN was looming. My opponent was Ampère and was dealt with the "perfect Weyland hand". Economic Warfare -> HHN. Confused, I installed Misdirection, clicked for credit and was ONE CREDIT SHORT to be out of BOOM! range. I Played a Diesel (so I would survive a single EotL). The Gods of Weyland were in favour of my opponent with the Boom in hand (so singleton Econ Warfare, singleton HHN, singleton Boom).
  • You can swap the 2 Jailbreak to play something else like a Conduit but it slows the game (I don't recommend it if the meta is fast)
  • You can play a Clot, for one Pinhole Threading and one DJ Fenris. But DJ is hella fun...

And also, you know... you could play a 40 card dec
NO! 41, 46 AND 51 ARE THE WAY

Game 1 (L) vs Haecrom's Ampère
The thing of the 4 cred happen. 'Nuff said

Game 2 (W) vs Plusci's Asa
Smoke did Smoke things, passing ice for cents, going HQ and triggering DJSteve

Game 3 (W) vs PreNic's Jemison
My multiaccess was unavailable, but i manually locked RnD by bruteforce.

Game 4 (L) vs Benfe's The Outfit
Remember the SMC+Overclock unavailability. Yes? Well, that happen, and when the first ice rezzed was a Bulwark and he was fast, I had no game..

Game 5 (L) vs Joke's R+
The famous doomcombo Arella Salvatore + SanSan City Grid + 3/2 + 2/1 agenda was my doom, i wasn't able to set up a threat to his central servers. I was also a bit unlucky with the econ, and was afraid to run with the HHN threat

A BIG THANK YOU for the people organizing the KOS and all the Italian community of Netrunner!
It's a shame that our team was only of 3 but the "bot" mechanics keep us up and we finished 5th (of 9 team total).

And remember.