Destiny Controlled. (1st&Undefeated 2021 Intercontinentals)

Sokka 5259

Glacier is fun,

Fun is glacier;

Against Apoc and Crim,

You need a run eraser;

When corps are too fast,

And runners are too,

Your agendas can wait,

Spin Doctor shuffles two;

So go Control Your Destiny,

And maybe leave a Review;

May Acme Consulting bring fun to you.


5 Sep 2021 Sanjay

I can't believe after this great of a tournament performance you are ALSO revolutionizing the deck write-up.


6 Sep 2021 Davidmc7

Congratulations! Acme was the unsung hero of this meta and you brought it into the light.

6 Sep 2021 Navelgazer

I could not be happier to see Acme going undefeated. Great job (and great write-up!)

6 Sep 2021 Bridgeman

Roses are red. Violets Are blue. Data ward is yellow.

6 Sep 2021 Shent

Amazing write-up and great plays over the tournament.

Winning player, deckbuilder, briliant pilot and a poet to boot. What can't this one genius do.

10 Sep 2021 Diogene

Excellent deck! Fun write-up.

Question : why use Subliminal Messaging and not Predictive Planogram?

Also, what do you use Salem's Hospitality for?

Thanks for sharing.

10 Sep 2021 Sokka

@Diogene Planogram is a fine card. It’s better than Subliminal in terms of being able to get early money (it’s technically only 1 credit better because it costs a click, but that can matter). The ability to draw 3 can be useful early when you’re looking for a Daily Quest or Rashida, but after that the draw isn’t needed as long as there’s a Daily Quest in the remote. So after the very early turns, Subliminal becomes better than Planogram just on the pure credit gaining factor because it’ll probably come back because Acme can ice all server pretty easily and effectively. What really makes Subliminal great is that it serves as a card that pads HQ. When playing a big glacier deck, having non-agendas in HQ is very important and Subliminal is there to make sure you always have 5 cards in hand. When you score 5/3, most would install and double adv, and then triple adv score. So you either ended that first turn with 4 or less cards in hand or you overdraw on the second turn and have to discard. With subliminal, you can make it so you ended both turns with 5 cards in hand because you can play it clicklessly when you score.

Salem’s is strictly in the list as MaxX tech to hit Labor Rights. It’s especially good in intercontinentals where it was open decklists because I have perfect information on cards in the runner’s deck so even if I’m not against Labor Rights it can be a decent card