Drought, Displace, Destroy | 1st September AMT UNDEFEATED!!

Shishu 656

So who remembers when I posted a Don't Fear the Reaper deck months ago and y'all DOUBTED me? It was all "Drago is better" this and "What's the combo?" that and "Why are you spending influence on GFI if you're still playing 1 SDS?"

Well, it turns out those were all valid criticisms. My first post-rotation solution was an extremely fragile Ronin combo that truly managed to catch everybody it killed by surprise.

While the rest of the QTs were playing for value, I studied the blade

animated gif of christopher walken in the famous snl sketch saying guess what? i got a fever

...and it turns out I just needed to consistently leverage the Azef kill and be actively threatening an EoTL kill if they tried to trash Urban.

discord screenshot from that reads "I have killed 2 hoshes already" and the :B emoji

Spoiler: I killed three Hoshes


The thing about our new buddy S&B is that while ideally we want Mr. Tucker to be there to protect our agendas when he's not mopping up the hurricane of piss that threatens our deck, it actually benefits us to let the runner get a couple points here and there. Threat as a mechanic is what truly makes an expendable agenda worth playing.


It's also important to note that while the jnet casuals are beaten by the novelty of certain kill lines, the more seasoned runner gets frustrated by your expensive must trash assets. It's easy enough to remember to prioritize Svyatogor over Urban, but when you mix in the looming threat of two damage, then you have to account for the clicks spent installing cards you don't want to lose. Having 1 Oppo and 1 Jaguar was important because while they're very different cards, they're both designed to tax clicks, just at opposite sides of the runner's turn.


Getting Urban to fire is the focal point of the deck, but there's also a lot of neat ways to hit the Runner's key cards. ATL is a massive tempo hit at the right time and it's easy enough to FA. Azef works best as a kill, but it can also hit key cards out of the runner's grip if they decide to leave trashing Urban to the last possible turn. SDS may force the runner to lose a key breaker if they want to steal it, Formicary makes them eat net damage to pull off what they thought was an easy Dirty Laundry, and our shoot shoot lady frequently puts them in kill range when on the remote.

discord screenshot from Eli that reads "sorry, now I'm thinking about Angelique and Rashida being a couple with the country girl vs city girl vibes" with two pensive emojis at the end

Anyway, my Swift Sable was bad and won only 2 games by winning the single access sweepstakes and lucksacking agendas off HB. But y'know, a win's a win a win. Shoutout to all the QTM gang who played tonight from the intended and unintended time zones. Two more of us going to CBI. World's is gonna be a fun time.

1 Oct 2023 somefish254

Congratulations! Love the matching deck names; this is a Drought DD, and your Sable offers a Bahia Blast

1 Oct 2023 Shishu

@somefish254 I'm just a sucker for some good alliteration, what can I say?

2 Oct 2023 chordgang

Love this deck, love that you won the tournament, would have my agendas lucksacked again. -chordgang

4 Oct 2023 NWE

Have you considered adding Gaslight?

4 Oct 2023 Shishu

@emilyjoh the QTs are doin' numbers and that's what's most important <3

@NWE influence is tight as it is and i don't know if it actually helps the consistency of the deck since it's cheap to trash and telegraphs my gameplan (which is already a major weakness of the deck). i did try pivot initially to do some shenanigans with pulling SBL or Azef and playing an operation already in my hand, but it was too slow. i think i'd put in another extract or EoTL before i'd slot gaslight.

7 Oct 2023 jennyhana

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7 Oct 2023 maninthemoon

I love me some Kill Ob :) This list has a lot of fun options!

13 Oct 2023 Anthony noel


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15 Jan 2024 ThePatrician

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