Housing Crisis (4-2, New Zealand Nationals top 8)

Ven 62

This is the deck I took to NZ Nationals, beating a Nero, two Vals, and a Geist, and dropping two very close games to an Omar and another Geist.

The main source of inspiration was Dead Drop's Panopticon list, which was focused on forcing the runner to interact with the remotes before they were ready - and hitting them with some nasty ice when they do.

Game plan

Score the s#&* out of your agendas. Abuse the natural early-game rush corp advantage to score the oaktowns or SSLs, then force the runner to respect every card you throw down. Hurt them with ice.

Ice selection

Every single piece of ice contains some punishing subs. The goal here is to keep a positive credit differential between yourself and the runner, and dissuade facechecking. Gone are the days of spending a whole lump of cash on just etr. You're gonna make that runner hurt. And after they're hurting, you want them to pay through the nose to check whatever you jam in the remote. DNA tracker is fantastic here, and well worth its influence cost.


We all know how to play never-advance and always-advance by now. Reversed and NGO are great because they create that credit differential whether or not the runner actually goes for it. IAA-ing a standoff or a hostile works fine to try coax any tricks out of the runner, with the bonus of turning on hunter seeker.


There is a lot of expensive ice to rez here. Hedge and IPO do what they've always done, and NGO is a similar source of econ that can potentially cost the runner a lot just for the privilege of watching it shower you with cash. The agendas themselves are also quite nice for staying afloat.

The holy grail of econ is being able to stick a Stinson, though, and this is fairly achievable with the number of remote bluffs and the 2x econ war/reversed accounts.

Other thoughts

Hunter seeker is a stand-in for the earlier version's wake-up call, when I decided to replace all copies of FC3 with DNA tracker. So far it's seemed to work quite well as a solution for various troublesome cards (beefy ice hate nexus, for example), or to take out a breaker for a scoring window.

Corp town is an MVP and it would be great to find a second copy. I will often find ice for a second remote to stick this in.

The pre-emptive actions are probably not needed. The idea was to be able to reset any number of used bluffs and recur urban renewal, but I don't think it pulled its weight - there was only one situation where it would have saved my ass (BAM into legwork nailing 5 points), but they were nowhere to be seen. Better as scarcities, I reckon.

No tag punishment feels a little bad when the runner decides to disrespect them. A single BOOM! might be worth checking out, or possibly adjusting the ice suite to fit an EoI.

8 Apr 2018 dr00

Didn't end up playing, but I'm glad I didn't haha. That ice suite looks gnarly. I'm loving the agenda spread.

Again, grats on top 8! Glad at least 2 Aucklanders made it

8 Apr 2018 Ven

Up until the night before, I was running -1 hostile / -1 SSL / +2 show of force. Made the switch for a more versatile scoring plan (and more money), and I think it worked really well - having the second hostile saved my ass in a couple of games. Unfortunately, the runner is more likely to nab 3 points...

Yeah, we dodged each-other completely - I was actually wanting to see what the azmari matchup looked like. Oh well :/ Grats on the placing, too.

9 Apr 2018 rantOclock

Seriously considering slotting drive by in all my new decks to counter your love of corp town.

9 Apr 2018 Ven

It's such a good card. Drive by is a pretty neat response for sure.

10 Apr 2018 SneakdoorMelb

This actually looks great, will give it a spin!