You are not your deep dives! - 2-1-1 (4th) @ Italian CoL 202

Drager 268

You're not your Deep Dives.
You're not how much money you have on your Telework Contracts.
You're not the motorbike you ride.
You're not (only) the content of credit pool.
You're not your freaking companions.
You're the all-singing, all-dancing controller of the board.

Tyler Durden

With my team mates locked on Anarch and Crim, I wanted to play a good shaper to the CoL event before the national.

I started by trying the list from Words from @b4ralai - the best Italian deckbuilder!

It wasn't 100% fitting my style and I saw that, as soon as the opponents saw Lat, they knew that this was an Motorized Pikachu dive list.

And so this was happening:

  • B2L with Clearinghouse that fired their Clearinghouse for value and for making me discard my Deep Dives
  • PE scoring and making me lose the dives
  • Hannah's motorbike being in terrible accidents
  • In general winning matches, closing with 1/2 deep dives but only if I managed to contest an agenda in a remote and/or stole something in my central runs before the dives

Also the Bahia Bands were making me run even before I was ready to do so.

So i ditched almost all the companions (leaving Poemu without her friends), and got 2 Nukas (as I always say: never without her!) and adding the Fermenter (they said that it's a good card).

To have the rig cost less I added 2 DZMZs and added a secondary win condition, borrowing it from the Arissana decks: Conduit

Turns out that Conduit + Pichação is GOOD. And if the opponents is expecting only Dives, they spread their ice to all of 3 centrals.

The deck went 2-1-1 on the CoL, winning against an RH and an Outfit, losing to Ganked!Trieste Asa, drawing against another Outfit