Russian NEH (Post-MWL2)

MrHuds0n 1196


This is the next big thing.

This is the deck to watch out for.

This is the Russian NEH.

Originally made by gozik, this is the updated version to work with the new MWL. It's still stupidly fast. It's still amazing. And it still can have the win secured by turn 7.

I have been playing this deck exclusively for the past ten days and I'm here to tell you how to play it, how to play against it and what to watch out for.


Now as you probably have noticed, this deck doesn't pack Hedge Fund or Sweeps Week - one might say staple economy cards in yellow decks. The reason is - they are way too slow for the Russian NEH.

This deck's economy is fueled by three cards: Team Sponsorship, Advanced Assembly Lines and Mumba Temple. What's most important is, the Russian NEH makes money by scoring agendas. Each time you score an agenda, you get clickless installs from Team Sponsorships and Advanced Assembly Lines. This way you literally have 5 click turns without having to do anything. At some point you will literally not have stuff to install in the new remotes. And that's fine.

Agenda suite:

Because of the derailing of the Astrotrain, the agenda suite had to be changed around quite a bit. Let's go over all of them individually.

First, we are packing all four 2/1s. The reason is simple - they can make money in one turn. Scoring out a 2/1 is not a tempo hit for this deck at all. The reason is, once you get set up and have a Mumba Temple and a Team Sponsorship out and a copy or two of the Advanced Assembly Lines in the bin, you come out neutral in terms of credits when scoring a 2/1m you get a free click to install something from your hand - usually another asset like Team Sponsorship, Sensie Actors Union, SanSan City Grid or Jeeves AND you get a card from NEH if you do it at the beginning of the Runner's turn.

Next, we have all four 3/2s. They are the main way of scoring for us - usually by the end of the game you'll have a couple Beales or Astros in hand and you will be able to fast advance them out of hand with SanSan or Jeeves.

Then we have the Explode-a-palooza - it's a good economy engine in the early game. The Runner will likely try to access all of our assets, thinking that they can keep up in tempo with the Russian NEH. That's an easy mistake. Getting them to steal an Explode-a gets you a huge tempo boost in the form of 5 credits. And if they don't check it, you can just leave it never advanced on the table and score it for your last point with Jeeves.

Finally, two License Acquisitions have been added. They have a built-in Team Sponsorship which is incredibly useful to quickly retrieve something from the bin if they trashed it. It's a way to get out a SanSan on the table for free, a Jeeves or anything else that's necessary at the moment.


Now, since this is an asset spam deck, here are the assets we use to help with actually winning the game.

Jeeves Model Bioroids - the first fast advance engine of the Russian NEH. If you have this rezzed and you have the Subliminal Messaging and Shipment from SanSan on hand, you can score out any 3/X agenda from hand. This is why you should never randomly ditch Subliminals unless you're 100% sure you can't keep them over the other stuff you have in hand. Also, Jeeves is inexpensive to rez and costly to trash, so it's an amazing thing to keep the runner's tempo down.

SanSan City Grid - this is the second fast advance engine. There used to be a Biotic Labor here as well, but it was ditched due to influence. SanSan on the table allows you to score out any agenda from hand as long as you have money.

Sensie Actors Union - possibly one of the best assets in the game and a must have (or a must trash if you play this deck) tempo boost for the Russian NEH. Sensie gives you cards to install with AAL after you score agendas, it gives you agendas to score if you don't have any on hand, it is an overall amazing card that you should be mulling for usually.

Jackson Howard - in the rare cases we get flooded or just to speed up draw.

The ICE suite is mostly "good stuff NBN" - cheapest gearchecks and ETRs to protect centrals while we're setting up. Once we are, there's no point in trying to keep the Runner out as we can win before they can set up anything bad.


Over the ~50 games I played with this deck, I mostly lost against Whizzard. If you'r e playing against him, you need to maintain the constant tempo of installing at least two very expensive assets per turn (like Team Sponsorship, SanSan or Jeeves). Other than him, I dropped games only to bad draws against otherwise pretty strong decks (like Minh MaxX or Panopticon Hayley). Also dropped one game to a Stealth Kit who got 4 agendas in 5 accesses on R&D - happens.

Shapers are non-issue because they are too slow to set up. If they get proco out first turn, they don't have nearly enough tempo to stop you. Same with Criminals although I would watch out for siphon turn 1.

Siphon overall is not a very devastating card for this deck simply because you hardly ever rely on real credits. You need your assets rezzed (so offshoring is quite easy) and more often than not you want Mumba credits or Shipment From SanSan credits to fast advance.

Minh MaxX is another difficult matchup for this deck and the only advice I have for you here is - go fast. You need to score out before she can set up her entire milling rig. It's not difficult to do, but sometimes bad draws can screw you over.

And that's it, ladies and gentlemen. The Russian NEH. It's fast. It's ridiculously fast. It's literally like speedrunning Netrunner. It feels unfair. It uses unintended glitches in the Matrix.

But it works. And it wins games.

10 Aug 2016 gozik

"Speedrunning netrunner" - very precise description.

btw I have scored 7 two times at 6th turn^^

10 Aug 2016 mplain

This deck is so fast, it must be using doping...

10 Aug 2016 gozik

Thank you for your deck review. I like it very much.

I would like to add some hints how to close the game.

Draw as much as you can with sensie - it's ok to use all 3 of them. So you can get agenda, sfss and sublims to score.

With sansan, jeeves, and team sponsorship it's possible to score 4 points in single turn:
Install astro, sublim, sfss, score, gain click.
From here there are two options:
-install beale with ts, advance, astro counter. -install breaking news/15 mins, advance, score, use TS to install another 1-2 agenda, score it with counter.

10 Aug 2016 lunchmoney

My brain is melting. I need to see this in action to understand.

11 Aug 2016 moistloaf

a thing of beauty

12 Aug 2016 rubyvr00m

I just played this deck a few times on Jinteki Net and I'm very impressed.

I won a regional this past competitive season with a Mumba NEH similar to Code Marvelous's version and after MWL 1.1 and the Astro errata I thought this sort of deck was dead.

You sir have made me reconsider and reunited me with my first Netrunner love.

Long live Russian NEH!

14 Aug 2016 wynalazca

Glad to see Advanced Assembly Lines + Jeeves Model Bioroids in NEH be a thing. Took it to top 8 in both Chicago and Cleveland regionals back in June/July and 14th at US Nationals. Deck folds hard to shapers with clot btw but beats Whiz pretty handily. Should've posted my list back then for them sweet internet points. My list ran 3 astro, 3 beale, 2 gfi, 1 explode-a, 1 biotic labor, and 0 sansans so I can see some differences in here. The temples look really good. This version might be a little better but all those agendas scare the crap out of me. The free NEH draw on the runner's turn from AAL is a thing of beauty. So much draw acceleration. Love it!

Shaper players: play clot.

15 Aug 2016 rotage

Just want to say that I took this deck to the UK nationals and finished 7th, I had no time to do any testing as it was a last minute decision. I went 5-0 with it in Swiss, playing Andy, Hayley, Null, Whizzard (Siphon), Geist. In the cut it went 1-1, with the win against Siphon Whizz and the loss against Dumblefork Whizz

The deck was really good fun to play and very effective, except for the Whizzard games it was very hard/impossible for my opponents to get on top of trashing the assets and in some cases even checking the assets I was able to sneak out agendas in quite a few of these games as well.

Not sure of what if any changes I would make to this deck, all the cards were useful at some stage in the games

Thanks to Protégé for helping me achieve 7th as without this deck that would not have happened

15 Aug 2016 rotage

I'd also like to thank gozik as the originator of the deck

15 Aug 2016 #nixklapps

Are there any changes you would make in respect to Bloodmoney?

15 Aug 2016 #nixklapps

Especially regarding Rumor Mill?

15 Aug 2016 gozik

rumor mill is not an issue. you can always score 1/2 agenda easily.

15 Aug 2016 Dimiitri

Hey guys! i'm new to this game and there is one thing that i don't understand in the description above. How do you get a card from NEH on the beginning of the runner's turn if you can't score an agenda on the runners turn to prompt team sponsorship to install a card for free in a new server therefore prompting NEH? Thank you in advance.

15 Aug 2016 MrHuds0n

@Dimiitri When you use the ability of Advanced Assembly Lines and install an asset, a new server is created so you get to draw a card.

15 Aug 2016 MrHuds0n

@impyrunnerNot sure if @gozikagrees, but I personally don't see anything that I would fit into this from the new pack.

24 Aug 2016 Ladriel

@impyrunner also take into consideration that any Breaking News or 15 Minutes score erases the runner's current !

30 Aug 2016 nungunz

How does this stack up to Temujin Spam?

30 Aug 2016 wynalazca

@nungunzI don't think it stands up too well to good players (but you can maybe say that about all corp decks right now). Josh Wilson played Temujin Leela on his stream vs @gozikon this and he beat Josh won pretty handily ( Temüjin Contract is a pretty sick card and it definitely allows criminals to fight off asset spam decks a lot better.

30 Aug 2016 wynalazca

@nungunzI'm apparently bad at grammar checking... I wish nrdb let you edit your posts. Clarification: Josh won the game.

6 Sep 2016 AberDamo4

Would someone mind explaining to me how it is that Subliminal Messaging and Shipment from SanSan get you a 3/X scored from hand with Jeeves?

6 Sep 2016 Ladriel

Jeeves Model Bioroids gives you an additionnal click to spend if you spent 3 cliks doing the same action. The action here is 'play an operation', Subliminal Messaging is click 1 and Shipment from SanSan is click 2 and 3. You effectively spent 3 clicks on the same action, thus giving you an additionnal click.

If you take into account that subliminal pays back it's click you could have installed your agenda before playing SFSS and you can do the last advance with the click gained from Jeeves.

I hope it's comprehensive enough ! :)

6 Sep 2016 AberDamo4

Ahh I understand now! See, I wasn't sure that 'playing an operation' multiple times was the trick for Jeeves! Thank you very much! :)

27 Sep 2016 Jakuza

Awesome deck still. Took me pretty far in Dutch Nationals (4-1), but was let down by lack of practice with my runner (Andy).

I'll just end with this: You haven't lived until you've scored a License Acquisition with multiple Sponsorships on the board.

14 Oct 2016 hutch9514

@Protégé Any videos of this in action. Would love to see them. Going to build this bad boy tonight! Looks fun

14 Oct 2016 Ladriel

By the way, never forget you can use your Mumba Temple credits at the end of the runner's turn just before they replenish !

I forgot about it and missed some discounts here and there during my games :)