Bad Val (1st Place Raven's Nest Games - Marietta, GA 12-10-1

hasuprotoss 345

This is the deck I used to take down Raven's Nest Games in Marietta, GA's store championship. I moved away from Andy when I noticed that I could get the same playstyle of just being aggressive and having money and breakers in Anarch. Thus, I swapped to this deck. I went with Val since I figured taking a Whizzard deck and adding 3 Blackmails and 2 name a card was good enough. Eventually, my playstyle forced Blackmails to slowly dwindle as I personally prefer the Corp spending money to rez ICE. Anyways, I'd recommend cutting 5 cards, notably Blackmail, Black Orchestra, and Vamp (which was a late addition that I never played today) in order to just create a Whizzard deck. Actually, cut like 7 cards and throw in some Cutlery.

Basically, this deck just tries to set up an econ engine with Temujin, Liberateds, and Casts to have enough money to where the Corp feels you can go anywhere. And then it proceeds to try and go where the agendas are. A lot of card draw lets you dig through your deck to find your pieces quickly.

Not much else to really say. The deck feels like I'm playing Andromeda just without the ability to Siphon, which seems fine to me since the rest of the cards are really good and just keeps you on top of things.

11 Dec 2016 Fruggles

hey bae. Would you consider playing a faust over a parasite?