WARNING: A very important detail that is easy to miss with this card is that you can't use the credits to trash upgrades. So you CAN'T use this to trash SanSan City Grid or Ash 2X3ZB9CY or Crisium Grid or Bernice Mai. You CAN use it to trash Jackson Howard or Eve Campaign or Adonis Campaign tho.

So Paricia is certainly weaker than Scrubber. The fact that it takes up MU is an additional disadvantage. On the flip-side, it doesn't cost any money and, it's influence-free for Shapers and can be tutored up with Self-modifying Code.

It had also some popularity in the "Gamble for Days" Exile: Streethawk decks where you wound just churn those out onto a Scheherazade and pawn them next turn to a Aesop's Pawnshop for a 4-credit total with the additional advantage of being able to trash something cheaper in the meantime.

Otherwise not a Tier-1 card. But certainly worth considering as a meta call if you play Shaper and you are expecting an Asset-heavy meta.

I've made this very mistake. Definitely worth pointing out, thank you. —
I think this card is perfect for Hayley's free install. —
I certainly feel that it fits right in with the Shaper shifting rig style (which is sadly not played too often). If you see more people embracing Aesop's in faction then you will see more play of this. Something has to be said for gaining value and followed by raw economy. —
Now that team sponsorship is upon is, #paricia will have its day. —

Holy Jackson H Howard! Such a lack of enthusiasm for this card! Ok, I'm here to tell you that this card is cool. It is a typical case of a card that needs to be played correctly to get the most out of it.

Rules first: Yes, in both cases it's the Corp that gets to decide which card gets rezzed and derezzed. This means they can chose to derez a Jackson Howard. Thay can chose to rez a Curtain Wall.

But as a Runner, you get to chose when this happens. By careful manipulation of the board state, you can make sure that all of the Corporation choices are bad. That's all there is to it.

Let us start with the 1st ability: derezing a card. Because they can derez a Jackson Howard, you obviously don't want to play this when there is a Jackson on board. Duh! Ideally, you want just one card to be rezzed and that card should be expensive. So it's a good idea to play this early on. An ideal play is to face-check into some beefy ETR ice like Lotus Field on turn 1. Bounce off it. Play Muertos. Bam! Corp is poor. You can run that server again. They will need a turn or two to recuperate. Plus, you exposed the ice and know exactly what to prepare for once they get their money back up. Even if the ice is an Eli 1.0, this is basically a 3-credit loss for a click. That is great on turn 1!

It is especially good against Blue Sun: Powering the Future, which will rez expensive ice on their own using Oversight AI. Because of their ability this will often be their only rezzed ice and Muertos will be a direct counter to this.

Moving on to the 2nd ability: trashing Muertos to allow the corp to rez a card. This seems bad. But it's actually not a big deal if everything has been already rezzed. For example, you can keep facechecking aggressively, forcing the corp to rez all of the ice. Once you do that, you can pop Muertos and they won't be able to rez anything. You mitigate the downside and get a cool card draw from this.

Muertos has some neat synergies with a bunch of Criminal cards. Forged Activation Orders allows you to force a corp to rez and ice or trash it. Either way, it eliminates a potential rez target for the 2nd ability, allowing you to pop Muertos for card draw earlier. Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist likes this as well. Playing Muertos gives targets for her Abilty even late in the game. In return, her ability removes targets for Muertos 2nd ability, allowing you to pop Muertos for card draw earlier once again. Silhouette: Stealth Operative is great at scouting ice. If the only unrezzed ice is cheap, you can safely pop Muertos and be sure it won't give the Corp much of a benefit. Armand "Geist" Walker: Tech Lord gets an additional card draw if you manage to pop it. Finally, they are a connection so you can tutor them when you need them with a Hostage and since they will be hanging around for a while, you might get them to boost your Calling in Favors.

And yes, they are probably a good reason to get drunk on jank one evening and try that Blackguard + Silhouette: Stealth Operative combo that didn't work so well last time around.

Muertos might be even fun out of faction! With Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter the derez has an additional sting. Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe may be using them to keep servers unrezzed so she can Blackmail into them. Instead of Forged Activation order you can play the under-played Cyber Threat. And of course, you might want to put them on an Off-Campus Apartment so you get even more card draw!

Muertos certainly has a weakness against cheap ice like Pop-up Window, Pup or Quandary. Face-checking into this ice to derez it won't be a significant hindrance for the corp. It difficult to pull it off in terms of influence, but it might be worth thinking about Parasite to eliminate those targets. Another neat card to combine this with would be Social Engineering. If you can spot the expensive ice, this can put the Corp into quite a conundrum. If you want to crank up that jank, you can even play False Echo to eliminate targets for the 2nd ability.

Another weakness of Muertos is that you can't go Tag-me. The corp will be able to play 2 credits to trash your Resources and rez stuff for free. So you want make sure you remove those Account Siphon tags as long as they are out. You might even play it with Fall Guy just to be sure. This would work well with the above mentioned connection plan. Armand would approve.

Anyways, Muertos Gang Member is a cool, complex card. It offers great benefits if you are willing to play a strategic game. So don't put that in your folder yet! Have fun and experiment!

Great analysis! This is a card that requires situational awareness and timing to get the benefit from. A strength you missed is that geist can trash 2 to mitigate a scorched earth. —
But it's important to note that he can only do it after the fact, so heads up. —
Turn 1 Gabe. I ran HQ against a Hedge Fund-ICE-ICE Replicating Perfection. He rezzed a Lotus Field. I proceeded to shut it down with Muertos, run in to steal a Nisei MKII, and proceeded to draw draw into Inside Job/Emergency Shutdown. —
You forgot Nasir! This card is pure cash for him. —
Wow Parasite and Cyber Threat! I think that's great idea. :) I think Reina is good. but Adonis Campaign will wait for me... —
This card is even more powerful in Valencia if you trash the gang member during a blackmail run, when the corp can't rez ICE :) —

One of my favorite cards from The Underway. Gang Sign is the "Criminal Clot". In slow-advance decks you keep it on hand until you see the corp advance an agenda in a server you can't get into. Drop it. Watch the Corp player's face break out in sweat. In fast advance decks you can drop it immediately to hamper their FA plays.

In any case, one way to look at it is that it is a card that adds an additional condition for scoring windows. There will be games where it does nothing. But there will also be games where it will close a scoring window where they would have been one otherwise.

Additionally, I really like the drama of the horrible situation it gets the corp in. Waiting won't do much to decrease the agenda count on HQ. So do you score one now and hope they miss the rest? Or do you wait for a Jackson and risk the agendas being stolen on an HQ run? Beautiful.

It synergies greatly with HQ Interface because you get to see more cards. It's great in Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist since you can get deadly double-bounces off it. Could also work well in Iain Stirling: Retired Spook. I've seen people combine this with other on score effects like Turntable or Logos.

Overall, a great new card that we might see more of in the future. Certainly worth a try!

I have one fear about this card: a creative Corp player manipulating it with Snare! I mean, Snare! is already incredibly common, so it's not like anyone needs to add it to their decks as a counter to Gang Sign. They just need to have it in hand when they score. Or better yet, have two. —
Counters within counters. Devious! I love it. —
That is a danger. But in a match-up where you expect a Snare, you may simply chose not play it in the first place. I wouldn't play it against a Personal Evolution deck, for example. In those types of decks, a lot of other cards that are good can be deadly: Maker's Eye, Legwork, Medium. I don't think that it should be an argument against those cards. —
What happens, if I have two/three installed and a set of HQ-Interfaces? Do I get to access 1+n(HQI) for every Gang Sign or is it n(GS) + n(HQI) in one access? —
Each card's trigger would occur simultaneously and you would resolve them in the order of your choice. Each gang sign triggered would allow you to access 1 card + n(HQI). Note that between each use of gang sign, the corp re-randomizes HQ including the (non-agenda, non-trashed) cards you accessed with the previous gang sign. —

I love this card. I think it's great. It boggles my mind that it doesn't see much play.

Look. Compare this to Restructure. Both cards give you a net gain of 5 credits. Only Restructure will fail you in those moments where you need it most. You will draw it with 2 credits in the bank and it will leave you in the stupid position of having to decide whether it's worth it clicking for credits the next 4 turns or keep drawing for cards for a Hedge Fund so you can afford playing Restructure.

Or consider how you might get to 8 credits when suddenly the runner Indexes R&D. You could rez a Tollbooth but it would put you in such a financial hole, you won't be able to afford the Restructure. Not next turn and probably not for a lot of turns down the line. Most of us will let that Indexing through to have a chance to keep rezing thing late game.

Here is where Successful Demonstration comes in. It is good for the same reasons Desperado is good: It rewards you for doing what you want to do anyway - stopping runners. It says - "Go ahead, rez that Tollbooth" It says - "Go ahead, put 5 credits into that Caduceus trace".

Yes, it's probably less great if you are going for some kind of Midseasons or Scorched Earth win, where you kinda want runners to do successful runs. Although with Weyland BABW, you would get 6 credits instead of 5 since this is a Transaction.

And as the cherry on top, there is the psychological aspect - when the runner crushingly realizes they really should have clicked through that Eli as you play 2 Successful Demonstrations gaining a whopping 10 credits with a grin on your face from here to midway station.

Make no mistakes. This is an EXCELLENT card. It is very playable and it is a ton of fun.

I've been playing this lately in my NEXT/Foundry deck and am totally in love! A 5 credit swing from 2 is monstrous. The absolute silliest it got was against that CT Au Revoir nonsense, which gave me the chance to use it every single turn if I had one ready. I had happened to score an early Hades Fragment, so they cycled back in immediately and basically gave me unlimited cash. It can be shut down pretty hard if the runner knows you have them and denies you unsuccessful runs. Also funny anti-synergy with Crisium Grid. —
I agree, I absolutely love this card in glacier decks. It's wonderful to be able to bounce back so well after rezzing something big, and laughing at the runner. I love the flavor of this card so much as well. I imagine Haas is just showing the runner splatting into a Janus on loop, and asking if there will be anymore inane questions about their security. —
The big problem with this card is that it only works as long as you're rezzing ICE, and the runner is rigging up. Late game, unsuccessful runs are fairly uncommon outside of Caprice. However, that's not a big enough reason to avoid playing this card. —
It's more a reason to add this card whenever you're adding Caprice :D —
I always play this in Weyland BABW, it never disappoints. Credits for days! —